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New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
It's been a while.
I use my machine every night. For over 15 years.  2 CPAPS set at 13, then an autopap at 10-18.
I decided that after 5 years it was time to get a new machine with the newest technology.

I have been using an Intellipap Auto.  But I have concerns after they were bought and the odd patchwork of websites so I started looking at the other big names. 
Also recently after years with Comfort Gel mask moved to nasal pillows after finally trying a sample GOLIFE I had been given years ago.
Turns out, I liked it, alot but they don't make it anymore. So moved to the Resmed Airfit P10. insanely simple and my stats in Oscar got better, lower leaks, lower AHI etc.
So new mask, and now a new machine.

So after looking at machines...
I decided to get an Airsense 10 Autoset when I found a great deal on a new one with the heated hose, which I have never had.
(waking up to the smell of waterless humidifier has happened a few times, so like the idea of auto management of humidity. )

The first night I had a hard time falling asleep because at my prescription settings 10-18 especially with RAMP turned on I felt like I was fighting to get air through it.  It's blowing.
I can open my mouth and hear the rushing sound.  But I felt like I was working against the machine vs being supported.

I ended up turning the RAMP off and changing my lower number to 11.  And it was just felling OK, but every time I drifted off to sleep I would wake up, feeling like I stopped breathing for a second.  It was not even as close to as comfortable as my Intellipap has been.  But I stuck it out.  Fell asleep eventually.  Slept fine and woke up.

Instead of AHI under 2, Oscar and MyAir are saying AHI 0.1 !!!  and Leaks are 0.0 with 95% below 13% and a max of 21% !! ?!?! 

Is this possible?  I almost feel like that stats are being "adjusted"   Like when video card makers for computers put tricks in the software to look better in tests. Or VW faked its diesel emissions. 

The same mask and suddenly I have 0% leaks vs around a pretty good 16%?  And no real AHI at all? 

anyone feel like its hard to fill your lungs without effort on this machine. [NEVER had the feeling before]

Airsense 10 Autoset | Climateair | Airfit P10
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RE: New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
Hello, wordjoy, and congratulations on getting an excellent new machine. It'd be very helpful if you could organize and post an Oscar chart for last night. Information about chart organization is here:

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RE: New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
Thanks, I have attached OSCAR screencaps from last night of data from Intellipap, Sat Night, and first night with Airsense.
Same Mask... 

I knew it would be different, just more than I expected.  

Dealing with the annoyance that the machine that feels least comfortable in pressure, SEEMS to be giving better sleep. (after only one night's data) 

Also, my Fitbit OXIMeter looks level with few variations which does seem to confirm this also.  I just need to get used to the more managed airflow. It feels like the Intellipap was happy to give me all the air I wanted, while Airsense is keeping me in some assigned rate of flow even if I want more.

It's the first night with the new machine.  
So right now just looking for some thoughts to get me through adaptation. By the stats it seems to be working fine.

Note on the Airsense data, it picked up all the afternoon tuning of the machine and the futzing with it at bed time until I could fall asleep.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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RE: New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
Thanks for the charts. Everything looks good to me on the new machine. Where it is possible to compare values, they are very similar to what you were getting with the old machine. There is no room for trickery here; Oscar just translates the machine's data into formats that are useful. And the data just are what they are. So you are simply getting better results with the new machine, at least in measurable terms.

I recommend just sticking with your current settings, perhaps using the new machine sometimes during the day to speed up your adaptation. Very small differences in how we "breathe with" a machine can be disruptive, and you are such a long-time user I suspect that goes double for you. It is also possible you are feeling a little bit of anxiety, which might be part of why you feel you're not getting enough air. But those issues will go away on their own with a bit of time, I predict.

An expert may come along with a different perspective, so let's see.

Next time you post a chart, by the way, you can leave out the AHI and mask pressure graphs. But please include the flow rate and flow limitations graphs. No need to redo this one, though.

Keep us posted, would you? I'm curious how the adaptation will go for you.
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RE: New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
Wordjoy, congrats on the new machine. The Airsense 10 is a very quiet machine. Your settings are 11.0 to 18.0 with EPR 3, and based on what I'm seeing, you could lower minimum pressure if you want. The use of EPR means your exhale pressure s lower, so in bilevel terms your pressure range is 11/8 to 18/15, but since your flow limitations are so minimal, the pressure only fluctuated by about 1-cm.

Part of the difference you are feeling may be the EPR, but you were using Smartflex with your former machine. If you want to see how that really works, take a look at a zoomed in segment of your Mask Pressure chart compared to the Flow Rate. It is the smooth transitions and delivery of air that makes it so comfortable once you adapt.
Apnea Board Moderator

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RE: New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
Thanks for the suggestions.  Smile
If I lower my pressure I feel like I can't get air.  

I think I am a "fast inhaler..." if that's a thing.  When it was at 10 inhaling it felt like I couldn't fill my lungs without extra effort.

The ramp setting felt like I was breathing through a bed pillow.

First time since the VERY first CPAP I have ever felt uncomfortable with a machine. 
I took to it very fast and have maybe missed 3 nights in 15 years.

Last night, 11 was the lowest setting I could get to sleep with last night. 

Maybe I need to lie to the machine about my mask type and it will give me more air?
I suspect the pressure is fine, but I want more flow at least before I am asleep.
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RE: New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
My experience with a DV54 machine is that DV leans very strongly on Flow Limitations and uses different settings for the detected events and it was my experience that it gives higher AHI than ResMed.  

We can use examples of DV SD cards and would appreciate a copy of your DV SD card for OSCAR Testing and development.  We do not give the data to anyone for any reason.  

Put it in my dropbox if you are agreeable.  Thanks

Fred's DropBox Receive SD Cards

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RE: New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
Just gave sent you the card.

Its missing one-day last week otherwise about 140 days worth. I found a Smartlink II adapter with Bluetooth I was hoping would link my phone to my DV54.
But while I could pair, no support in the DVB App, and the next morning no data!!. Now with new machine, no reason to dink around with the adapter.  And it didn't record data that night.  So waisted cash on an experiment. 

have fun with the data.
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RE: New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
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RE: New Machine - Something feels off. but is it?
Figured it out.

Lie to the machine.
Changed Mask type from Pillow to Nasal.

Now Ramp 9
Pressure 10-18

Seems much more comfortable even with deep inhales.
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