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New at this
Ok, so I'm new at this. I've had the machine for two nights so far, about to go to bed now for the third night. I've got the DreamStation Auto CPAP, and a F&P Simplus full face mask, which seems to work for me because when I tried a nasal mask in the sleep study it just popped my mouth open.

So far, I've felt slightly more rested than usual for the last few days.

The mask is the second one I tried, the first being a nasal mask in the sleep study. It's... a thing on my face, which is annoying. I don't know if a different mask would be better, the DME supplier was not very helpful as far as letting me try anything else, they just gave me the mask I tried in the sleep study, but I've got a month to have them give me a different one. I don't see anything but a full face working for me, I didn't even try the ones that poke up your nose because those would drive me crazy.

I probably should have done this years ago, I don't even remember not being tired, and I think I've had a bit of improvement in that, though it's too soon to know if it's not just a placebo effect.

Anyway, hello. I don't know how active I'll be on the board, but thought I'd say hi.
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Welcome JonC! If you have felt rested in just a few days you are doing great! It took me about a month to sleep well, but then things smoothed out. Please do check in frequently--there is a wealth of information for those of us just starting out and you may be able to help others. You will get lots of information from this first post--I'll let others more experienced give you some tips about using software, etc.
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Hi Jon, welcome to the Apnea Board.

I'll offer a few bits of advice from someone with the same machine and mask. First, relax, accept it, and give it time. A month from now you will be waking up wondering if the mask is on your face and if the machine is on. You need to give your brain time to adapt to your new sleeping reality.

Second, it takes time to recover from having untreated sleep apnea. It takes longer for some people than others. Add this to the time needed to adjust and things can get better slowly. I am still struggling with waking multiple times during the night.

Finally, take charge of your therapy. Most of the doctors and equipment providers are satisfied if you use the machine regularly and have an AHI under 5. It can get a lot better than that. Download SleepyHead (link at top of page) and start looking at your data in-depth. It will take a while to learn what things mean but you can finds lots of help here and in the Wiki.
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Hi JonC,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It sounds like you are off to a good start.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Ok, it's been a couple weeks now. I've had a few maybe minor issues, like I've apparently learned how to take off the mask and turn off the machine in my sleep, I've done that twice now. My AHI is all over the place, from 0.2 to 6.3. Interestingly, I've felt more rested on the days when it's been higher. I'm not getting as much sleep as I should, last night I managed 8 hours, but I've had several nights with just barely over 4. I'm frequently waking in the middle of the night, which has not been the pattern in the past.

Is there a full face mask that seals better around the eyes? I tend to be a moving sleeper, and sometimes a leak blowing in my eyes wakes me. I've seen the Amara View, it looks like it would solve the eye problem and let me scratch my nose, but the DME therapist said it's not good for people who move around. I'm considering insisting on them letting me try it.
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There are some tricks to using the Simplus. First the bottom straps are the major leak adjustment traps. The top nose straps are better used for location and are usually kept loose. If you tighten them leaks near the eyes is likely. Over tightening is a common problem with this mask. You need to allow the silicon seal room to move when the mask is pressurized. This is usually done by starting the CPAP and then lightly pulling the mask away from the face and letting the seals to expand, then release it.

Mask size can be another consideration. I'm at a break point in size between the medium and large Simplus. The medium seemed to be correct but hit on my facial pressure points causing discomfort. This would make me try to adjust it, causing leakage problems. I finally tried the large size and found heaven.

After all I just said, some masks just don't work on some people. That's why there are so many different ones being offered.

Good luck in your search.
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DME's, although well meaning, don't always give good advice. Insist on a different mask to try, and do it before the 30 days is up.

Having air blow in your eyes is not good. You will start to have problems with your eyes, like constant redness and dryness.

Once you get 8 posts, please post us some data. Your AHI isn't too bad for just starting out, but all depends on the breakdown of your apneas.
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I use the Amara View and sleep on both my sides, shifting during the night probable a couple of times each night. I use a cut-away cpap pillow, so I'm not mashing the mask into the pillow. I find it to be the most comfortable mask I have used, once properly adjusted. It's easy to make it too tight. The one quirk I noticed is that although their mask fit template says I should use a medium size, the therapist suggested (and I confirmed) that the small size worked better for me, with less leaks around my nose.

What OpalRose said about DMEs also applies to individual therapists at the DME.
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Yep to all of the above. I started with the SimPlus and while I could get it adjusted, it did tend to leak on the bridge of my nose. I found that once set, pulling it down towards my chin helped with that.

I switched to the Amara View and am not going back. Has some tricks to get is set right, but works fine up to 14cm. I move A LOT and have no problems with it, standard pillow cervical foam type, so not too bulky.

Tried the P10 but I have problems exhaling into pressure so no joy with that.
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I'll also add that it is possible to have it too loose. I had a lot of leak problems around the bridge of my nose until I tightened the top and bottom straps a bit. Now if I get any leaks, I can press on the seal a bit and they go away.
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