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New User, chasing the numbers
(05-10-2016, 09:46 PM)robysue Wrote: Since you are using a very, very tight pressure range it's important to realize that the Search algorithm is limited to 1cm increases and 1cm decreases. It's also important to understand that if the machine increases the pressure in response to a cluster of events and the events don't clear up, there's nothing else the machine can do.

That I fully understand and knew that going into it. Thanks for all the clarification above! Due to my high level of fear of suffocating and claustrophobia I gave the machine a small window until I could adjust. I'm adjusting rather well so I plan to open it up a bit sooner than expected.

Question: Will keeping the machine in Auto do for full time use, or will there be a point where a person translates the results obtained from Auto into CPAP mode?

Part 2 question: In auto mode, over time will the machine always start at the lower pressure and titrate during the night, or will it learn and possibly start nights at higher pressure requiring me to use the ramp function more?
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Kmatch, I'll give this a try while waiting for Robysue to return. Auto works for some people very well to vary pressure according to their needs throughout the night in response to changes in body position, sleep stage and other factors. Auto reduces pressure when flow limitations, snores and other obstructive signals are absent, and some people find that more comfortable than full-time pressure needed to resolve apnea in the more difficult sleep stages and sleep positions. Others find the flow fluctuations disruptive and are more comfortable with CPAP. You will eventually discover your own preferences.

The Dreamstation Auto has three new features that were not present in previous generations, EZ-Start, Auto-Trial, and
Opti-Start. Previous machines offered a ramp that was set with a minimum pressure and time for ramp. The new features are a little smarter.

Auto-Trial (also available on CPAP Pro)
Delivers breath-by-breath auto-CPAP therapy for up to a total 30 days per patient Auto-Trial transitions to CPAP or CPAPCheck mode at end of Auto-Trial. So if your goal is CPAP, this is one way to get there.

This feature reduces the therapy pressure setting for the first few days of operation and gradually increases this setting until the prescription therapy pressure is reached. The initial pressure will be half of the prescription pressure, but no lower than 5 cmH2O. After each day of successful use (the session was greater than 4 hours), the therapy pressure will increase by 1 cmH2O until the prescription pressure is reached. From that point forward, the therapy device would operate in normal CPAP or CPAP-Check mode. If the patient has not reached their prescription pressure after 30 days of EZ-Start, then the therapy pressure will increase by 1 cmH2O per day until the prescription pressure is reached. You can enable or disable EZ-Start only if CPAP or CPAP-Check mode is enabled in the clinical menu.

This feature is only available in Auto mode and is enabled in the clinical menu. It uses the most recent therapy session to "learn" where your optimal pressure is, and it will start your pressure higher than your minimum pressure if needed, to start you closer to your optimal pressure (90%?).

Of all these features, IMO Opti-Start is the most interesting and useful. It's there if you want it, but you have to go into the clinical menu to enable it.
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Yep, I've looked at the Opti start option, but as a new car owner, I didn't want to get too far ahead of myself. It all goes back to the fears I have of having to pop my eyes back into socket after waking up, ya know, those little details... The EZ start was too low of a starting point to me as anything below 6 smothers me and I was uncertain of the max pressure if I had to input a 12 or higher to start at 6. I'm getting the hang of this thang, though. Thanks for the input!

I don't know if I've seen this answered. Maybe I read it, maybe I missed it, but does the Opti-start fire up at its learned average pressure once it "learns", or is it still an "on demand" thing? IOW, if I allow it to work in the 8-14 area, and it likes the 12 range, once it learns will it simply start-up at 12 each night, or always start low and work up as needed? Again... so far with much anything over 10 it's a serious ear popping thing that goes back to my rupturing both ear drums. NOT pleasant.
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Last night was the most comfortable so far. Here's a screenshot. I added tidal volume to it as I wake up sometimes with labored breathing and wanted to see where that fit in my sleep. The dead space around 2am was where I got up to get some nose spray as I'm hooked on Dristan and woke up a that time stuffy. I'll let these settings go for a while unless anyone sees something that needs attention. I don't like the snore numbers (vs 7, vs2 24) but as far as I know there's nothing I can do about that short of surgery as it does wake me up some including last night, and the throat closure can be rather harsh. I'm already a side sleeper as on my back the snoring has always been horrible. Any hints?    
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