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New member - hello
I have a prescription for cpap, and have written a list of a few nasal and pillows I'd like to check out. Waiting for the DME to call and schedule... one step closer to hopefully feeling better!
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I've used CPAP for four nights now and after changing chin straps my leak rate is much better and I am waking up feeling more rested. So far, so good! I've used it each night for the entire night and have fallen asleep without problem. Most of my apneas are central and they are getting less frequent (slightly) each night. I'll upload some Sleepyhead grahps in a few days and ask for help in interpreting them. The nasal pillow really makes CPAP more comfortable than I had expected.
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As another new member welcome. I am a new member but a CPAP user for 10 years +/-. My first DME supplier did send a RP and I received a good fitting, good instructions etc.

After that, there have been company buyouts and insurance changes and I am now on my fourth and worst DME supplier. I believe you will be happy with the help and resources you will find at Apnea Board Forum. I have used a CPAP machine every night, all night, with very few exceptions although a few years ago, due to Medicare issues, I was denied supplemental O2 for about two years. Finally got that straightened out.

Having used several masks (full face) there does not appear to be a totally satisfactory one out there.[/font][/size]
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Is it common to use supplemental oxygen with CPAP therapy? I would think that would be a commonplace thing. I have wondered why it is not standard. Any ideas?
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Not sure if it is common. Maybe we need a poll... Oh where is the exalted ruler of polls? For others, xPAP usage exchanges enough gases that supplemental O2 is not needed.

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

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(08-09-2015, 12:53 PM)SleepSailor Wrote: Is it common to use supplemental oxygen with CPAP therapy? I would think that would be a commonplace thing. I have wondered why it is not standard. Any ideas?

I don't know if it's common, though I use it. Supplemental oxygen should not be necessary for obstructive apnea - opening up the airway should be enough to give you enough oxygen.

For "central" apnea there seem to be two common therapies, once being what are called ASV machines ("Adaptive Servo Ventilation") which blow air into your lungs during a central. This has the advantage, if it works, of only requiring one machine.

The other is supplemental oxygen. With more oxygen coming into your lungs there will be more in your blood, and when that is used by your body to "burn" fuel there will be more CO2 as a by product of that burning in your blood, and this should stimulate the breathing center of your brain.

But supplemental oxygen requires another machine added into the mix and complicates things. You can travel with an ASV machine but lugging an oxygen concentrater around is a daunting task, at least if they are all as big as the one I have. They are also rather noisy judging by the one I have.

Which is best for you depends on the nature of your apnea. If you have bad COPD an ASV might not be able to pump enough air to fully oxygenate your blood so supplemental O2 might be required. Also home ASV machines are rather new and perhaps not all doctors trust them yet.

As to why supplemental O2 might be a bad idea, too much of anything is bad by definition, and you can have too much O2 in your lungs. I understand that this can cause damage.

This is how I understand things - anyone who knows better is welcome to correct me.
Ed Seedhouse

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(08-09-2015, 12:53 PM)SleepSailor Wrote: Is it common to use supplemental oxygen with CPAP therapy? I would think that would be a commonplace thing. I have wondered why it is not standard. Any ideas?

From an RT standpoint, I would not think it common unless your O2 saturation was below whatever threshold the insurance company set. Typically, CPAP will correct your hypoxia if it is associated with obstructive sleep apnea. On my home sleep screen, my O2 sat did drop briefly into the mid 80's and it was a little concerning for me to see that. During my CPAP titration my O2 sat never dropped. I've only been on CPAP now for four or five nights but I highly doubt that my O2 sat is dropping and I am already feeling quite a bit better in the morning than I have for the last year. I'm not at all worried about my O2 sat. But, if I were concerned I would look at the results of my titration study to see if there were drops while wearing CPAP or look for a oximiter rental perhaps. When I worked as an RT three or so years ago the threshold for home O2 was around 89% with some other criteria.

I'm no longer working as a Respiratory Therapist but hopefully this helps answer your question.

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Thank you for the very helpful replies. I have been using an APAP for 9 days now and life is better. I am just trying to get used to it.

Thanks and Sleep-well
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Hi to our newest member!

The RT tech used a full face mask during my first sleep study, so that's what they gave when I got my first BiPAP (and what I've used ever since). I didn't even know there were other options until I started coming here.

"Patient instruction" indeed!

Good thing I'm not claustrophobic. Donning a filtered air SCBA when I was taking FFI (First series of classes for firefighters) was not hard for me at all. Making my way through the smoky, flaming maze was a bit scary, even though I knew they (probably) wouldn't let me burn to a crisp.

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