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New User, first 3 days using AirSense 10 Autoset - any advice?
I was diagnosed with moderate OSA about 1 month ago.
Finally got my CPAP machine, after much worry.
Thought I was likely to get a "brick", but DME handed me A10 Autoset, so that was wonderful.

Here is my sleep study results:

I guess that this shows my AHI = 16.6 during the sleep study.
It was called moderate, but isn't it considered mild to moderate, compared to many sufferers?

During my first 3 days of CPAP use here are my results:

I am concerned that the results show Clear Airway apneas (aren't these the same as Central Apneas?)
These type apneas are a more serious condition than OSA, aren't they?
My original sleep study didn't mention any Clear Airway apneas.

1st day
Clear Airway apneas: 1.07/hr
OSA: .61/hr

2nd Day
Clear Airway apneas: .92/hr
OSA: 1.07/hr

3rd Day
Clear Airway apneas: 1.05/hr
OSA: .91/hr

My machine was set by DME to constant 12cm, as per prescription.
I thought that I would leave this alone, for the time being. See how I am doing. Also, don't know if DME or Dr. is monitoring my device. So don't want to p*** anyone off at the start.

I did change Essentials from Standard to Plus setting, not completely sure what this does, but I think it shows me more data?

Changed my ramp setting from 30 min. to Auto after the 2nd nite.
I know some say to turn off ramp, but I thought it might help me to fall asleep as I am getting used to CPAP.

Any thoughts or advice are appreciated, as I get accustomed to CPAP.
You folks are great.

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First, do not be concerned about the CA's. They are meaningless at this rate even if they are true CA's, which they probably are not. More likely they are of the "getting used to doing this stuff" variety and they will vanish in a few days.

Secondly, good job on your start! You're doing very well.

Just use your machine for a few more days then let's see how the results look.

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your results are perfect. stay with this. CA is what the machine scores the events that are occurring. you are right that you'll be "getting used to the therapy." The brain will also be getting used to it, and CAs may be part of it. The CAs nearly always drop off after days, weeks maybe for others who had worse apnea or had it for longer.

welcome, success and happiness we wish for you as you continue.


Dedicated to QALity sleep.
You'll note I am listed as an Advisory Member. I am honored to be listed as such. See the fine print - Advisory Members as a group provide advice and suggestions to Apnea Board administrators and staff concerning Apnea Board operation and administrative policies. Membership in the Advisory Member group should not be understood as in any way implying medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment.
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Thanks for alleviating my concerns for the CA's
I will just monitor them, if they are still present for some time, then
I will then bring them forward.

Thanks again
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Hi quaffin1,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Sounds like you are off to a good start.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Welcome and good luck with your continued therapy!
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Go to the Resmed website and sign up for "My Air". It will give you simplified feedback and help coach you into fixing problem areas.
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I'm a tad confused as to why you would be set to a constant pressure setting on an Autoset machine, regardless of your titration? Good luck though on your ongoing treatment.
Something unknown is doing we don't know what.
(Professor Sir Arthur Eddington, astrophysicist)
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Hello and welcome to the board. Like everyone pointed out your therapy is working well for you. Keep up with the therapy
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(03-20-2015, 05:42 AM)swaziman Wrote: I'm a tad confused as to why you would be set to a constant pressure setting on an Autoset machine, regardless of your titration? Good luck though on your ongoing treatment.

It kind of depends on whether the events are bunched or not. With an AHI of around 1, AutoSet is kind of useless unless the events happened to be bunched together.

My sleep center started me with a constant pressure on an S9 AutoSet for severe obstructive apnea where I was at 40-something events per hour. My pressure was 17. I've always seen great results and backed it down to 15-17 and then 14-17 AutoSet consulting with my nurse-practitioner. I have always had great results with AHI rarely above 1 and many nights of zero, 0.1, or 0.2. AutoSet almost never kicks in and I've never felt the need to try lowering the initial pressure a bit lower since I don't have a comfort problem.

In this case, we don't have the screen shot of the discrete events. If they're bunched, AutoSet might help a bit. 12 isn't a particularly high pressure setting and the original poster doesn't have comfort issues. If there is no bunching, AutoSet likely won't change the results.

I'd like to see the discrete Apnea events for several nights and the flow limitation data. How the machine classifies them. Their duration. Whether they're bunched. That would show immediately if there would be any benefit to enabling the AutoSet feature. Most likely, it hardly matters.

I'd also ask the original poster if they're a mouth breather where they need a full face mask. I started with a nasal mask thinking I'd hate nasal pillows. The ResMed AirFit P10 advocates here convinced me to give nasal pillows a shot and I've never gone back to a mask. I sleep longer with the pillows and it's far more comfortable with less leaking issues.
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