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New CPAP user Questions
I was recently diagnosed with severe OSA after a overnight sleep study. I was prescribed a ResMed S9 Elite with a pressure of 14. I have been struggling but have managed to use it every night since I have had it.
I am required to have a follow-up appt. with my pulmonoligist within 60 days in order for insurance to pay for machine. My problem is with getting an appt to see him. When my GP ordered the 1st appt with him in March 2012, I was given an appt in Aug 2012. In the mean time I was diagnosed with a tumor in my sinus that required surgery to remove in July 2012. Surgeon required I be six weeks out from surgery to do sleep study. Appt was rescheduled for Nov 2012. I finally got to do sleep study in Jan 2013. Was given machine and told of followup requirement. Follow-up scheduled for Feb. 2013. I just recieved a letter stating Dr's schedule has changed, please call to rescedule. I call and am given an appt. for May 2013. Obviously this does not meet insurance requirements, however the bigger concern is how am I ever supposed to get the equipment dialed in to take care of my apnea when it takes 4 months to see Dr. to make changes.
My question is what kind of Dr's are qualified to interperate info and make changes to therapy? I currently am regularally seeing my GP and my ENT Dr. and neither takes 4 months to see. I am really frustrated by this run around and worried that I am going to have to pay for the entire bill on equipment due to things beyond my control.
Any suggestions?Dont-know
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Hi kb8rzvadw! Welcome

You could try here: http://www.sleepeducation.com/find-a-center

You didn't indicate where you're located in your profile so this is the best I can offer.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the response. the lab I took my sleep study in is on their list. Maybe they can suggest a different Dr. I also updated my profile. Sorry i must have missed those areas when I signed up.
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Hi kb8rzvadw,
WELCOME! to the forum.
I'm sorry you are having such a rough time getting things straightened out with your CPAP therapy.
You might ask your GP or your ENT for another referal since you are able to see them more frequently.
Hang in there for more suggestions.
Best of luck to you on getting things resolved so you can get on with better sleep.
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For insurance purposes, they could care less if the treatment is actually working. They are about money, not health. As long as you are using the thing, they will pay for it.

You could also tell the doc office that your compliance time is before that and could you send them the SD card. It is a common practice. Your machine probably came with an envelope to return it in. You could also suggest taking it to the DME where they copy it and send the summary to the doc. That's also common.

What you can do is pick up another SD card and on the day you mail the original or drop it off, copy it onto the new SD card. That's what you'll use in your machine while they have the other card so that you do not lose any data.

Then you can wait until your appt and discuss your therapy.

Meanwhile, consider using either ResScan or SleepyHead to view the data. You can monitor your own treatment and determine if it is working or not. You can also view the daily AHI via the screen. Tapping the "i" (info) button once will bring up the night's data (just do it before noon). When that screen is up, hold down the two silver buttons until another screen comes up. There you can see detailed data, but just the numbers, no pretty graphs.
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(02-01-2013, 11:02 PM)PaulaO2 Wrote: For insurance purposes, they could care less if the treatment is actually working. They are about money, not health. As long as you are using the thing, they will pay for it.

Dammit, Paula, you are right, of course. - until my resp therapist snags the invoice from my S9 Escape somewhere in transit, she won't trade it in for the AutoSet. And while she pretended not to get P*ssed off at me for changing my pressure and cheating her out of $40 I know she wasn't expecting that either. It's the least I could do for all the trouble.
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as long as you,re using the machine 4 hours a day 70% of the time , insurance compliance requirement are met
usually your equipment provider verify that you,re compliant so they can get paid by the insurance
machine store 365 days of compliance/therapy data and write the same on the SD card plus detailed data

make sure to stick the card (if been left out for some reason) in the machine so the machine write the data on the card before sending the card
so DME or the doctor can verify your compliance

if interested not loose any detailed data, get another SD card beforehand
doesn't have to be Resmed or large card, 1GB card would be sufficient

S9 sleep report provide usage, AHI and leak information
software provide more information and detailed data graphs (AHI, leak, etc...)

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You've gotten the right advice to send the data card to the dme or doctor.
I want to welcome you to the forum. If you have questions about your treatment this is the place to come.
You got a fine machine and mask. I just got my first quattro fx last week and love it - 0 leaks.
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