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Need to try a FF mask...Which one to try?
They swapped the whole thing.

I don't like this Quattro FX. Tried it last night and it bugged me bad.

Another thing was that my wife returned the large Quattro Air with the wrong elbow. She gave them back the elbow for the nasal mask. Leaving me with no choice but to try the FX.

She did not know they were different....Ohwell

The DME is getting another call today!

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As they should get a call from you!! Shame on them! When I had my first sleep study back in 2011, they started me out on a Quattro FX (I was recently told by another sleep lab that they try patients on a nasal mask or nasal pillow and use a FFM as a last resort) and for 2 1/2 years or longer, the Quattro FX made my sleep quality not so good. Some people really like it. I do have to say that one night is not enough time to really make an informed decision. Recently I changed to the wisp and a chin strap and it has been so much better. The 2nd night, I had a stopped up nose and couldn't breath when I had the nasal mask on. I got my nasal spray out and used it and all was good. Hopefully, they kept your elbow for you at the DME. I would have thought the DME would just let you keep the large cushion. Maybe they intend to use it as a sample to show people. Hope you get it all straightened out.
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The DME was apologetic and has already shipped me a medium Quattro Air. Never even asked for me to send the Quattro FX back.

No word yet on getting the elbow back for the Nasal mask.
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Give the F & P Simplus a try. A great mask and works well for me. I have tried many and this was by far the best.
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(12-12-2013, 06:31 PM)TonyJ Wrote: Give the F & P Simplus a try. A great mask and works well for me. I have tried many and this was by far the best.

It is now available in the US and hopefully DME's have them in stock or know how to order them. The place where my DME orders their supplies (they only use one place) doesn't have the wisp nasal in stock (maybe they have the one with the cloth head gear but not the silicone head gear.
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Hi all, The Quattro Air certainly did it for me, like you had tried a few without sucess, started with Pillows untill also found I was a mouth breather at times, then went the Amara Gel and that was sheer hell, then the Quattro Air and its been great nights sleep since with very little leakage, and AHI of less than 5, started with AHI47.8.

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I really like the Quattro FX and it is really the only mask I use now, but it is a really hard mask to tame and get adjusted right. I battled it for weeks until I got it figured out, but once I got it figured out I can't find anything to top it. If I had it to do over though, and as a recommendation to anyone who doesn't particularly want to do battle with a full face mask in order to get it to work well, I think the newest incarnation of the Mirage Quattro is definitely worth an early try-out. It's a pretty good all around FFM and I found it very easy to tame and adjust the leaks out. Really, the only reason I went back to the Quattro FX from it is that the forehead support is really hard for me to accept when I know I can get away from it with the Quattro Fx.
One thing to consider: the right size mask and the right size headgear aren't always the same. I don't have any problems adjusting leaks out of a Medium Mirage Quattro with Medium headgear, but with Quattro FX I have to use a Medium Mask and a Small headgear in order to get the mask to seat properly (or a Medium headgear with a few strategically placed staples). The reason for this is that without a forehead support, the straps pull back at an angle rather than straight back and since they are angled it is imperative to get that angle just right for it to float properly.
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One good trick to try with the Quattro Air is to fit it lying down with the Mask Fit feature on your S9 auto. It tests the mask at your maximum pressure. This way I tighten the straps a bit more than I would have on starting pressure. This prevents you from waking up when your pressures go up and the mask starts farting.
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(12-10-2013, 11:04 AM)brantel Wrote: I am a new CPAP user and have been using the Mirage FX nasal mask since my beginning CPAP use on 11/27/13.

I have been having problems where I am waking myself up with mouth breathing even when using a chin strap. I get lip flutters.

So I am in my mask grace period and would like to try a FF mask.

What should I suggest the DME fit me with?

I am leaning toward the Quatro Air at this time due to what I have read about it.

I am sort of a hybrid stomach/side sleeper.

Hi, I went to the Quattro AIR and I am amazed at the comfort compaired to the Quattro. My nose bridge was so sore that I dreaded using my mask with the Quattro but the Quattro Air is made completely different in the nose bridge area; there is nothing HARD in the nose bridge area to cause irriatation so my nose soreness went away right away. Also much quieter and does not have that jet blast of air shooting out into my wives face if I turn toward her. The Quattro AIR has a circular air exhaust so it dispurses the exhaust better at a lower pressure resulting in a quieter exhaust. I highly recommend trying it if you are a mouth breather like me. Don't forget that the supplier (DME) will exchange masks as often as you like in the first 30 days of your perscription at no cost to you or him; the manufacturer absorbs cost while you are finding YOUR best mask fit. And also, if your mouth opens like mine does in deep sleep, go to the next larger mask size because when the jaw drops it moves the mask down on your nose; the larger size will accomadate for that change in distance between nose bridge and just below lower lip.
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