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Neti Pot - Not just for those annoying colds
archangle Wrote:The squeeze bottle thing is called "Sinus Rinse." I've seen it at big chain drug stores like Walgreens.

The reason for canning salt vs. other salt is that there are some additives in other kinds of salts.

I find the squeeze bottle to be easier than the netipot. If you use it to force water into the nose when there is back pressure, you could probably do some harm.

It shouldn't sting. That's the reason you put the salt mixture into it. My doctor told me that if it didn't work, there are some green "hypertonic" Neilmed packets that may work better.
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jeffy1958 Wrote:I found that if I use the "rinse" my sinuses are irritated for the next day or so. I mean really irritated. Not fun. But yet I can use the "pot" several (3-5) times a day and have no problems.

zonk Wrote:I use the squeeze bottle once or sometimes twice a day, the pressure used to give me earache but by just not squeezing it too close to my nose it felt much better with no earache .

rpmthree Wrote:I use the Neti Pot on a regular basis for my sinus and allergy problems. Have used one for a few years now.
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wesnkat Wrote:When first starting on nettipot one side of sinus was completely stopped up. It took using the pot a couple times to get things flowing but now there is no difference in flow on either side. Use at least once a day,sometimes twice according to need. I mix my own solution with 1 pint warm water,1 teaspoon sea salt,1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon white karo syrup.
I love my nettipot. :too-happy:
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jeffy1958 Wrote:Now you got my curiosity way up!!! I "pot" 2-4 times a day. I work in a dusty enviroment. My recipe, (was givent to me by my E.N.T. Dr.) is:
1 gal. water
4 tsp. canning salt
1 tsp. baking soda.

May I ask the reason for the karo syrup? Also, isn't your salt and soda ratio just a bit high? It doesn't burn? Get sticky?
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rpmthree Wrote:I would just never recommend straying from the pre made packets you get. It is a perfectly balanced saline solution.
I don't really know what advantage there could be to adding corn syrup.
I could see honey, since honey kills bacteria, but I still wouldn't mess with the saline balance.

wesnkat Wrote:The syrup just takes the sting out of it for me.It works really good for me.
I got the recipe off a site on the net a long time ago,don't remember where but it works for me.

Steven Wrote:I could not agree with you more.
Why mess with perfection?

If you want or need more salinity (hypertonic is what it is called), just use two packets instead of one.
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archangle Wrote:I'd be afraid of honey. Too much chance of allergens from pollen, nectar, whatever's in the hive, pesticides, etc. Honey is known to be dangerous to infants. Snorting it up the nose seems to be a little too intimate for me.
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PaulaO Wrote:I use the bottle. I keep my mouth open. Sometimes I have problems with my ears but not very often. And I only use it when I have problems, not every day. I think if you work in an environment where your snot is black by the end of the day, you should be wearing a mask. I cannot imagine how much of whatever it is is making it to your lungs.

The snot in our noses is there for a reason. There's lots of good stuff up in there that helps catch the bad stuff. I just don't see how using this every day, several times a day, could be a good thing. Now, I know folks have been doing it like this for some time. I just don't like the idea, just doesn't feel right.

As for the bottle causing it to go to the lungs - good grief! How hard are folks squeezing it to make it go that far?! And are they leaning back?! I lean forward, over the sink, line it up, open my mouth, squirt. Wait a second or two, repeat on other nostril. Rarely do I have anything coming out my mouth but it does happen.

I use the packets. It is easy, cheap, and contained.
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Steven Wrote:My ENT says that the use of saline nasal rinse should be "as needed" & there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.
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archangle Wrote:Just a slight self correction. You don't give honey to infants because it may contain botulism spores and babies may not be able to fight it off the way adults can when we swallow it. Botulism bacteria can form spores that are really hard to kill. Even boiling may not kill the spores.

As adults, our digestive system and immune system can handle the spores or live bacteria. Babies may not be able to. I'd also worry that botulism spores in our noses or sinuses might be a problem whereas they may not be a problem in our stomach. People taking acid reflux meds might also have a problem because acid stomach fluids kill off a lot of bacteria.

Note that there is a difference between botulism spores and botulism toxin. Spoiled food, especially canned food, can contain the botulism toxin, which is deadly. The risk from honey to infants is from getting an infection from the botulism bacteria, not from the toxins.

Either way, honey in a sinus irrigation fluid is a bad idea, especially in someone with other health problems.
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JudgeMental Wrote:yikes!!! adding corn syrup to your saline nasal rinse!!! To what results are you expecting from the addition of corn syrup. The syrup will certainly wreck havoc with the microscopic>>cilia<< in the sinus cavities, whose purpose is to (move and sway) so as to move the mucous and bacteria out of your head. You wouldn't want them to add corn syrup to the saline solution when it's induced into your veins in order to hydrate you, would you?. Results would be clogged up veins. A small portion of non-iodized salt, added to warm water is all thats necessary for a good safe nasal rinse.
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