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New Cpap user 1 week. Need any help I can get.
Some people start feeling the effects right away others my take months to show improvment on how the feel.Have patience good will come
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OK.. 1/3 - 1/8... sry they didnt go in order... On the 7th I changed off cpap and went auto... I added all the events... I also apologize this site is different from what I am used to posting images. I dont use imgur really..

[Image: TD0ZcdZl.png]

[Image: oeehpQAl.png]

[Image: F5on5GGl.png]

[Image: VklQyIXl.png]

[Image: RjCLCZFl.png]

[Image: c5BUoLUl.png]

Sleep study home.

I hope these files are ok with my name on it.. That phone # is just the main sleep study #.. Ignore... lol...

[Image: tJ3QrFnl.jpg]

Sleep study in house.

[Image: cNjzYx2l.jpg]
[Image: EWj4hq2l.jpg]

[Image: eBCGbCnl.jpg]

[Image: JXQ92WZl.jpg]

[Image: a7mZfQcl.jpg]
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From your charts, after you changed to variable pressure, you generally had a median pressure just over 6-cm and a maximum pressure of 10.0. So that is the range I think you should shoot for. With fixed pressure at 11 and EPR (exhale pressure relief) at 2, you had mostly clear airway or central events. That suggests that the higher pressure or the EPR may have been a bit too much. The sleep study titration (page 5 of 5) showed a few events at 8.0 cm (AHI 4.4), but really, you were pretty well treated at all pressures, and all events were gone at 9-11 cm. You appear to be well treated with the lower pressure, and using an auto CPAP range of 6-10 looks pretty good to me.
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I felt like crap today. so tired. If you look at SH data dated the 8th you see I had more events "H" then any other. I don't know if there is a correlation or not.. I dont know how to interpret...

Im hoping apnea is the cause of all my issues I have had for the past year..

Ringing in ears all the time.. I dont even know if apnea is the cause. The foggy tired head all the time...

I just dont know...

So I will try the 6 tonight low and keep it at 11 high for now..

The EPR was always on 2.. Last night I turned it to ramp only, but I switched it back.

Humiditys and tubing all on auto. On auto ramp too. ( Not sure how it knows I fall asleep)

I have bad insomnia too.. up to 2-3-4 am.. sometimes later...

Im 5' 8" 200 lbs.
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Gary is right -- it will likely take time for your brain and body to adjust to treatment by a CPAP machine.  It took me 3-4 months, using my machine every night for 5-7 hours, before I became more-or-less comfortable sleeping with a mask on my face and air blowing up my nose.  However, even after 2-1/2 years of consistent and reasonably effective treatment, every now and then I still have a night when I don't sleep very swell and have mediocre treatment results.  My humble advice is to accept the likelihood that the beginning days and weeks of treatment-- and perhaps the first few months -- will be challenging and not get too hung up on your night-by-night results.  This is a marathon to better health, not a sprint.
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Look at the Wiki in the menu to get meanings, definitions, technical basics.....  Briefly, OA=Obstructive Apnea  CA=ClearAirway Events ("Central Apnea"), H=Hypopnea  LL=Leak

Plenty more in the Wiki.
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OK reading on these boards I am understanding the data a bit better... Last night my AHI was high.

My wife said my mouth was open when she got up, and that was about the time it shows a large leak for 5 minutes. I need to get a chin strap. 

( Place that delivered machine did not have one for me. I will call today)

But today I made sure I got up instead of staying in bed. Its about 8 am. Fell asleep around 2.am.

I had no "H's" on my chart. I feel better this morning even though my AHI says its not good.. Im not going to dwell on it... Again not sure of a correlation of the fact I had a lot of those yesterday and did not feel well that day.. 

I guess I just need to know what steps I can take to make it better...

[Image: mIf3qk9l.png]
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The ringing in your ears could be tinnitus, this is something I have had for as long as I can remember. See a hearing Dr. there are somethings that can help.
My experience with XPAP as been a long, hard journey, I am just starting to be able to sleep for more than 4 hours while on therapy. I do wake feeling much better now, I am able to work through my overnight shift much more awake and productive. I still look forward to seeing what 8 hours of sleep feels like!
This takes time, listen to the advice your getting and you should start feeling better results, in time.
Keep trudging on, good luck with your therapy.
Shift Worker
"Right wrongs nobody" 
Mountain Charlie McKiernan 
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You are on the right track, IMO, as far as a method for smoothing out your nights. As you’ve started to do, examine your SleepyHead charts every day, keep learning the nuances in the data, and try to see the relationship between the data and your sleep experience. Gradually, this should improve how you feel.


Ringing in your ears? Might very well be from your jaw joints. They’re right next to the ears. They are a hotbed of dissatisfaction and squirrliness tied to sleep. It’s very common to have a problem. There are likely things you can do to help, including making sure you aren’t pressuring the jaws with the headgear.

Search the forum for TMJ for more insights.
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If it were me, I'd get a mask that covered my mouth. I think there is mouth breathing, or fix the leaks? I'd raise the min pressure to 8 , max to 15.
Then have a look at the charts. I'd call the CA 'new user syndrome' CO2 and O2 balance, that settled down for most people within 12 weeks. If you are concerned, you can get a recording o2 meter of of ebay for $50 CMS50F. To see if there are any real drops below 90%. Generally if the length of CA time off sleepyhead is under 20-30 seconds, It shouldn't be too bad.
new http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...re_success
mask fit http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ask_Primer
From machine or charts for auto-cpap, set the min 1cm below median pressure, or 2cm below 90/95%. max at 20cm for now. Forum will help you fine tune settings
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