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Need houseplant advice
We had new windows put in our home last November, and for one of our kitchen windows we chose what is known as a "garden window".  I would like to put small or modest houseplants in that window but need advice on what might best survive in that type of situation?  The contractor suggested a chives plant but I've not been able to locate one in our area.  Can anyone suggest something that might survive?  I have fairly good luck with plants as I have two living African violets and two living Peace Lily plants neither of which like full sun.
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What direction does the window face? As far as chives go, you can start them from seed, and they are practically impossible to kill. Your African Violets are sensitive plants and require careful watering. If you can raise those, you should not have problems with others. If you like summer gardening, you can usually start garden vegetables in a garden window, as well as have perennial and annual flowers from seeds. Established plants from a nursery are easy, and you could just visit a garden center or nursery near your home, and let them know what you want, and what direction the window faces, they should set you right up.
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I apologize for not stating that the garden window faces south - so it gets lots of sunlight when the sun is out. As far as starting chives from seed, I've not been able to find the seeds in any store so far. I'm not fond of ordering seeds online as the shipping and handling are often more than the cost of the packet of seeds.
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Having been born and raised in Northern Illinois (plus going to Northern Illinois for my freshman college year) have you tried one of the numerous Farm/Tractor supply stores, or hardware stores, for your chive seeds?
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(02-23-2017, 09:54 AM)Sleeprider Wrote: As far as chives go, you can start them from seed, and they are practically impossible to kill.

Yes!  If you can kill chives you are a herbicidal maniac!   I have a patch in my garden that was there when I moved in 13 years ago.  Despite no care whatsoever and frequent shovel attacks (to restrain them a bit), they are still very much there.

Thyme is another good choice, is also hard to kill, and has multiple uses in the kitchen.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I actually found a small packet of fresh chives at the supermarket yesterday. When we bought our house a number of years ago, my husband dug up the patch of chives growing in a corner of our yard. They have never come back, guess I can't blame them after being dug up. I will check the Farm supply store for seeds being as it is getting to be that time of year now. I hope I might encourage a plant to grow for me.
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(02-23-2017, 10:49 PM)chill Wrote: Yes!  If you can kill chives you are a herbicidal maniac!  

Grin You have just described me!

GrammaBear, good luck with you garden!
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Well, I was going to recommend african Violets... but it seems you already have that going.

Succulents are my go-to, because it takes longer for me to kill them. ;-)
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Hello GrammaBear

Do you want your window box to be a source of edible items to decotate your meals? If so, chives, mint, and cherry tomatoes  are easy to grow in a window box. We grow habanero peppers in a south facing  window box.

If you are looking for pretty try some of these

[Image: daaf748673c770ccfad82b82062bbf79eee32356...0&fit=crop] [Image: cb2a84ea5c3b42b7c7e298416697d3b3e736bd79...0&fit=crop] [Image: f111dac1dcef961f77a905776c8e08d32ec2da5d...0&fit=crop] [Image: 970a779fba3a4f823ea9630df6547fd6607e8579...0&fit=crop] [Image: b41c930bbdab01f483cbec78298e61cb64125885...0&fit=crop] [Image: 7f339236db92ca6be84c64281b33b8a6bf62324e...0&fit=crop] [Image: d43425e5a726686f5ccc800f5617e5119d45a925...0&fit=crop] [Image: 9e206415e59f784f38edda74764d2a95f9de8d4b...0&fit=crop] [Image: ac6c8e7d74241067fbad6564fe000b236aa37eec...0&fit=crop] [Image: 2c1ab5ca95e3d0b14b3458667eda6889c35b7675...0&fit=crop]
1. Sweet Potato Vine
This climber is perfect for containers since it creeps down over the edge. It grows very fast and is the prettiest bright yellow green.
2. Fiber Optic Grass :
This annual reminds me of those glow sticks sold at amusement parks. It adds a lot of texture to your container.
3. Dracaena
This is a dark green spiky foliage that adds height to the back or sides of your container.
4. White Licorice Plant
This fuzzy, silvery-white plant adds texture and looks best in the front of the container since it grows low and wide.
5. "Blazin Rose" Iresine
This highly tolerant plant can grow up to 18 inches tall and adds a bright spot of color.
6. Babylon Red Verbena Hybrid
This plant is light and airy with tiny bobs of red flowers that attract butterflies. It's a great choice for the front of a container as it spreads out rather than growing tall.
7. Coleus
This plant comes in several color varieties and is an easy choice for a container filler.
8. Frosted Curls
This grass offers fabulous shimmering texture that is said to look like a waterfall when the wind blows through it.
9. Summer Snapdragon
These grape scented blooms add beautiful height and a lovely purple color to a window box.
10. Salvia
Salvia is first cousins with the sage and offers beautiful tall shoots of purple color.
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(02-28-2017, 01:34 AM)Hydrangea Wrote: Well, I was going to recommend african Violets... but it seems you already have that going.

Succulents are my go-to, because it takes longer for me to kill them. ;-)

Too bad I don't live closer to you because we have a whole bunch of Christmas cacti and I would like it if some of them had a new home.  They are currently in blossom (Yes, I know it is late - but they bloom when they want).  All of them came about as offspring from a main plant that was 3-1/2 feet across and we divided the main plant.

I like African violets, but alas I've run out of space to put them.  My hubby has gently suggested "no more African violets"......Sad
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