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New ResMed machine
Hi, I live in Australia and have recently purchased a new Airsense 10 machine from USA. ( Price difference is huge considering they are made in Aus!!) I had previously been renting exactly the same machine on a trial basis, and was so impressed with the results obtained I decided to purchase my own.
I have noticed with the new machine it is a little noisier than the rented machine. I can hear a slight motor noise that goes up and down with my breathing, which is a little annoying. It now sits on the floor instead of my bedside table. Also the display light is one color as opposed to two on the rented machine ( that doesn't worry me, it's just that it's supposed to be the same machine). Does anyone know if there should be a difference in the machines. ie made in a different factory, using different parts, different production run? Have I got a faulty machine?
Thanks for your forum. I have learnt heaps!

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In general, there seem to be differences in noise levels between different machines of the same model among ResMed and Philips machines.

Sometimes, it's a flaw, but sometimes, it just seems to be more noisy for unknown reasons. There is some "black magic" in noise from airflow, so it's not really clear why one machine is noisy and another isn't.

Check all the connections, the filters, etc. Make sure the humidifier is seated correctly and sealed up.
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Hi Backontrack,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you with your CPAP Therapy.
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Mine is very quiet and the display is multi-color sounds like a bad machine try calling who you got it from
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My Airsense 10 is noisier than the S9 loaner I had. Of course it was very quiet when I took it back to the DME to show them how noisy it was. I'm getting used to the noise though and I'm sleeping well with it now. If I keep a fan on in the bedroom while I sleep, I barely notice the CPAP noise. I've got the EPR set to 1 now as well and might just disable EPR altogether. The noise seemed to be a little more irritating when there was a higher pressure change between inhaling and exhaling.

The display is colour, but mostly just two colours, blue and grey. Every now and then, there's a bit of green or red as well.

Apparently the first four digits of the serial number tell where it was manufactured and the year it was manufactured. Mine starts with 2214, so it was manufactured in Australia in 2014 (23 is Singapore). Some people report that their Airsense 10 is very quiet. It might interesting to find out if the noisy machines come from the same place and/or time.
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Thanks for your quick replies.
My first 4 digits are 2314 so I guess it was manufactured in Singapore in 2014. The first thing I did was check all connections and filter etc. Everything seems to be good. I will email the supplier and see if he can shed some light on it.
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Mine was quiet, but has gotten much louder after a few months. Not super loud, but sort of a whirring Darth Vader sound as I breath... I have the 2314 sn as well.
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Hi Backontrack

I got two machines from US, both made in Australia 2014 and zero hours

Your machine sound faulty, they should send you a replacement and reimburse you for shipping the machine back

Have you purchased the machine from one of the suppliers from the "Suppliers List"

As for placing the machine on the floor, ResMed caution: "If you put the device on the floor, make sure the area is free from dust and clear of bedding, clothes or other objects that could block the air inlet or cover the power supply unit"

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I have had my Autoset 10 for about 8 weeks. I find when I first put on the mask the sound whirrs as if its breathing in and out with me. Later if I wake up during the night it just is a quiet whooshing with no breathing in and out sound. My screen is multi coloured. Same as the ResSleep rental.

I actually didn't find the USA much cheaper once you factored in the $350 loaner fee that went to a purchase, the shipping and exchange rate. With a local purchase you get he local warranty which covers the greater ~ $200 expense vs the US.
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AirSense 10 AutoSet and heated hose plus shipping work out about US $950 from Supplier #2 = just under Au $1200 - saving about AU $1000 if the same machine bought in Australia ... nothing to sneeze at

There is more saving $$$ to be had if one opt for S9 AutoSet or PRS1 Auto 560, both are excellent machines choices

Of course you get the extra warranty and the support of your local store but that comes with hefty price tag, especially when time comes to purchase a new mask, mask cushion replacement, or some other supplies

As for support, I get all the support I need from this "support group" which is the most important part in my CPAP journey
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