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New guy here
here are numbers from last night.
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Wow, you are getting good results with incredibly low pressure. Your machine is set wide-open starting at 4-cm, and your average pressure is 6.0. You are using EPR (exhale pressure relief) which provides IPAP pressure minus 3-cm with a minimum of 4. So this is where we need to ask some questions. Normally I would recommend you set minimum pressure to 6.0. This would probably keep the machine from changing pressure much during the night, and should provide a more satisfying volume of air. Therapy-wise, you're fine, so just be aware a minimum pressure of 6 may be more comfortable, and would be appropriate if you want to try it.

For the sinus pain, I'd like to know what your humidification settings are, and whether you are using a heated climateline hose. I'm going to recommend you turn off auto climate control, and set the humidity to manual. This results in more moisture being delivered, more consistently at any given setting, which may provide some relief.
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Thanks for the detailed response. I have the humidity set to manual. 3 the first 2 nights and 4 the last 2 nights. I am going to try 5 tonight. I am using a regular hose, but have the climateline hose if you think that would help.

I can't change the pressure settings, correct? that's something the tech programmed in to the cpap when she delivered it.

Thanks. This truly is a great resource.
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You can change pressure settings, especially since you are self-titrating. Your pressure settings did not come out of a sleep study, but are just what the machine delivers by default. I had the same deal when I started long ago, and made changes to improve treatment and comfort.

Pressing the Home button and Control knob at the same time, enters clinical settings. You can then scroll through the settings and optimize things. EPR is a comfort setting, to decrease pressure on exhale and is patient settable. As long as you're comfortable, nothing needs to be done, but feel free to experiment a little at a time.
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Oh that is great. I'll mess with the pressure a bit to see if it helps
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Aside from the headache (I am fairly certain I am fighting a sinus infection, I am scheduled for sinus surgery next month). I am feeling very good these past few days. Best I have felt in a long time. I went for a run yesterday and felt awesome! The last two nights I have had zero obstructive apneas and 5-6 clearairway apneas. What would be the reason for that? CA are the same as centrals, right? I see that the machine doesn't increase pressure for a CA. I assume I am still getting air because of the positive pressure?

For those who care, I turned the humidity up to 5 and that helped a little bit with the morning headache.
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CA can usually be reduced by limiting EPR to a lower value. If you are using 3, cut it to 2 or 1 and see if it improves. Honestly, 5 to 6 CA are not a therapy concern and would result in an AHI well under 1, so if you're comfortable, do nothing. In addition to being "real", CA can be simply holding your breath as you move during the night, or just a normal pause in breathing as you transition sleep stage. During the day you probably pause breathing many more times as you focus on tasks, eat, drink and just spontaneously hold your breath.
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Say Duece .... when you have your sinus surgery, start another thread here (with a title about that, so I can find it!) and let us know how it goes. I'm being evaluated preparatory to discussing whether anything like that will benefit me. So I'd like to hear all the accounts I can find!
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I will. Slated for Nov 11th so ill post it.
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I am traveling and staying in a place that is cool. There is no way for me to adjust the temp. I woke up this morning with significant amount of condensation in my mask and hose. There was also condensation in the water tank. How do I prevent this? I am currently using a climateline hose.
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