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Need help with SH results b4 sleep doc follow-up appt

I am attaching 3 screenshots showing last nights SH results.

So I have an appointment this week with the sleep doc after he upped my pressure from 6 to 7.6 on October 8. Prior to the pressure adjustment I have no data as before that they had saddled me with an S9 Escape Data-less POC.

According to my A10 Elite my AHI is consistently under 1. But I still have concerns regarding my quality of sleep after just over 2 months of CPAP therapy.

-still getting morning headaches which I admit are greatly reduced in severity, possibly a different cause-I don't know

-according to hubby I am still snoring although at about 40% volume of before and seemingly much less frequently during a night - hopefully something I can completely stop?? Otherwise could be a side effect of 12 years hooked on Otrivin?

I know the sleep doc told me it could take up to 6 months for symptoms to go away, but I am losing faith in that.

Would a pressure adjustment up likely help either or those problems? Or is a pressure adjustment something he will likely not look at doing now that my AHI is below 1? Another idea I am wondering about is would an Auto CPAP machine help those issues? I have decided that after I am written a prescription for my new CPAP machine purchase I will most likely buy out of pocket an Auto CPAP from Supplier #2.

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Your AHI may not be entirely accurate given your leak rate. Its likely your mask is not fitted properly and needs adjustment. If your still snoring it may be that your pressure is not high enough to keep your airway open. Do not know about the side effects of that medication. How long ago was your last sleep study?
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Your leak rate is below 24 which is good but it does look like you are breathing through your mouth given the leak pattern. Flat wave usually signifies open mouth from my readings here. You may need to master the tongue trick or get a chin stap. Snoring is likely from open mouth. Once that is mastered then headaches might subside.
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In dealing with the issue of raising the pressure. If AHI is well established below 3 or 4 then quite possibly Doc will leave things alone, especially if he/she has already told you that it may take up to 6 months to show improvements. Doc's don't like to constantly tweak things like us patients do. The advent of recording CPAPS and internet software programs to show us what's going on, goes against the grain of most Docs. They don't like self medicating.
I think the snoring and headaches will settle down a bit with longer usage.
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Last sleep study was my titration September 1, 2015.

Otrivin is a nasal decongestant. It has the active ingredient of Xylometazoline or Oxymetazoline (US name) at .05% strength. I got hooked on it when I was pregnant the first time due to congestion when I laying down. I used it only at night to be able to breath so I could get to sleep. Somehow I just never got off it. ....until 12 years later. If you google it, you will find there are others complaining of the same thing.

I had been told by the sleep lab tech the night of my titration that I did not open my mouth while sleeping. However this sleep tech was in charge of 4 patients that night so who knows how much she was able to observe me. As I am a night time teeth grinder, last night I was wearing my night guard which is just a cheapo Equate Walmart brand night guard that is worn on the upper teeth and could be interfering with my tongue laying properly at the roof of my mouth. I will sleep tonight without it and see before I graduate to trying a chin strap. What in particular should I be looking at in the SH data that will show an improvement for that?

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I think a chinstrap would helps, I use the "Ruby adjustable", I get my supplies from Supplier #10
With pressure being at the lower end, full face mask might be an option, if can be tolerated
It doesn't matter if you open or/and breathe through your mouth using this type of mask
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(11-15-2015, 02:16 PM)cate1898 Wrote: What in particular should I be looking at in the SH data that will show an improvement for that?

IMHO, 95% rate numbers less than 10 and spikes rather than longer flat top lines.
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