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New HDM Z1 Auto...anyone have one yet?
Happy Holidays Folks,

Does anyone have the new Z1 Auto yet and if so how do you like it?

I find it more comfortable to use than the original cpap version. I had to borrow an iPhone 4s so I could run Nitelog until the Android version is available. I like Nitelog for a check to see how things are going but I'd really like it if Sleepyhead could read the Z1 data and provide more analysis.

I use my original Z1 at least four out of seven nights during about 40 weeks a year of Monday-Fri traveling and was diagnosed for an APAP this summer and had been awaiting the release of the Auto version.
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Hi bill-e,
It's good to hear that you are happy with your new machine.
Hang in there for more responses to your post, and BTW, WELCOME! to the forum.!
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Nope. Aint seen it yet. If I was still traveling a lot, I would definitely look into it. How does the hose situation work out? I always found that the hose/mask was every bit as bulky as the machine itself.

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The way I work it I have a small tupperware container, maybe 6x3x4 rectangle, that I keep the Z1 power adapter, HME, mask and headgear(F&P Eson) and I keep that in my carryon. I also use a 6' hose which is coiled in my carryon. I keep my Z1 in my backpack. On the rare occasion that I check luggage it all goes in my backpack.

The weight, size and handling difference between doing this with a Z1 as opposed to carrying a third bag with my PR System One often means the difference between bringing the cpap along or not.

Because I live out of my bags I, #1 don't check them and #2 they are pretty heavy because they contain my life (or more accurately a collection of stuff I've traveled with for the past 13 years) and are quite heavy. Couple that with the fact that when the TSA Pre line is closed and they want me to take out my cpap (something I never do with the Z1) it just adds that much more aggravation to the travel ordeal.

I've been traveling anywhere between 35-45 weeks a year for the past 13 years and I can tell you that the fun went out of it a very, very long time ago and anything that can reduce my stress and aggravation with the airlines and TSA is worth it's weight in gold to me.

This new Z1A is more comfortable to me then the original (I've probably slept with it about 25 days now) and I wouldnt be without it.

To me the only thing I cant recommend about the Z1 is the battery pack unless you're pressure is at 11 or below. I can tell you that when I was diagnosed at 11 the battery got me through the night with 25% to spare. When I went up to 14 with the original Z1 I could get no better then about 5.5 hours and with the new Z1 Auto I tried it the other day on battery and set at 14-20 I got 5.4 hours. I can't speak to pressures above 11 and less than 14 because I haven't tested those.

I have used the original Z1 connected to my deep cycle battery in my camper and dry camped for up to 4 days and still have power left in the battery so it doesn't seem to draw a lot of juice.
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Nobody else have one yet?
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Mine's still running well, anyone else have one yet?
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Not the new Auto - but bought one of the original Z-1s for about half its retail price with a week or so of **claimed ** use on it - off CL - no way to check total run time per HDM tech support so I am kind of in the dark. If the guy was telling the truth (and I have no reason to suspect otherwise) it had about 65-70 hours on it (which WAS the time recorded - but I have found that you can simply delete stored hours). The guy didn't like the old breathing Al Gore Rhythms. It did not have the firmware update ( with the "3" setting. Was bought for and used exclusively on a cruise in December. Provider receipt showed late November purchase so in any case would not be that old.

Waiting on new hose and filters from #1 .... Actually waiting on them to process a credit on a returned order and apply it to that hardware. Wait ... roll eyes ... whistle tunelessly .... roll eyes .... sigh deeply ... nap .... thumb through magazine absently glancing at pictures ... not really seeing them .... pace the floor a little bit .... stretch .... sit ... shift restlessly in chair .... scratch ...

Once I get all parts in and assembled, will test to see what kind of current draw it is pulling at my 95% pressure (11.5) so I can figure out what kind of battery life I could expect from my battery setup in a power outage or how small of an AGM battery I would need for a long plane ride. Not interested in the HDM battery pack...

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OMM, with mine set to 11 I got 8 hours and still had at least 25% battery left, that was with the HDM 45wh battery. It'll be interesting to see your test results.

At 14 it only goes about 5.5 hours so I made a jumper cable to connect to my camper's deep cycle battery....a little heavy for a plane ride though Wink
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I've got a Transcend portable pap and had a similar problem with running it at 16 pressure.

It seems you need to read the fine print on the new portable battery pap. At higher pressures they won't run a full 8 hours on the standard battery.

For the Transcend I had to go with the 16 hour battery to get 8 hours sleep at 16 pressure.

I use my Transcend as a back up in the semi-truck or when I need to hop out into a motel. Easier than packing up a normal CPAP.

I like my Transcend if you can deal without humidification. Mine is an older one before they added the optional humidifier. The Heat Moisture Exchange sort of work by I hate the mask for it.
(Just a truck driver with sleep apnea )
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Truckerdad57, the HME's that I use with the Z1 work with about any mask which connects to a standard size hose. I use them all the time and they are adequate for the task.
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