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Need help with SH charts.
Need help with SH charts.
[attachment=9960][attachment=9959]Hi Smile

I started with CPAP in October. Ahi 47  I was recomended  ResMed 20 For Her and mask ResMed N20 -
then one month later they  told me, that I am mouth breather so I have to buy a  new full face mask I choosed ResMed F30.
 My originaly good results with nasal mask, about 0.7 - 1.2 Ahi  drasticaly changed for worse with F30  - so they increased pressure  
 from originaly 5-10 to 7-14 (I use epr3)  It helped, but not enough.
I had option to exchange mask as I had f30 only few days, I opted for nasal mask arain N30i and I also now tape my lips.
 I had very good results for first two days but third night I got VERY strange results.

I am new at this and now very vorried.

Something about me - I am 74 years old female and please excuse my English it is second language for me. 

I am trying to attach two screen shots,  hm ... not sure if i did it right, hi,hi

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RE: Need help with Sleepyhead charts.
Only one image displayed i will try to post previou night with sama mask and settings I had 0 AHIs
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RE: Need help with Sleepyhead charts.
I think that this is just your odd night off.

Post the next nights results an also add the Flow Limit and snore charts since those events also drive pressure. They can be squeezed vertically by grabbing the edge of a chart and moving it.

Also drop mask pressure

Any questions please ask them here, we will help, even with mask issues such as mouth breathing.

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RE: Need help with Sleepyhead charts.

Thank you I do not know how to include more data on image it took me couple hours to attach anything, am not that experienced with thoose charts or posting.

I know how to decrease pressure, but how mutch to change it? I changed it once and got in trouble for it.   Mila
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RE: Need help with Sleepyhead charts.
Looks like your events may be caused by your sleep position. The chin dropping down and cutting off the windpipe is a common reason. Some people here use a soft cervical collar and that seems to prevent the problem.
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RE: Need help with Sleepyhead charts.
Wala Wala      Thanks

I am already planning on buying collar. I turn on my back in sleep sometimes and snore - not good.
I have done a lot of reading in this forum and I admire how many of you are so knowledgeable and  helpful to us beginners we really appreciate it.
I was going to be only visitor here, but last night scared me so I registered. For  past three months, since I started  I had much better results. I also have COPD and HBP and just had echocardiogram (no results yet) so I guess I am a bit apprehensive.     Mila
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RE: Need help with Sleepyhead charts.
By drop mask pressure I meant to remove the mask pressure chart.
You have COPD which means that your EPR 3 is likely providing an important therapeutic boost to your nighttime breathing.  

With zero AHI apparently, frequently your numbers are better than mine, better than most of ours.  The important thing becomes how do you feel?  How does your breathing feel?

It is normal for the medical community to complain about our tweaking our own settings.  On the forum, we feel that the medical community sets and forgets us once we reach a certain point in our therapy so many of us take control of it.  That choice is yours.  

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RE: Need help with Sleepyhead charts.
How am I feeling?
Before I started therapy (in mid October) I had all those AHI events, but I slept through whole night, but since I started treatment my sleep is very fragmented. Some days  I feel just awful.
Btw, ZERO Ahi,  that happened only that one time, but now on therapy  they are almost always well below 5 - on sleep study they were 37.

I am not happy with my sleep clinic, the sell you equipment and basically say - see you in one year. I was seen only by Polysomnographic Tech. Not by any doctor. She just programed my ResMed from info she had from my home sleep study 10 -5 and didn't even programed EPR on it, I did it myself.  I had hard time with expiration and I found answers here on Apnea Board.

I will post a few charts here later today or tomorrow and any input from you guys will be appreciated.

Yesterday,  you discussed with somebody periodic breathing versus Cheyne-Stokes respiration.

See my attachment pls.
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RE: Need help with Sleepyhead charts.
That is Obstructive and absolutely not CSR.  It is also not long enough to be of concern.  Your OA events are clustered but you don't have enough of them to need to take any action.  If you consistently get more then an anti-snoring or soft cervical collar would be appropriate to try.

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RE: Need help with Sleepyhead charts.

That event was for duration of 17 min and 18 sec. That's what Sleepyhead flaged it as - Cheyne-Stokes resp.

I just was home from hospital (I was hospitalized 2x in October and November for critical hyponatremia (low sodium) 118 normal level is 135-145 and hyponatremia can cause Cheyne-Stokes respiration, coma even death. Now I have to go once a week for blood test for one year.    
Anyway  I am not worried since it happened only once.
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