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New - ResMed AirSense 10 & F10 for Her FFM
Okay, I'm new to the boards, and have searched and read... I'm also new to CPAP (APAP). I'm a mouth-breathing, side-sleeper. I'm using a ResMed F10 for Her full face mask with my ResMed AirSense 10 Auto-Pap. (Note: I was not actually sized for the mask, I am working on getting in to my DME to get properly sized).

I had a size Small mask, but it felt too large (the top was at the bridge of my nose, above my eyes, while the bottom was almost to the bottom of my face).. I moved to an XS, but I'm wondering if it's too small ... or if this just isnt the mask for me.

With the small, I was feeling small leaks around the edges of the mask (air in to my eyes, or along my cheeks), even when I was very careful to not tighten it too tight (or leave it too loose). As soon as I would start to relax completely to fall asleep, I'd get a fairly large leak along my cheeks, which would wake me up due to a startle response, and then I'd have to start the falling asleep process all over again..

With the XM, I'm not getting those leaks (as long as I have the mask on fairly snug - which causes pressure on my cheekbones), however, the area on the front of the mask where the "quick disconnects" are seems to be leaking immensely. It's loud, it's constant. The air does not seem to be getting to the mask itself - even though the machine is reporting it's at 10 continuously (APAP set for 6 to 10).
It's loud enough that I cannot sleep - so I've given up on using it until I can get in to my DME to talk to them about what is happening. I don't remember this being an issue with the small size.. I've checked and double checked and triple checked that everything is connected tightly (quick disconnects are fully seated, tube is secured to the mask, tube secured to the machine)..

"MyAir" is only reporting a leak of 1-2L/minute with the XS mask, but I feel like that cannot be correct.

I'm only mildly OSA (7 AHI during my 6 hour home sleep test), so I'm not terribly concerned that I'm not getting the full therapeutic benefit, however, I am concerned about compliance and getting adjusted to the mask and machine.

I'm hoping someone here has an idea, because I know I can't get in to the DME until Saturday (at the earliest, due to work), and it's only Thursday. I feel like I haven't slept since I started using the APAP, and I'm worn out and can't think straight!

I am going to download SleepyHead, but need to find the laptop that has the SD card reader first Wink (My work one does not)
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Hi Missyowhite!


Welcome to he wonderful world of CPAP. As you are learning, not everything is black and white with this therapy. I would recommend looking at other FFM models and by other manufacturers. Each one has a different dimension(shape) to allow for different face structures.

Within the FFM category, the 3 most popular seem to be (my opinion): Resmed F10, Quattro, and the F&P Simplus. These 3 are just the tip of the iceberg and you shouldn't exclude looking at others. I'm just trying to provide a starting point.

Luckily the hose connection size is a standard throughout the industry so you're not stuck with just one manufacturer.

Good luck in your search.
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(09-01-2016, 08:54 AM)Missyowhite Wrote: ...however, the area on the front of the mask where the "quick disconnects" are seems to be leaking immensely. It's loud, it's constant. The air does not seem to be getting to the mask itself...

The ring around where the elbow goes into the mask is the vent. It must flow air out to purge CO2 from the mask. Don't worry about that; it's supposed to "leak" there.


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My concern was with the volume that is "leaking" there. I know it's designed to leak quite a bit there to prevent re-breathing the air you've exhaled. I just don't recall it leaking that much or that loudly before.

... and couple that with the machine staying at 10 continuously and me not feeling any pressure/very very little pressure in the mask.

When I go to the DME on Saturday, I'm going to bring my machine with me. I want to hook it all up and show them what I'm referring to. I really don't like things touching my face, so I'm hoping they can help me get the F10 mask to work for me (that way I can avoid the forehead strap).
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Hi Missyowhite,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
The mask is the most challenging part of this therapy, so if you just can't get used to the one you're using now, don't be shy about asking to try different masks, there are many of them out there.
Good luck to you with your CPAP therapy and finding a mask that works well for you.
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I switched out to the Amara FFM and now I'm getting a good seal for most of the night.. About 4 to 6 hours in (depending on the night), I get small leaks around the mask edges, usually by my cheeks. I often have trouble "re-seating" the mask, so I wind up taking it off if I think I've hit 4 hours.

Any tips on why I may be getting the leaks hours after I've fallen asleep? I asked my husband if I'm moving in my sleep and he says I don't move at all... If it was relaxation-related, I would assume it would happen earlier in the night..
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