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New CPAP User - Having Problems
New CPAP User - Having Problems
Hey all,

I am a new CPAP user, and a new user to this board.  

About me:  I am 50 years old, 5'7" 230 lbs. married 18 years.   My wife has been complaining for years about my snoring. Although I never realized I had apnea she claimed I would stop breathing in my sleep. I didn't believe it could be as bad as it is, because I never woke up gasping for air except for that one time she tried to push my mouth closed while I was sleeping.  Sufficed to say I sprang up in bed very angrily.  That is the only time I ever woke up gasping for air.  In the past I avoided having my apnea checked out because of the potential cost involved, having insurances with high deductibles... that, and I'm not the one that had trouble sleeping, but we have recently got some decent insurance, so I decided to move forward with having it checked out, both for my health and my marriage.

So, I consulted with a neurologist who had me do an at home sleep study which revealed severe sleep apnea.  Apparently I stopped breathing several times per minute and my lowest oxygen level was in the 60s.  Yikes!  I don't know how accurate the study was though, since it was done at a time when I had severe pain from cervical radiculopathy which is now on the mend from medication.  

OK, so it took me a couple of months to get the CPAP machine, which is a ResVent iBreeze 20A with built-in humidifier, heated tube.  I started using it on April 13. So far I have not been able to get a full night sleep while using this machine.  It has woken me up in the middle of the night every night since using it for various reasons.

My initial prescription was 5-20 and I started out with an F&P Vitera full face mask (medium size).  I chose full face mask because I do sleep with my mouth open most of the time.  I am fine breathing through my nose, but my nasal passages frequently get clogged up either due to positioning or allergies. 

Well the first week did not go well. I am a side sleeper and the mask kept leaking, probably when I was switching positions. I would wake up with so much air blowing into the mask it would make my cheeks puff up, and the machine would not ramp down even after turning it off and on again, so frequently I would just give up for the rest of the night.  When I would try putting it back on and using the mask fit feature of the machine, I found myself having to tighten the mask so much that I would wake up with pain on the bridge of my nose.  I would have to wake up and readjust the mask several times per night.  

During that first week, I tried altering the various settings on the machine to see if that would help, and really nothing did.  Then I did something I was apparently not supposed to: I changed the minimum and maximum settings to try and find something that wouldn't blow air so hard into the mask that I couldn't breathe it all in.  I found that a setting of 7 seemed most comfortable to me, but even at 7, I eventually ended up having the same problem; too much air blowing into my face.   I also didn't know that changing those settings was a no-no until I went back to the medical supply company to try a different mask.  Apparently there is no charge to try new masks on for the first 30 days, and they don't even want the old ones back.. so I picked up a Resmed Airfit F20 (medium) to try and also followed up with my neurologist.

The doctor adjusted the settings to 7-12 and also enabled rcare and ramping, but now I have a new problem; my allergies seem out of control and I have a sore throat when swallowing. This causes me to wake up in the middle of the night too -- either my nose is running or my throat is sore and I take off the mask. I do sometimes drool in my sleep so sometimes I would wake up with the mask full of drool (I know, ew).  The doctor wanted me to stick with the mask and settings I have for a while and see if I get used to it, but at this point I am not because I think the machine has made me sick, which is weird because I've been very diligent about cleaning all parts of the machine every day. I'm using just regular unscented bar soap and water.  I run soapy water than clean water through the tubing and hang it up to dry, and I wash out the humidifier chamber as well, and refill it with distilled water just before bed.  I initially had humidity set for 4 but upped it to 5 because I would wake up with a really dry mouth (this used to happen to me without the machine as well).   

The thing I hate the most is that I was given a machine without wifi and so in order for the doctor to tweak the settings I have to make an appointment, schlep the whole thing there and make a co-payment of $40.00.  I also have to remember to take the SD card out periodically , put it in my computer and upload the data to the resvent web site manually.  According to the medical supply place, models with wifi are in high demand so that is all they could give me so it is what it is, but it's a pain.

I've sent a message to doctor to see what to do next but figured I'd introduce myself here since I'm interested in your opinions. I attached a therapy report from the web site for the last week. 

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RE: New CPAP User - Having Problems
You came to the right place! There will be plenty of good advice that you will receive.  Bigwink
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RE: New CPAP User - Having Problems
I have been using my Resvent iBreeze 20A for about ten days and am wondering if my struggles adjusting to it are common or if it needs to be adjusted.  Basically, when it ramps up towards 20 (in the middle of the night) the air pressure is so high that it wakes me up.  It pressurizes the inside of my mouth so that my cheeks are puffed out and I almost have to force my lungs to exhale, the pressure is so high.  Any slight movement of my head causes the sides to flap like a woopie cushion on my face.  I adjust the straps tighter or looser but it just seems to take very little for the "flapping" to begin.  So, in the middle of the night when I hoped to finally get some REM sleep, the Cpap machine is waking me up.  My follow up appointment with the Doctor in the Sleep Center is not for over a month away.  Basically, I slept better without the machine than with it.  I looked into adjusting it myself but the medical equipment supplier and the manual both say only the Doctor should do that.

Any suggestions out there?

Neither the Doctor, Nurse, nor medical equipment technician who trained me mentioned software for my unit.  I notice a whole list of software to check when I signed up.  Is there information they didn't share that might help this rookie Cpap user?
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RE: New CPAP User - Having Problems
(07-26-2022, 11:28 AM)Hogmodo Wrote: Neither the Doctor, Nurse, nor medical equipment technician who trained me mentioned software for my unit.  I notice a whole list of software to check when I signed up.  Is there information they didn't share that might help this rookie Cpap user?

Try downloading the software from Supplier #40.

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RE: New CPAP User - Having Problems
Where is Supplier #40 software that I should download?
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RE: New CPAP User - Having Problems
BigTimeSnorer, I have similar problems. I got delivery of an iBreeze 20A a week ago, and have my first appt with the DME tomorrow, but so far my sleep, and results, are not good.  I cannot get the Resmed 30i nasl mask to not leak, but on most nights it grades 2 of 3. But my apnea events are dbl digits and close to my sleep study with no cpap. When I first try to sleep the machine blows so hard, even with a 20min ramp from 5-11, I feel my lungs might burst. I feel I am in no control of my breathing. Sleep study showed I have 95% of my apnea events being central but was diagnosed moderate OSA, so wasn't expecting too much improvement on my first machine, but I need to sleep!

Not to hijack your thread, but my question to the board vets, is there a chance I could return this machine and request a Resmed or I look elsewhere? They told me the iBreeze was the only machine they could get, but the same week they delivered the iB to me, my wife brings home a Resmed Airsense 11 from a DME right down the road from my DME.

My wife suggests I try her AirSense 11 one night to see if it is "me" or the machine.
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RE: New CPAP User - Having Problems
I would suggest you get a ResMed autoset. The autoset is the key name because ResMed has many different models just like ford - trucks, many different cars, even tractors.

With the ResMed auto you can use the free Oscar software and with that data from Oscar we can and will help you.
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RE: New CPAP User - Having Problems
I ended up switching to a nasal mask and even though I'm a mouth breather.  Amazingly my mouth stays closed when I'm using it and I don't even need a chin strap.  It is very uncomfortable if I actually do open my mouth, like if I wanted to speak, but my mouth does not open on it's own during my sleep and if I want to speak while wearing it, it's easy enough to just reach over and shut the machine off . But ever since using the nasal mask, I don't have any of the problems above and my AHI is actually much lower.  I don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore.  I really never thought the nasal mask would work for me but it turns out its much better than the full face mask. I wish I had tried it sooner. I also thought that it would be no good because I often get congested in the middle of the night. However, the constant air pressure in my nasal passages actually has kept it clear all night. I never wake up unable to breathe. You should try it!
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RE: New CPAP User - Having Problems
Tell them you cannot use that machine and if the cannot get you a ResMed AitoSet you will get one elsewhere. The C2C version is readily available right now. OSCAR will be a game changer. You can get a C2C version delivered in less than a week.
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RE: New CPAP User - Having Problems
I think that if you have to adjust the device during a doctor's visit, it's really bad. You can only get doctor's appointments after a long time. And trying to sleep can be horrible. Better to adjust yourself. But you have to know what to adjust.

In our country, in the area where I live, it has been strictly forbidden to adjust the device itself. I still adjusted the first device. The result was that I couldn't sleep properly. After a year, I returned the device. I then received a new device during one operation. It started working well from the very first night. Now there is already a third device in use when the second device broke down after 5½ years of use. Someone has suspected that there was something wrong with the first device when I couldn't make it work with any adjustments. I don't know the truth.

ResMed has a website where sleep data can be sent via mobile phone. And the doctor can get information via the device's GSM connection. At least they help to make suggestions for changes. I still think that the worst is waiting for a long time.

Ask a lot here. And follow the instructions. There are many very knowledgeable people here who can advise on the most diverse apnea problems.
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