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New here and going to get a new maching
Night two went very well.... i tried to download sleepyhead into this computer and it did not work, i saw a drop down that said i did not have the right drivers for that program...but last night was night number 2 and it went very well.no problems at all with the machine...*smile* had a very restful night.
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What ever you choose in brand make sure you get one with data and get an auto machine. You will want these features. Data is really a good thing to have as you can get Sleepy Head software to keep tabs on how well therapy is working for you. I really like that feature in my machine and it is nice to have an auto adjusting machine as they can be set to a fixed pressure or they can be set to adjust to your needs. Other than that I would stay away from the cheap machines and get a ResMed or Philips machine. I would get the newest machine from Philips and if ResMed is your choice then the older ones are fine as well as the newer versions. I saved money purchasing mine from an online vendor. It was cheaper than buying from a medical supply house or DME due to the inflated costs and no insurance to deal with. Good Luck
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Third night , all is well, much improved sleep and feel rested.. i really do like my new machhine...*smile* and thanks to all for the help....
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Just finished night 4, very good night. very happy with this experience. feel rested. so far all is working well. *smile*
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Keep up the great work!
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Congrats on the positive results!
I am not a Medical professional and I don't play one on the internet.
Started CPAP Therapy April 5, 2016
I'd Rather Be Sleeping
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Good to hear you are settling in David.

I also have a Dreamstation, and use a Fisher & Paykel Eson nose mask [tried nose cushion... horrible experience for me.. and don't need full face as I'm not a "mouth breather"]

The Dreamstation is excellent, very user friendly, easy to fill the humidifier tank, easy to clean, easy to access the SD card for downloads to the computer, easy to change the air filter/s.

You will find a wealth of information within this Forum.

Don't make multiple changes to your settings at one time, give it a few days between changes, make changes in small steps.

Place the machine lower than your head/pillow height.

Hang the hose so it is higher that your head and comes back down to your mask, this helps reduce "rainout".. something you will find threads and comments on within the group.

I have my unit sitting on the floor beside the bed, on a nylon kitchen chopping board, not a good idea to sit them direct on carpet as the humidifier heater can get quite hot.

I created a "shelf" above mine by sliding another large kitchen chopping board under the edge of the mattress [love the nylon chopping boards, I use them for so many things they weren't designed for.. even on my motorbikes Laugh-a-lot ]
The shelf has a towel folded on it that I can sit the mask on and not worry if it is dripping condensation at the time, and the towel drops down to form a curtain to hide the bright light from the machine when I switch it off in the middle of the night to go for a 'wee walk'..
If you haven't already noticed, the light comes on each time you turn the machine on/off, and turns itself off after about 60 seconds.
If I need to get out of bed for some reason during a CPAP session I turn the machine off and disconnect the hose from the mask, rather than removing the mask, so I can walk around.. this saves trying to get the mask resealed and comfortable in the middle of a session.

[Image: 20160709_165558_resized_zps4clcvzpk.jpg]

Did you try to download Sleepyhead from the link at the top of this page? [right hand side just under the Apnea Board banner heading]
Perhaps try from there if you didn't the first time.
Someone on the forum will be able to point you in the right direction to get the correct drivers if your computer won't automatically download them.

And smilies are found in the box on the left hand side of the screen where you are creating a post or a comment..
Click on the [get more] box at the bottom of the smilies shown there, you will find some useful ones to express your frustration or delight at how things are going for you.
*smile* Smile

Makes a change to hear of someone enjoying the CPAP experience more than most of us did at the start.

Congrats Well-done

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