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New AHI lows - how can this be?
Well, I am confronted with an interesting conundrum - since switching to the Airfit P10 my AHI has plummeted - from an average of 2.8 down to an average of .66 (and a few days of 0.0) - part of this is surely the weight loss taking effect, but how much can also be from the mask itself? While leaks from the pillows themselves are negligent to non existent, Total Leaks in Sleepyhead, which includes, if I understand Sleepyhead correctly, the normal leakage from the exhaust vent(s) has risen slightly, from a 95% average of 27 under my Swift FX to around 29-31 with the P10. I am unsure if this is having some effect on the AHI calculation.

To be sure, I have checked my oxymetry, and seem to average 94 - 97% the whole night, with the odd plummet to 92% but not below.

Vsnore I and II are up slightly (average of 11 and 22 events per night, respectively, up from an average with the Swift LX of 6 and 16, respectively)

So, do I chalk this up to the P10, the weight loss or both, or the change in the leak rate, or some oddity in Sleepyhead's mathematics (or Respironic's)or what? Any guesses? I am flummoxed as to how to interpret this.

Oh, and to further encourage you all to consider even a slight reduction in weight (so far I have only lost 10% of my total body weight, which isn't much if you are well up over 100 kilos) I just got back my cholesterol results - where in September they were elevated and I was at serious risk of a heart attack related to my cholesterol (over 20%), they are currently so good (as my GP, who has worked with me for 20 years, said, they've never looked this good) that I am off statins completely, and my risk of a heart attack related to my cholesterol has receded to as near 0% as to be insignificant. And just to avoid "famous last words" I stress the "related to my cholesterol" part - being overweight can still gum up the works, as can simply being way over 50.... The point is still, reduce your weight even a little and it can have a huge knock-on effect.
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Good job on all fronts Doc! Whether the mask, or the weight loss, or your clean living, all seem to be providing great benefits.

My o2 stays around 93 all night these days which for an old futz with emphysema is not too bad. I attribute the cpap for that. I have lost a bit of weight myself and I know that too has helped with my issues. And like you, I'm turning in good numbers on all the cholesterol tests. Even my Tri's, which used to be a quart high, are now down well in range where they belong.

I attribute just about all of this to cpap. Not directly perhaps, but just by feeling better, sleeping better, and staying awake during the day I am much more willing to do the things I should do to improve my health. I even considered watching some exercise show on tv the other day.

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Und Gewichtsverlust kann den Blutzuckerspiegel senken.

And, weight loss may reduce blood sugar levels.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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I'm with you on the weight loss pressure relationship and mask differences, my pressure is down from 10-13cm to 4.5-6.5cm with 30lb weight loss which has also resulted 1.5 inches off my neck. I have had to stop using my Pilairo as with 90% of each night now at 4.5cm it does not inflate sufficiently and my nose suffers so I am now stuck with the FX which I do not find comfortable. The FX gave me higher AHI scores than the Pilairo and I swapped regularly and noticed this phenomenon before giving up on the Pilairo last month.
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Way to go Doc.

Sounds like 2 of you having very similar experience with regards to the mask change and weight loss. Sounds to coincidental to be coincidence!


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PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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(05-09-2014, 12:10 PM)DocWils Wrote: I am off statins completely,
I've read somewhere that AHI improves when people get off statins
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I'll let you know about that - I just got the OK to go off them yesterday - I will finish the current card (4 more) and then take a break from them for three months (it takes at least that amount of time for any effect of going on or off them to show up).
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Glad to hear it has improved for you. Doesn't matter why, as it is just a GOOD THING.

But I would still be curious about those HIGH leaks -- they aren't terrible but they are way out of line with my leaks on a P10.

My 95% leak rate with the P10 is under 5. Even my MAX seldom goes above 20.

"Everyone is different, yadda yadda...." but it would make me very curious....

Sweet Dreams,

Sleep study AHI: 49 RDI: 60 -- APAP 10-11 w/AHI: 1.5 avg for 7-days (up due likely to hip replacement recovery)

"We can all breathe together or we will all suffocate alone."
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Ah, Herb, that's the difference - I need to know WHY - my mind is just that way - professional hazard, I guess....
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Congratulations Doc on your success.

I am surprised you ever took a statin, I never will. I do have my Cholestorol well under control in the 160 range. Appearantly Niacin can help.
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