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New guy here
*Do* they look at details, or merely compliance? And patient health at the end? Wondering....
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◾A copy of the cumulative annual PAP device report which shows actual time used (rather than a report typically generated for insurance providers which only shows if use is greater or less than 4 hours). Target goal should show use for at least 75% of sleep periods and an average minimum of 6 hours use per sleep period.
◾For persons with an established diagnosis of OSA who do not have a recording CPAP, a one year exception will be allowed to provide a personal statement that they regularly use CPAP and before each shift when performing flight or safety duties.

This is straight from the FAA website
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The data transmitted by the machine is pretty limited, and saves you time compared to pulling a SD card. It's easy to disable the modem if you want, including putting it in Airplane mode. I don't think this is anything to fear, but you can stop the data if you want.
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Yeah after looking at it I ended up registering it. I am cautiously optimistic about this process. This dreamWear mask doesn't seem too bad. Fingers crossed.
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I think you will find the "3rd party" involved will only be the Govt. body/organisation/company that requires you to be "compliant" for their protocols.

For me it is the Motor Registration department that controls driver licencing and licence endorsements that have a compliance regulations in place for assorted medical conditions that may affect a person's ability to drive a particular class of vehicle.

In Australia the requirement is minimum 4 hours of CPAP use per night/day - minimum 80% of days per month [25 nights out of 31] - maximum AHI of 5.0 to retain a commercial heavy vehicle endorsement or professional driver [taxi-hire car-passenger bus].

My data is downloaded by the clinic that did my initial testing and provided the Dreamstation I ultimately purchased.
The data is forwarded to my respiratory specialist for review, currently on a 6 monthly review schedule with him.
Once a year he will be required to submit a summary letter to the RMS [motor registration dept.] stating if I am still compliant to the standards required to keep my HC- semi trailer endorsement.

So having a *3rd party* involved is unavoidable, though the data they receive is far less than the clinic and the specialist have access to.

And for anyone other than your personal GP and specialist/s to have access to your detailed medical information and results requires written consent signed by you before they can legally have copies of it.
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well the first 2 night have been interesting. my ahi is down to 1.5-1.2, but am only asleep for 3-4 hours a night! how do you all get to sleep with this thing on your head!?

I hope I get used to this :-\
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Believe me, there will come a day when you will wake up in the morning and wonder if your machine is even running and reach up to see if your mask is still on. Smile

Keep up the good work! You will get used to it, it just takes some time.

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It will get easier. Once you have some meaningful statistics, narrowing down the pressure range will help.
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(10-08-2016, 08:18 AM)duece12345 Wrote: well the first 2 night have been interesting. my ahi is down to 1.5-1.2, but am only asleep for 3-4 hours a night! how do you all get to sleep with this thing on your head!?

I hope I get used to this :-\

The key is persistence. You will get used to it if you keep at it. The human body is amazingly adaptable.
Ed Seedhouse

The above is my opinion.  It is just possible that I may, occasionally, be mistaken.

I am neither a Doctor, nor any other kind of medical professional.

Everything put together sooner or later falls apart.
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well in 4 short days, I have got to the point that I can sleep with the mask on. I am getting good number on SH (I think). Every morning I wake up with an AWFUL sinus/forehead headache. At least 10x worse than pre-cpap. One of the main reasons I went to the ENT/Sleep study was because I was getting pretty bad headaches. Help
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