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New humidifiers gradually evaporating les water
that sucks

will that help keep my nose and mouth from drying up?
some morns are ok, others not so much, just a tad dry, not hurting parched, but not pleasant

was saving the good hose for this coming winter, thought I would need it more when it is cold

also there are 3 settings for hose, slim, the one I have on, and then standard and 3 foot, I am guessing standard, or will heated show up when the heated hose is connected?

so confusing, built in help explanation would help. guess I should look at the cd or dvd that cam with it, that may clear things up some.
hard to complain about things when being lazy and not doing your part to get informed

thanks for the help
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(04-06-2014, 05:20 PM)Bama Rambler Wrote: As new as your units are, they do have compensated humidification. The default is that's it's on even if you don't have the heated hose. You can turn it off but you have to do that in the clinician menu.

Can you tell me the heading for this default in the clinician menu?

I have read the menu several times and cannot find it.
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you will need to find out the magic button pushes to get to the main setup menu and change this setting, it is not in your user setting options

I know how to get to the main menu. I don't see any menu setting for humidity except for the manual setting, which I have set to maximum.

I don't see any menu section devoted to auto humidity setting.

Also, mask leaks and other variables are the same when evaporation was adequate.

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(04-06-2014, 01:13 PM)apnea711 Wrote: I purchased a new Respironics BiPap Auto Bi-Flex last fall to replace my BiPap Pro. Like my BiPap Pro, the humidifier emptied the water tank in 8 hours of sleep when I set it on 5, the highest humidity level.
Since you are using a new PR BiPAP Auto, that means you are using a PR System One BiPAP. I assume your old machine was an M-Series.

Are you using a heated hose with your new BiPAP or not?

If you are NOT using a heated hose, then what you need to know is that the System One humidifiers have two "modes". The default mode is a Smart humidifier mode that adjusts how much humidity to put into the air based on the ambient room temperature and relative humidity. This is designed to minimize the chances of the user dealing with rainout issues. But it also means that less humidity is delivered than the old system.

But there is also an option to turn the System One humidifier to a "Classic" Mode, where the humidifier acts much more like the M-Series humidifier. So the first thing you should try is changing the humidifier mode from Smart (the default) to Classic and then using C5 as the humidifier setting. You may need to get into the clinical menu to change the mode of the humidifier.

If you ARE using the heated hose, then you need to understand that setting the humidifier on 3 will mean that the humidifier will keep the relative humidity of the heated air at 90%. If that's not enough humidity, then you may need to go back to an unheated hose so that you can switch the humidity mode to "Classic"
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You and apnea711 have different machines and the humidity system on the Resmed S9 is NOT like the humidity system for the PR System One.

(04-06-2014, 06:32 PM)space45 Wrote: all I have is the rain drop, and is far as I know it is set to auto.
no % anything and no temp adjust as well. I poked at it for some time trying to change to temp or something other them 1 to 6 with only the rain drop.
Quote:how do I set it to % humidity? or even setting the temp?
I am lost
Quote:well I just went and tried every thing I can think of and it will only show the rain drop and I can only set it from off to 6, I set it to patient and to manual and no difference at all, [b]it has the slim line hose on[/b[, does it need the heated hose for any of the other setting to show up? I should be able to set % humidity and temp, all I get is this off to 6 thing and a rain drop showing, not happy right now.
If you have a SlimLine hose or a standard hose, you can't set the temperature nor can you select a relative humidity. You need the heated hose before you can control the temperature.

Since you just have an unheated hose (a SlimLine or a standard hose), then you can only able adjust the humidity from 0.0 to 6.0 in 0.5 increments. There are no units for this setting, all it means is that 0.0 turns the heater in the humidifier OFF, and you are running in so-called "passover" mode. The 6.0 setting provides for maximum heat under the water tank and that will result in maximum added humidification. There is NO information in the clinical manual about just how much additional humidification a 6.0 setting is likely to add.

If you put a ClimateLine hose on your machine, then chances are the ClimateControl setting will switch to AUTO and you will be ablo to select a temperature and the humidifier will keep the relative humidity at 80%. Under the S9 ClimateControl system you cannot choose the relative humidity. (On the PR System One Series 60 machines with the optional heated tube, you CAN choose between 70%, 80%, and 90% relative humidity.)

If the AUTO setting of 80% relative humidity is not enough, you can try turning ClimateControl to OFF which then allows you to independently control the temperature and the humidity. But the max humidity setting remains 6.0. So if that's not enough humidity now, it may not be enough with a ClimateLine hose.

(04-06-2014, 06:19 PM)zonk Wrote:
(04-06-2014, 02:23 PM)space45 Wrote: it has 3 settings for the humidifier, it is on auto now, but has a manual and patient setting as well. not sure what the dif is.
I think you must be looking at the Climate Control setting in the Clinical set up menu. If so:
  • Climate Control = Auto means that the machine will turn Climate Control ON if a ClimateLine hose is attached to the machine and the patient will be able to choose the temperature, while the relative humidity will be kept at 80%. If the hose is just a SlimLine, then Climate Control will be turned OFF and the user will be able to select select a humidifier setting, but (obviously) not a temperature setting.
  • Climate Control = Manual means that Climate Control will be OFF/MANUAL regardless of whether there is a ClimateLine hose is attached or not. If a ClimateLine hose is used, the user will have to select both a humidity setting (0.0 to 6.0) and a tempertature. But the humidity setting is not something that translates to a fixed relative humidity as near as I can tell.
  • Climate Control = Patient means that the patient can choose between AUTO and MANUAL from the Patient Set Up menu. In other words, when Climate Control = Patient in the clinical menu, you can completely control Climate Control without having to go into the clinical menu.

An important note: If you are using a SlimLine (unheated) hose, the Climate Control setting doesn't make any difference: All you can do is select the humidifier setting.

(04-06-2014, 07:23 PM)space45 Wrote: that sucks

will that (using a Climate Line hose) help keep my nose and mouth from drying up?
some morns are ok, others not so much, just a tad dry, not hurting parched, but not pleasant
Maybe, maybe not. It depends on whether you are doing a lot of mouth breathing.

The thing is: Even at maximum humidification levels, the purpose of the heated humidifier is to keep the nasal membranes properly moist. The heated humidifier usually just can't keep up with adding enough moisture to the air to keep the whole mouth hydrated if you're doing a lot of mouth breathing---which, even with a FFM, increases the airflow through the mouth a lot relative to "no mouth breathing."

[quoted]also there are 3 settings for hose, slim, the one I have on, and then standard and 3 foot, I am guessing standard, or will heated show up when the heated hose is connected?[/quote] If you put a Climate Line on the machine, it will automatically adjust to the fact that you have the heated hose attached.

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(04-06-2014, 10:04 PM)robysue Wrote:
(04-06-2014, 06:19 PM)zonk Wrote:
(04-06-2014, 02:23 PM)space45 Wrote: it has 3 settings for the humidifier, it is on auto now, but has a manual and patient setting as well. not sure what the dif is.
What zonk doing here ... poor chap Too-funny

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thanks robysue, that was of great help

I now know more about setting up and use of my machine. that was very nice of you to help me out like that

thanks again
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I finally figured out the problem with the drop in humidity and evaporation.

To set the evaporation and humidity level on my machine, you have to enter the setting you want in two menus--the clinician and patient menus. I overlooked the patient menu, which was set to 1, while I had set the clinician menu to 3, the highest. Now that I have also set the patient menu to 3, the tank is empty in the morning.
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