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New guy here
Condensation will occur when the relative humidity exceeds the dew point...if you weren't a pilot I would have never said that. Smile

Decreasing the humidity setting, and/or increasing the heated hose in manual settings will solve the problem. Setting humidity and hose temperatures to auto will result in less humidity, but will also prevent condensation since the machine can detect relative humidity.
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You could also pin a small blanket around the hose, as a hose warmer. Or thread it through a few pairs of old knee sox (cutting a hole for it). Etc.
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Hahaha! Well played sir!

I will go to auto on the humidity and see if that helps.

Thanks again.
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BadgoodDeb made an excellent point. Check into "Snugglehose" These are fleece hose covers that not only prevent condensation, but are a lot more comfortable for you. It's a lot nicer to feel soft fleece rub your face than a plastic hose! The come in zipper models which are easier to remove and install for cleaning, or slip-on covers. I have used these tube covers on heated hoses ever since I started this, and wouldn't go without.
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Any advice on where to get a good chin strap? I keep waking up with air coming out my mouth and the chin strap that came with my mask isn't staying on properly. It is just one piece of cloth that doesn't stay put throughout the night.
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Thanks for the posts. If you're still around could you provide an update on how you're doing with therapy? I'm in a similar position in the states. I'm especially interested in how the compliance data reporting is going. Is the FAA good with SleepHead data reports?

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Sure thing. The compliance data is no big deal really. The FAA and military have become more lax on apnea since it has proven to be treatable with CPAP therapy. Prior to my annual FAA physical I go to the sleep doc and get the print out of my previous year data. The FAA AME needs to see 3 things to issue an SI class 1. 1) the CPAP therapy is working 2) use is at least 75% of sleep periods 3)sleep period avg is 6 hours or more of use. I use the CPAP every night and get at least 6 hers of use with it so compliance is a non event for me.

I went through all the same struggles as everyone else on this board as far as therapy is concerned. It is a long process to get acclimated to pressure breathing. I still have mild sinus cavity soreness from the CPAP that I am trying work out with settings. Overall I feel great. Life changing. It is a pain in the butt traveling with the machine on trips, but it is what it is. I had another sleep study done just to ensure I have apnea and I sure as heck do. In for the long haul now. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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Thanks for the update. Any idea if the FAA will except an SleepyHead data summary page for compliance? I'm guessing my first trip through will need the full work up from my Sleep Doctor.

I'm getting the compliance numbers each night but feel like garbage each morning. I'm not sure if I could take this show on the road an perform at the level I'll need to be at each day. How long did it take you?

Thanks again for your help.

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I have not tried the sleepyhead numbers with my AME, but I am fairly confident he would take them.

It takes a while.  Like everyone says on this board, finding what works for you is the hardest part.  Getting the correct pressures, mask, etc. Is nothing more than trial and error.  For me it took about 3 months.  It is east to get down but hang in there and stay with it.  not sure what company you work for, but it may be worth going on disability until you get it figured out.  I was out about a month, just sick time.
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(10-05-2016, 01:18 PM)duece12345 Wrote: I never thought of the data issue.  Do I get to choose where the data goes or does it go to a 3rd party that I have to contact/log on to extract the data?

As far as international/augmented ops, I don't intend to do that for a while, if ever.  I did enough of that in the military!  you bring up great points on that though.  Thanks.

You are going to have to demonstrate compliance, probably minimum of 6 hours nightly, 80% of the time.  No question about that so you will always need  fully data capable machine.  And since bouncing between machines may make that more difficult, you may want to use only one and carry it with you rather than having a second, dedicated travel machine.

But I damn sure would never have any of my data going to anyone automatically.  Ever.  Especially anyone that may share it with OKC without your specific knowledge of what is being shared, when it is being shared, and only with your full consent.  

You want that control yourself, with it recorded ONLY on a card.  Of course, it has to be fully disclosed, but you and your doctor need to control how, when and what is disclosed.  Sometimes it is HOW something is said, not WHAT is said.

I think I once posted a link re: CPAP supplied by AOPA that described the requirements.  I don't know if it was only for Class 3 medicals of it also applied to Class 1.  The link is at:


I assume that you are covered under a union contract.  If so, your union may also be able to help steer you in the right direction, particularly if they have loss of medical coverage.

Good luck - 

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