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I finally figured out how to join this group of dedicated sleepers... took me about 6 attempts though.

I didn't know what Sleep Apnea was until around 2004 when my 84 year old father had to be hospitalized for colon cancer and surgery to remove a tumor. I stayed with my dad each night in his hospital room and on the first night, I noticed he started slurping and gasping for breath and had periods when he stopped breathing. I was pretty alarmed that night and when his surgeon came in the following morning, I mentioned it to him and that is when I first heard about sleep apnea.

Fast forward to 2012, after my own experience with cancer, my doctor ran me through a battery of tests. I passed through the stress test and in fact was told I had the heart of a 35 year old, and at the time of the test I was 60 (yee-haw, good news) but then during a sleep clinic, learned I had sleep apnea. The rest is history...

Wearing a mask didn't and continues not to bother me. I started wearing masks at an early age (Halloween Smile and flying at high altitudes needing supplemental oxygen. (I started flying lessons when I was 12). The sleep apnea mask however took some adjustment for my wife of 31 years (the most laid back person I know) and she has to put up with a sound generating machine I also have to have due to my background in the military and exposure to noise that has caused a severe level of tinnitus. So, I get to sleep with all this apparatus at my bed, which makes slumber time a tad more complicated than is was when I was a youngster...

Oh, I forgot to mention, soon after the diagnosis of cancer, I was diagnosed with MS (bummer) and although it has knocked me down a few flights of stairs, I still manage to walk about 6 miles per day and manage two goat ranches (actually "petting zoos" because I never sell any goats) and I also get to dodge an occasional rattle snake now and then, which keeps me "on my toes."

I don't reckon I know what else to say in my introduction except I have a mess of formerly homeless dogs on both ranches (that cruel people have disposed of in the country) and I also adopted a burro from Uncle Sam who was born in the wild near Green River, Utah. I named him Pablo, made friends with him by introducing him to peppermints... and now he thinks he is Gilligan and I am "The Skipper." If Pablo doesn't get his morning breath mint each day, he can be a real jack (arse) and thus I try to keep Pablo happy. (Have you ever smelled burro breath? It is worse than when I clean my CPAP with vinegar!)
I have a PhD from M.I.T.
Post hole Digger from Miller Implement & Tractor
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Welcome to the forum!!! We are glad you joined us!!! Welcome
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Hi Luke Warm,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You have an interesting story to tell and a GREAT attitude.
Best of luck to you.
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@ cbramsey & Trish6hundred...
Thanks... I forgot to add that Pablo exacerbates my apnea. Burros are fond of expelling gaseous vapors from either the front end or the rear end (and sometimes in mass syncro fore and aft at the same time) and when Pablo does this as I am in close proximity, I have found that I stop breathing for a very long and extended period, despite not being in bed. I think I'll coin a new name for this phenomenon and call it donkey apnea.
I just don't think my ResMed CPAP is durable enough to withstand the exposure though.
I have a PhD from M.I.T.
Post hole Digger from Miller Implement & Tractor
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Ah, another hosehead checks in...

Welcome Smile
*I* am not a DOCTOR or any type of Health Care Professional.  My thoughts/suggestions/ideas are strictly only my opinions.

"Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you. Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your Soul, the other for your Freedom."
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Welcome Luke Warm! Glad to have you here and your humor too Smile And hello to a fellow cancer survivor from another cancer survivor!
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(01-22-2014, 09:48 PM)ImaSurvivor Wrote: Welcome Luke Warm! Glad to have you here and your humor too Smile And hello to a fellow cancer survivor from another cancer survivor!

Thank you... And I love that name "ImaSurvivor"...

When I got hit with cancer, the resulting surgery worked for me. Then about a year later, I was slammed with MS and my wife says I have always had MS, but she clarified "Mostly Silly" and then, my doc says "well, add Sleep Apnea to your list of ailments."

I am dreading later this year when my doctor might say, "Well, Luke Warm - I'm sorry to tell you some really bad news... our tests confirm you have the cooties!" Last time I had the cooties was in 3rd grade. It was more traumatic than all three of my current ailments together, Sleep Apnea, Cancer and MS.

Third grade can be tough on a little fella.
I have a PhD from M.I.T.
Post hole Digger from Miller Implement & Tractor
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Thanks for your compliment on my username.

Your great sense of humor is a good thing to have and shows a good attitude especially when overcoming health issues. I have had cancer a couple of times. Not recurrence ... both different and unrelated and 10 years apart. I was fortunate enough that both were taken care of with surgery. This year marks 5 years since the last cancer. The sleep apnea is another bump in the road but like the surgeries for cancer, CPAP therapy is taking care of the apnea.

Best of luck to you with both your apnea therapy and treatment of MS. I have a couple of colleagues with MS. They are strong people with good attitudes and humor as well.
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