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RE: New User
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions, folks!

Last night was the best so far regarding comfort.  Minimal itching under the mask and I only remember waking up twice to slightly adjust the mask - it seems to migrate slowly toward my forehead and that causes small leaks on my eyes.  One thing you may notice - 11.5 hours.  I tend to sleep in on my Fridays (long weekend for turkey day), but 11.5 is long even for me.

I'm a little torn on making adjustments so soon.  I have a follow-up appointment on the 2nd with my sleep doc.  I figure as long as the numbers are good, she shouldn't care, though.  There's a legitimate reason to increase the pressure at this point- No reason to think she wouldn't do the same when she sees my data.

I have some FSA to burn before I lose it on CY rollover, so I think I'll take some of the advice and buy a set of nasal pillows.  Learning to sleep without opening my mouth will be an experience.  I see some folks suggesting a rolled up towel or foam collar, so there are more than a few solutions for the problem (my boss sleeps with his fist jammed under his jaw).  I've been trying to focus on keeping my mouth closed as much as possible just because of cotton mouth.  The tongue suction thing works for a bit, but it seems to promote salivation for me and that tends to break the suction.  Does that go away after a while?

Ajack - yeah bridge of the nose is where it's sorest. I'll take a look at your videos and if nothing else, like I said, I might try nasal pillows.

Thanks again for all your help.
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RE: New User
Hi enlyghten,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck with CPAP therapy and also with finding a mask that you like, that's the hardest part of this whole thing. It sounds like you are off to a pretty good start, keep up the good work.
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RE: New User
I'm a newb, but have accumulated 2 masks, a Resmed P10 and an F10. (I did an exchange with the DME and they never asked for the old one back.) I must say, I like having two different masks. The P10 was too leaky for me to use at night, but I love it for naps, when my pressure tends to run lower, and I don't breathe very much through my mouth. It's also great when my nose is stuffy, or if I am coughing. But the FFM has been much more reliable for me at night.

On the F20, you might want to try the alternate interface. It comes in a memory foam version and a silicone version. You only have to get a new pillow, not a new frame or headgear. They fit very differently and have totally different feels. Look up threads here on the F20 to get ideas about issues.

Yes, getting an itch under the mask is the absolute worst! Maybe I'll start using a dot of benadryl gel to dispel the temptation to reach in and give it a scratch. Even a little lotion on the spot (provided it's not in contact with the mask in any way) might change the dynamic and make the itch spot behave.
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RE: New User
So last night was again the best night so far.  I woke up exactly once with an itch (I assume that's the leak spike at 0533).  Leak rate went up slightly but there was no time over the leak limit for the first time.  The numbers seem unequivocal.  

I think my face is toughening up, too.  I no longer wake up with the bridge of my nose feeling like it has windburn.  There's still red marks, but I figure they'll go away or they won't and I've already decided to try nasal pillows.

I tried the rolled up towel under my chin last night and I didn't wake up even once with drymouth.  My wife said the mask had less condensation in it as well, which makes sense.  I didn't think it would work that well, but the results speak for themselves.

I'm cautiously optimistic and it's in no small part thanks to you folks and your tips, suggestions, and encouragement.  You folks rock!  (Wow, I guess my mood is improving =P)

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