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New here, saying hi :)
New here, saying hi :)
Good evening everyone!

I had a sleep study done back in November of 2019.  I saw my sleep Dr. on Dec 2nd and on Dec 5th I picked up my machine from a local sleep company. It's a Dream Station with a full mask that goes under my nose and over my mouth, it's pretty nice.  I started with the little mark that just goes under the nose but I didn't like the way it felt and switched.

My AHI on my first sleep test was 47.

I've used my machine everyday since Dec 5th and I must say, I don't have a headache 24/7 anymore nor do I require 2 naps a day.  I still get regular headaches and take 1 nap or no nap but there is definitely a difference.  Smile

I just completed my second sleep study to get better readings for setting up my machine but I don't think I even slept.  lol, weird bed, too hot, bad pillows, a million wires etc etc etc.

I live in Ontario (gov covers 75% of the machine) and I pay the rest which would be around $250 or so but I am on the Ontario Works program that covers the other 25% and gives me some basic money to buy supplies.  I wash my stuff 1/2 times a week in soapy water and it seems to be ok.

I've imported all my data in to the Oscar program because I like to have access to my information, its like when I go to the dentist I like to get a copy of my x-rays because well, idk.. I just like to have that stuff.

I have no idea what I am looking at and I would like to see if I can improve my settings and what not.

Now that you have my story, I was wondering what information I could share to help me understand what the machine is actually doing and doing for me.  Don't be afraid to be very specific on what information to share, like actually saying, click this button click this chart etc etc or showing me examples of what to post.

Thanks for reading.

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RE: New here, saying hi :)
Welcome to the forum Lance,

Look at the organize link in my signature, It walks you thru the important basic charts, That is what we typically need. Also, post copies of your sleep studies with your personal info redacted.
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RE: New here, saying hi :)
Here's a screen shot from Oscar and my results with my info redacted.

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RE: New here, saying hi :)
G'day Lance. Thanks for posting the Oscar chart and the study report.

One thing that I noted in the report was the very high sleep latency - you lay there for hours before sleep finally came. I can just picture it now: "Please get onto the strange, uncomfortable bed with the lumpy pillow. Now I'll just glue these five sensors to your scalp, and these three to your chest and this one to your eyebrow. A couple on your legs, plus a tight belt around your belly and another one round your chest. I'll wire all of these back to the machine. Almost forgot - this one goes up your nose! By the way that camera there will be watching you all night long. Now, just relax and sleep normally. Good night". Smile

Your Oscar chart looks very good. Just a couple of things I'd mention...
  1. You have a slight but persistent leak. This is not a problem unless it disturbs you by blowing in your eyes or making face farts or disturbs your partner.
  2. Your tidal volume, respiration rate and minute ventilation are all a bit on the high side. These generally go with your body size so that might not be a problem for you, but it's worth noting.

Quote: I was wondering what information I could share to help me understand what the machine is actually doing and doing for me.

The machine is doing an excellent job of keeping your severe sleep apnea under control within a pressure range that should be quite comfortable. There are no apneas recorded and a low rate of hypopneas. Flow limitations are pretty much nonexistent and snoring is likewise well controlled. So long as you're comfortable and feeling rested, I wouldn't change any of the settings for now.
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RE: New here, saying hi :)
I am definitely a heavy fellow so that would probably make.  I am trying to eat better and start exercising but it's hard.  The mask leak is mostly because when I wash my mask I fiddle with it to try and get the right fit again, I think I should just mark on the strap with a marker to set it the same every time I need to take it apart to wash it.

Yeah it was definitely hard to asleep in that weird environment for the test.  Some nights I put my head down, put the mask on hit the button and its morning just like the good old days.  Still tired you know but its a slow progress.

Getting my eating/diet under control to combat acid re flux and what not is starting to help out a lot with my sleep.
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