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New Airsense 10 autoset
(05-03-2015, 06:49 PM)star searcher Wrote: I notice when I turn off the machine with the top button there remains a very slight bit of pressure coming through the nasal pillows. I don't know if this pressure turns off at some point.

Anyway, the main problem now is the noise coming from the machine. I moved the machine to my office today so I could play with it a bit.

Also, is there anyway at all to get the screen to remain lit so I can see what is going on as I troubleshoot these things? There is plenty of light in my office and the screen goes to almost completely dark after about 8 seconds and then to completely dark a couple seconds later.

I'm not really familiar with the bipap related questions, so I'll leave those for someone else.

Mine shows "cooling" on the display when I turn it off. After a while (5?, 10? minutes) the slight airflow stops. It does help to let it run for a little bit in the morning at the end of a session, so the plate on the bottom of the humidifier is a little cooler. (I also use the warmup feature a few minutes before I mask up at night, so the humidifier and cable get up to temp sooner)

You can press and hold the button, and it will go completely off after a few seconds, killing the cooling and the modem too. Like holding the power button on a pc to turn it completely off.

Sounds like you did a lot of good diagnostic work on the noise. I don't think the noise is normal. Hopefully it will duplicate when you take it in.

You can press the round button and start the 8-second countdown again. Either before the light goes out, or after.
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(05-03-2015, 06:49 PM)star searcher Wrote: And finally, I'm not sure the pressures are set correctly but obviously I've not had much time to actually use the machine yet. It looks to me like the pressure is going from 4 to 8 and the screen says PS 4 which I assume means pressure support of 4? This time I was smart enough to get a copy of the prescription the doctor wrote which says:
IPAP 14-20
EPAP 7.5
Doesn't that mean there is a pressure support of 7ish?
This doesn't make sense. First, a ResMed machine can only be set in 0.2 cm-H2O increments. So, EPAP 7.5 shows the prescriber is not familiar with the ResMed Machines. (Small detail as 7.6 is close enough)

A Bilevel auto maintains the relationship that IPAP=EPAP+PS where PS is fixed. The floor for EPAP is set by EPAPmin. The ceiling for IPAP is set by IPAPmax.

If the prescriber wants the machine to run IPAP from 14-20 with PS=4, then the floor for EPAP must be 14-PS = 14-4 = 10. Not 7.5

Also, you report it starts by indicating pressure from 4 to 8 with PS=4.
Sounds like the ramp is on. Most people do not like the ramp feature.
Or EPAPmin is set to 4.

I use the S9 VPAP Auto, and your Rx does not make sense to me.
I think it should have been written like:

BiLevel Auto
IPAPmax = xx
IPAPmin = yy
PS = zz

Where xx, yy, and zz are number the doc dictates.

Star searcher, you into Astronomy?


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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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The autostart (and stop) will start when you put the mask on, and stop five seconds after you take the mask off. The light on the display goes off after 10 seconds(-ish) so you can sleep in the dark.

There will be a small airflow after the session, (cool down) for a long while. It blows a small amount of air through the hose without the humidity so that the hose dries out and no bacteria things grow in the tubing.

These are all features I like.
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The slight air flow that you feel is part of the humidifier warm-up/cool-down function of the A10. (I used to do this manually with my old brick CPAP.) After you fill it with water, go into the Options menu and select Warmup. This will pre-heat the water (up to 30 minutes). When you turn off the machine, it automatically does a 30 minute cool-down. Because the air flow is so small, I usually do a second cool-down. The advantage of the cool-down is that it prevents condensation from forming both in the tubing and inside the pump mechanism.
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Another comment:

I noticed that if you do not change the air intake filter -- the little rectangle behind the door on left side of the unit -- the A10's CPAP noise gradually increases. Unfortunately the filters are not washable, like open cell foam, but you can blow them out backwards once or twice with a can of "compressed air" before you have to replace them.
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I have the same machine and I love it. It takes some getting used to but the EPR function lowers the pressure enough for me to exhale against it. You need to get the tech manual for it so you can figure out how to tweak it to your liking. That was the first thing I did and the changes I made were huge for me as it went from intolerable to perfect. My doctor had them use the default setting of 4-20. 4 was way to low it felt like I was suffocating so I changed that to 5.8. 20 was way to high and I found the machine ramping up to 15 when I held my breath to clear my throat and swallow. So I reduced the max pressure to 9.8. This worked wonders for me. However if you decide to make changes on your own make sure you talk to your doctor. I wish my doctor was enlightened as much as your's as I wouldn't have had to spend $800 dollars out of pocket for a sleep test in a lab. Good Luck to you.
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I apologize for the gaps in replies. I had spine fusion surgery in Q1 of this year and the 'recovery' has been more difficult than anticipated. This has taken up most of my attention and when I've had difficulty with the Aircurve I’ve just set it aside and used my old Respironics M-series bipap. (until very recently)

I will make another post in this thread with an update on the Aircurve but I wanted to make this post to thank all of you who have replied and helped me out. As I mentioned I’ve been on bipap since 1988 and figured I’d just see my doctor, purchase a new machine and then carry on. Just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, sometimes the learning curve is steep and getting comfortable with a new machine can take time. I find a bit of irony in the fact that I frequently advise New cpap users to view the process as more of a marathon than a sprint, as it sometimes takes a while to get used to the cpap and become compliant. Big Grin

To be honest, I don’t really care for this (new to me) method of doctor-writes-prescription and sends it to the DME for machine issuance. And it’s up to the patient to bridge the gap if problems are found. My previous two machines were prescribed by my doctor and the machine and related equipment were recommended, test-fit, set-up and then supplied by the same doctor out of the same office. The doctor worked directly with the machine/equipment manufacturers and the sleep techs worked directly for him in his office. This means he was up-to-date on the latest machine and equipment offerings, and he oversaw the quality set-up, delivery, and follow-up with the patient.

I have talked with him about this issue and he agrees that the new method is disjointed and not necessarily in the patients best interest. He feels the vertically integrated business set-up he (and other physicians) had provided better overall quality to the patient. But I guess there was a Medicare law or something that disallows this type of practice these days. Anyway, enough whining about this, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. 

Once again, I am deeply appreciative for the information this website and the membership provide. I appreciate that the website is structured as an educational resource and as such empowers people to take ownership of their sleep health. (Under the nobody cares as much as you do about your own health concept) I have made a donation and hopefully can do so again in the near future.

For all of you who take the time to reply to the many questions posted on this forum, don’t ever think that the information you provide is not appreciated.

And Mongo, I apologize for missing your question. I am not really into astrology per say, I just like sitting in my camp-chair and drinking beer while staring at the night sky during our camping trips. Grin

Ok, here is the latest. When we left off last I had exchanged the Airsense for the Aircurve and the Aircurve was making a whistling noise, and in addition to that I could not get to sleep using the thing.

I took it back to the DME and ended up seeing a different tech than the one who initially set-up the machine.

This fellow turned the machine on and with no water in the reservoir it was not making any noise. He added water to the reservoir and then it was singing like a canary. He said he had not seen this problem before and while we were sitting there listening to the machine he reached over and squeezed the two halves of the reservoir together, and the noise stopped. The other tech mentioned he has come across two other Airsense/Aircurve machines that have had this problem. The tech I was working with gave me a new reservoir and that problem was solved.

The second issue I talked to him about was not being able to use the machine because it was not breathing for me. He found the ramp was turned on, and he turned it off (see Mongos post above). Also, in fairness the tech that did the initial set-up was following the prescription with regard to the ramp. The prescription called for a suggested ramp of 15 minutes.

I also talked to the second tech about how the pressure was set-up given the prescription was written as:
IPAP: 14-20
EPAP: 7.5
With: cflex of 3
Given how the machine was set-up by the first tech, the numbers did not make sense to me in regards to what the prescription said vs how the machine was setup. And I think Mongo’s post above illustrates this as well.

So the second tech apparently changed some things but it still doesn’t seem to match the Prescription? Now the machine reads:
7.4 – 11.4
PS 4.0
When I asked the tech about this he pretty much gave me the brush-off and said you need less pressure when initially going to sleep and if/when more pressure is required the machine would go up to the higher number (allegedly into the range the prescription calls for).

Turning off the ramp at least gave me a chance at using the machine and I am able to get through the night but wake very frequently and feel terrible as compared to my old bipap.
I feel like I’m simply not able to breathe properly.

I’m going to send my doctor a letter with the current status and see what he says.

And I need to read the clinicians manual, get the software setup, and learn more about all this so I can set it up the way it should be, as right now it’s a very expensive modern medical device that’s not working as well for me as a decade’s old bipap.

I gave my old bipap to my wife as her bipap recently bit the dust. She has the same doctor and wants to go in to get a new machine issued this year but is waiting to see how this drama with the Aircurve plays out so she can make a good decision on the make/model of machine she wants.

One positive note is the auto off/on seems to be working well, at least with my old Adams circuit nasal pillows. It doesn’t work at all with the P10 I was issued and the DME says that’s normal because the P10 doesn’t flow enough air. This ironically is the same reason I have not been able to use the P10. (Yes, I’m trying to make my way through all the many posts on the P10)

There are other issues besides the pressure settings, like the mask, a high pitch motor whine that the DME says is normal with these machines and occasional rain-out.

I should probably post separate threads on these.

Thanks again for all your help.

Hmm, guess I screwed that up. I intended for these to be two different posts. Oh well.
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