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New Quattro FX FFM user--Questions
I give up.
DME swapped out the Ultra Mirage II; supplied a 1st generation Ultra Mirage without telling me.
It's a trial mask; no money yet

It sucks! Leaks like crazy.
I give up.
Back to nasal masks. I'll work on preventing mouth breathng with chin straps and other stuff.
Cranky Old Hoser
Compliant for 18 years
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Hi DaveL,

"Today I found the clinician handbook for my S8 Elite II; They were afraid I might hurt myself, and kept it when the machine was delivered. "

Unless you have some kind of pre-existing condition, it's pretty hard to hurt yourself with a CPAP.
If the machine falls off the shelf and hits you in the head, I suppose that is an exception though.
CPAPs are limited to 20cm H2O pressure maximum. That will not even blow up a kid's toy balloon.

However: Inside your head is a bit delicate, you can make yourself real uncomfortable. You might think your going to blow your brains out or swallow a lot of air, but the pressure to do any real harm just isn't available.

First thing I am seeing though:
You need to take a baseball bat to your doc & DME.

You are going to have a lot more problems with the S8 Elite II since it is older equipment that has been superceded by the S9 series.
They likely issued you this so they could charge insurance full/inflated price and pocket $300 difference.

Suffice to say that on your current hardware you are flying blind.
If I were you I'd throw a bitch and insist they issue you an *S9 Autoset* No less. If they balk or give you a bunch of crap then change doctors & DME too. They are more interested in siphoning money from the system then taking care of your problems.

Once you get going with an S9 Autoset you can start collecting data every night, run SleepyHead software against the data and actually *SEE* what problems you are running into without having to spend 6 months bouncing through sleep studies.

We have a lot of Canadians in this group that can help you pull the right strings to get you what equipment you need.
They have been there and done that.

That way you wont have to call up your Biker buddies and get in trouble when they bust up these boneheads.

What say?


"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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Good news... I have had my S8 for 4 years.
I agree about the sleep doc.
Appreciate your comments. Have to go think...
Cranky Old Hoser
Compliant for 18 years
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I truly appreciate your comments.
Dr Inyoue .. sleep doc.. will only prescribe a cpap machine. My previous DME did bait and switch, and that's how I got the S8. Sleep doc only checks to see whether I wear it all every day.

I found out about bipap and auto pap on other forums. I have yet to change my pressure.

I go to my new DME for masks and to get my machine's stored data.

I am desperate to take control. I want to know how my treatment is going. Otherwise when it goes bad, I don't know.

Would an S9 cpap suffice?
Cranky Old Hoser
Compliant for 18 years
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Follow up...

Bought a mask identical to the one I used to use...ResMed nasal mask Mirage FX I believe.

Someone here, or another forum, talked about rigging a pad under their chin. It was reminiscent of the flask that St Bernard dogs are reported to have carried. Jam it tight enough under the chin, and the chin can't drop. Therefore the mouth stays closed.

Visited Mountain Equipment Coop and found this Pad...it's intend for baby backpack carriers.

Here's two photos (if I somehow figure out how to post)

skin side:

[Image: 8745522377_a4172e52ec_z.jpg]
_DSC0626 by blacktan92, on Flickr

back side, showing the strap I have within it. Sorry; my camera was challenged focusing on the black side...

[Image: 8745520559_c7657308f9_z.jpg]
_DSC0625 by blacktan92, on Flickr

I put the pad under my chin, pretty side towards my skin. Then I tighten the strap....to hold it in place.

I did this for a couple of nights, then had my ResMed S8 downloaded. Darn if it didn't work to prevent mouth leaks!

Cranky Old Hoser
Compliant for 18 years
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Downloaded my test results at the DME. Darn this is slick!
Works well for me.

Cranky Old Hoser
Compliant for 18 years
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In the time since I last posted, I have bought a used ResMed S9. I am having trouble setting it up.

I have so much to learn!

Cranky Old Hoser
Compliant for 18 years
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