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New here... really scared.
(08-20-2015, 03:45 PM)Gogetah Wrote: I appreciate the kind words and suggestions I'm going to do w.e I have to do I just feel really young to have this and I feel like the only young person no offense to anyone that I'm mentioning age lol but I just figured I'd have these type of problems at a later age its just scary knowing j have this and I'll have it for the rest of my life some stories I've heard and read make it worse I feel like I will die in my sleep.

Hey Gogetah,

I'm 30 and was diagnosed earlier this year. It can be pretty rough to be told that you have a medical issue that you'll have to deal with potentially for the rest of your life—that feels like a much bigger burden if you are in your twenties or thirties than if you were diagnosed later in life.

I've only been in treatment for a month or so, and my CPAP compliance is pretty poor at the moment. I've only just started down the road to fixing this, but I can tell the difference when I've had a night of proper CPAP-ed sleep. Being able to focus during the day, being able to exercise more because I'm less tired, being able to read more, work more, go out and enjoy myself for longer.

Another thing to consider is that while sleep apnea and CPAP blows (literally), there are so many worse things. You could have diabetes and have the daily worry of insulin shots. You could have HIV and every time you get a cold or flu, think "this is it, the medication has stopped working, I'm screwed". Sleep apnoea is controllable and the only real downside is having to wear a goofy face mask.

As for the scariness of the mask to possible romantic/sexual partners? Make a joke about it. Make a joke about Bain from The Dark Knight or Immortan Joe from Mad Max. Explain sleep apnea to them, and if they are worried, point out that without it, your sleep will be a lot more disruptive to them. My sleep pre-CPAP was pretty disruptive to my partner: loud snoring, physical movements, talking in my sleep. My partner had to reposition me in bed while asleep to try and reduce the issues. Now there's just the white noise of the CPAP machine and a lot more peaceful nights.

And if someone can't get over the fact that you have a medical condition, you don't need that person in your life. Man's rejection is God's protection: if a small medical device and a mask is all it takes to cause someone to go running from you, you probably don't want them around long term—if they can't deal with a CPAP machine, they probably have poor judgement that will make a long term relationship infuriating.
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Dude don't be scared of the treatment. Be scared that you are literally dying every night when left untreated. If you're so self conscience of the machine then leave it hidden until bedtime. She either won't care or she'll call a cab. Either way a win! lol Tongue

All kidding aside I've seen an 8yo with OSA and used a CPAP. Don't worry about it, just hose up every night and you will feel so extraordinarily better! You'll be upset that you ever had these reservations.

One tip, wear the mask (no hose) for 20 or 30 minutes, or more, a day while you're awake to get your body used to it. I'd also turn off ramp up as it can make you feel as if you're suffocating as it keeps pressure low until you fall asleep.
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The night I took my sleep study was the first truly good nights sleep I'd ever had. I don't remember ever having any fear of anything about the study, but I consider CPAP to be A horrid solution to the problem but it is A solution. Put the mask on after you finish intimate event. I have used CPAP 4 25 years.
Love your family, treat your friend(s) well, and don't waste your time. Everything else is just so much BS. Sleep-well
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