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New User, My condition did not improve much
New User, My condition did not improve much
Hello. I have been using CPAP for about 1.5 months.

At first I used a BMC machine for a few weeks, but since I was prescribed a ResMed machine by a doctor, I am using it now.
The feeling of waking up is not improved. Also, daytime sleepiness has not decreased.

Is there any way to improve it?

Note: I have seen this forum and tried using BreathRight and cervical color for these days.

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RE: New User, My condition did not improve much
I can't help you with the charts that you posted, but I can tell you I'm closing in on one year of being on SA therapy and a CPAP machine, and I'm still waiting to feel better. 

From what I understand, it simply takes others longer to start feeling better. I'm far away from wanting to give up, so I'm going to keep at it. 

All is going great for me, as far as no issues or problems. It's been pretty much a walk in the park, so to speak. I just wish that I felt better.  Oh-jeez
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RE: New User, My condition did not improve much
Hi phaedra. Welcome to Apnea Board.

The first thing obvious from your charts is that the maximum pressure is too low. You can see how the machine is going up to maximum pressure and staying there for long periods.

The second thing I see is that you have a fair number of central apnea. Do you know if these existed before you started using the machine (did they show up in your initial sleep study?) A lot of people get some central apneas when they start using cpap, but it goes away after a while. The fact you have these centrals indicates we need to be careful with any pressure adjustments. It might also help to turn the EPR (expiratory pressure relief) either off or down to 1.

Suggested changes:
  • Increase maximum pressure to 16
  • Increase minimum pressure to 6
  • Turn EPR off (or at least down to 1)
  • Reduce the ramp time as much as you can - preferably turn ramp off

Discuss these settings with your doctor, or try them for a few nights and see if things improve.
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RE: New User, My condition did not improve much
(08-12-2019, 01:12 AM)phaedra Wrote: The feeling of waking up is not improved. Also, daytime sleepiness has not decreased.

Is there any way to improve it?

Greetings phaedra and welcome to the forum.

I've been on my ResMed ASV machine for 11 months. I too, feel a little bit like Big Guy. But some days I feel like I have a lot of energy and want to take on the world. Other days I have to take a nap. So a mixed bag for me. But I am really certain that if I stop using my ASV that my health will go downhill. The reason I say this is because I have had a nasty cold a couple times now and couldn't use the mask for two nights each time. And I have noticed a decline in the way I felt. That "good" or maybe "better" feeling returned quickly when I resumed using my ASV.

One thing I noticed is that I seem to have a threshold of 6 hours on the machine. 6+ hours and I feel pretty good for the day. 5 hours and I'm OK.  4 hours or less and I feel I'm sorely missing out on the advantages of using it.  So I don't know if there is any way you can add even just one more hour per night and see if you have a breakthrough of feeling better. And, for me, it seemed to be about a month of regular use to really feel improvement.  So, my nightly goal is 6 hours.

Overall I do feel better, but have my moments of "why don't I feel better" too. But I also know that the ASV machine is what I absolutely need to treat my centrals and mixed apneas. I had a titration study with a ResMed VAuto and my AHI's were around 40. (Wrong machine for me.) With the ASV, I am around 2 to 5 average. I get an occasional 0, but that elusive number isn't important. What is important is that you get the right machine, the right mask, the right settings, and enough time each night. Kind of a magic combination of things for each individual, but once you are there, you won't want to stop treatment.

Please don't give up. And, do post any questions you have on this forum. There's a lot of years experience here and willing to share, help, and support in many ways.

Goodnight Sleep-on-pillow

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RE: New User, My condition did not improve much
Big Guy: 

Thank you for the reply. I realized I was impatient. Proceed with a leisurely treatment while expecting to improve.


I had a PSG diagnosis before prescribing the machine. There ware very few obstructive apneas(<1/hour), but there ware 20/hour hypopneas and  a few centrals.

Certainly the pressure seemed small and my doctor raised the pressure a little a week ago. The EPR function is uncomfortable and I can't fall asleep easily. In the future, if I am not familiar with this, consult a doctor.


As you say, I have 6 hour alarm clock and biological-random-alarm(my cat). I will try to use CPAP for as long as possible.

Thank you all! Have a good sleep.
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