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New Dreamwear = high AHI when AWAKE!
I sure hope you get it figured out i do not have airsense mine is a aircurve 10 asv and when i change from my full face to the nasal setting (not nasal pillow) which is the right setting for dreamwear it lowers one of the settings automatically. I know you mentioned that you tried the nasal setting but maybe just recheck again ,i hope you get it figured out because it really is a great mask my levels are almost at 0 50% of the time and do not pass over 2 . I am just new at all this so that's about all i can suggest but there are many people on this forum that are very experienced to help you with all the real technical stuff ,please give us an update on what you find out !
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(12-12-2015, 11:02 AM)Recipefordisaster Wrote: As I said, the DME is a bit threatening about my changing the pressure on my own and I think they'll see it.

Oh, don't let this bother you. The law specifies who can change the settings OTHER THAN the owner of the machine. Technically, this means that family members can't change it either, but don't listen to any legalities that they throw out to you. It doesn't apply to you.

BTW, I have an Airsense for her and got the same mask last week. I'm not having the higher air pressure issue. I'm just putting it out there that it is not an incompatibility issue although it could be a problem specific with your machine/mask setup.

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I know, I just don't want the DME to not be on my side. There is an update! I got the doctor to reduce the max pressure to 10 so I gave it a shot with the Dreamwear last night, knowing it wouldn't go above that (it never did go above max, but it went up to 3 times my usual average which is bad enough). I wore earplugs to bed and hoped for the best. The pressure did go up to 9 soon after starting, which is definitely odd, but I got through it knowing it would be temporary as I have an appointment to bring everything in today. I slept somewhat and only awoke from noise or mouth leak. In the morning, the current pressure was 5.3! I thought the pressure didn't go back down? The average was 7.8 which I thought was reasonable even though it's higher than I've seen.

My usual average is about 6.8.

I'm going to cancel the appointment in order to give this mask a few more days' trial in case I need something else.... May still bring in the machine, but I want to know if I'm happy with the mask, now that I can actually bear to wear it all night.

I did call ResMed who agreed that it sounded like something was wrong and the machine's displayed pressure wouldn't skyrocket in response to a leak, if there even was one. They told me I may need to swap it out... This would be the second time in 6 months as my first one had trouble with motor noise.
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Good to hear that others have had the same combination without problems. I expected it to go smoothly! I did switch from FFM to nasal and back several times, unplugging the machine in between, and I ever tried the pillows setting in desperation, before the first decent night with reduced max pressure.

My theory for now is that something got reset when the pressure was changed. Either that or the issue involves pressure going way up at first and then evening out (if that's the case I need to get a new machine.... I hate wearing earplugs and the noise still bothered me for the first several hours until the pressure decreased) . They told me the pressure adjustment would be done during the day via modem, but when I saw that it wasn't done at 9pm.... I did do it myself Smile.
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Hope you get it sorted out it does sound like something is wrong with your machine!
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To follow up, I posted a new message today. I got a new machine and it does the exact same thing. To make matters worse, the respiratory therapist put on a Dreamwear on my machine and had no pressure increase. Sad
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You seem to be alarmed at the higher pressure your machine supplies based on an average pressure of 6.8 and maximum setting of 10. These are NOT high CPAP pressures. If you could post some data so we can see what causes the pressure increases, and the results, it would help. This is a link to a tutorial on posting data. Please try to include Events, Flow rate, pressure, leaks, and if possible flow limitation and snores. http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...pnea_Board
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It's not that the pressures are high, it's that they are much much higher than with my 6 months' use of other masks. I got to 16 before my doctor limited the high pressure to 10 and change on Dreamwear while Amara only averages 6.6 and has never been above 7.

It's not only that I don't know whether I really need the pressure, it's the noise and air coming out of my mouth, even taped, that bother me.

I have a lot of events reported with Dreamwear or the other nasal masks. I'm on a tablet so can't post data for a bit.
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Is it possible your Dreamwear mask has some blockage, not a leak? This could make the machine think it needs to increase pressure to overcome the blockage.

The Dreamwear your therapist installed for the test was not your Dreamwear from home, correct?
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Yes, we tried the Dreamwear that I had, a new set, and a third set for the RT. I thought that might be the issue, but it was consistent across both sets I tried.

They seem to think the blockage is in my lungs... Just didn't know that could be an issue.
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