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New CPAP user
New CPAP user
Hi, I am supposed to start CPAP therapy for OSA.  Due to having a high deductible and little to no response from the local DME, I'm likely going to order a CPAP from one of the suppliers in the list.  I've been watching the ResMed AirSense 10.  I do know that I want the AutoSet version.  Likely I want the heated tubing also, which I think is optional.  As a male, should I avoid the "for her" version or is that a setting I can disable?  Does each AirSense 10 have capability for the heated tubing even if not supplied at initial purchase?  Many suppliers are out of stock, should I order an AirSense 11 and wait a few weeks?

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RE: New CPAP user
You are correct ResMed s10 or 11 autoset .  The 11 has the for her program and you need to specifically ask for her with a s10. It just gives another gentler setting you do not need to use it but if you have a choice I would get it - you never know if it might work. But if it means waiting I would just get the autoset (
Not get her) 

The heated hose is different on the ResMed 10 and 11. But if they have one for the model pap machine that is lol you need.
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RE: New CPAP user
G'day and welcome to the Board

I recently replaced my 6yo Airsense 10 Autoset because Resmed here in Sydney told me the Airsense 11 won't be available in Australia until the end of 2022/start of 2023. It will also be at a high RRP compared to the heavily discounted 10. (don't worry they'll have parts for a good 5 years as they did with the S9 model before it)

It comes with a climateline heated tube as standard. In fact figured out that the heated tubing can be used year-round, not swapped over for a standard tubing in summer (something I wish I knew in 2015)
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RE: New CPAP user
(02-15-2022, 01:49 PM)terctun Wrote: As a male, should I avoid the "for her" version or is that a setting I can disable?  Does each AirSense 10 have capability for the heated tubing even if not supplied at initial purchase?  Many suppliers are out of stock, should I order an AirSense 11 and wait a few weeks?

No, the "for her" version is a good choice. The "for her" mode can be set in the clinical menu. I suspect the machine is shipped with the normal Autoset mode selected, not the "for her" mode.

All AirSense 10s have heated tubing support and recognize it automatically when a heated tube is attached.
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RE: New CPAP user
Thanks all. I ordered a ResMed 37207. I'll get a heated tube later for less $. It's confusing why it costs maybe $200 extra for a heated tube included when they can be bought separately for about $30 to 50. Very interested to see if I feel better after using. Hopefully I will know within a couple weeks.
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RE: New CPAP user
Excellent machine! A few recommendations for you once it arrives:

If the machine doesn't come with an SD card, get one (32 GB or less). And if your laptop or desktop computer doesn't have an SD slot, get an SD card reader. The reason is you'll want to use the OSCAR software (see link above) to help you fine-tune your settings. People here would be happy to help with that once you can post a chart or two that includes sleep time.

Set your pressure range from 7 to 12, with EPR of 3. This will probably need adjusting once you get going, but it's a nice easy way to get started. You can set the pressure by entering the clinician's menu (see set-up manuals link above). Choose temperature and humidity settings that are mid-range. You can adjust up and down to find what's most comfortable for you.

Watch a few online videos about how to fit your mask. Set up the machine next to your bed and start using it. Fiddle with the mask to eliminate leaks. Don't over-tighten it. Try out your preferred sleep positions (side, back, whatever) and see how that goes with the mask. You may want to put your head near the edge of your pillow so the mask hangs off the edge.

Now set the machine up outside your bedroom during the day or evening, and use it for a few hours while you watch TV or read. This will help you start getting used to the new sensations.

You don't have to try to sleep with the machine right away. You can do several days of acclimation if you want to. When you do try to sleep with the machine, with any luck you'll drop off fine and sleep well. But don't worry if it is a little rocky. That happens for the majority of us, I think. Just do what you can, keep acclimating yourself during the day or evening, and see how it goes at night.

And please remember that lots of people here would be happy to help you with issues large or small. Keep us posted.
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RE: New CPAP user
Well I've done 3 nights so far.  The first was a couple hours on, then off, then back on.  Still trying to figure out the myair app.  Last night I used the mask 10± hours!

I'm trialing a Dreamwear full face mask in med and large per a friend's recommendation.  I got less dry mouth if I kept my mouth shut and did nose breathing.  If I try a nose pillow type mask, is it mandatory to keep the mouth closed while in use?
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RE: New CPAP user
If you don't keep the mouth closed, the machine will detect the leak and run a maximum which produces dry mouth. Some find that a chin strap or mouth taping keeps the mouth closed. There is one variation -- when a person falls asleep, the throat muscles relax and the chin drops open. Inthat situation, the person may not "need" to breathe through the mouth -- but the jaw becomes slack. In either case, dry mouth is the results. Bottom line -- do not tolerate large leaks that produce dry mouth.
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RE: New CPAP user
It's great you've started! Instead of wrangling myair, could you try using Oscar? You'd need a laptop or desktop, an SD card in the machine, and a way to read the card (slot in computer or plug-in card-reader).
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