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New member questions
(09-02-2012, 07:59 PM)Sandman Wrote: The way they have me set up is a 2 month trial with a new rental unit and if it works, than the insurance will purchase it for me.
S9 AutoSet is an awesome machine. You've to make sure they give you S9 AutoSet after the rental period.
I would ask the doctor to change the setting to auto just in case they don,t come at the end of the rental period and say that you have been treated adequately with straight pressure and give you S9 Elite or S9 Escape which is Not good enough Thinking-about

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(09-02-2012, 09:52 PM)Sandman Wrote: Thanks all! As for the mask, I tried a full face and a nasal mask during the study. I did some research on line about the nasal pillow masks. The supplier said I could exchange if I didn't like it, but I'm happy with it so far. I figured out I don't care what's on my face if I'm actually asleep!

That's the right attitude!

I hear so often that how they look is more important than how much longer they will live.

"What will my bed partner think?" - That you care enough about yourself to take care of yourself, that's what!

"He/She will laugh at me." - Probably. And laugh with them. I joke I look like a tea cup with a handle on my forehead.

"He/She will think it is ugly." - Probably, if they are that insensitive (or hypersensitive, depending on how you look at it). And if it remains beyond the first night, or if you get no encouragement, then it's time to evaluate the relationship. What is more important, the partner or your life? We're not talking about taking a bullet or dying in his/her place. We're talking about your life and the quality of it versus some idiot who holds appearance higher than your health.
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Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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Damn, 0.3 AHI! You're doing great.

I also see you are using ResScan and Sleepyhead softwares, and you haven't mentioned any issues with your treatment. Congratulations, it seems you've adapted great. Just like everyone else has said, wait until you get beyond the "compliance" period before you mess with your pressure settings. The convenience/comfort settings like EPR and humidifier, change as much as you want.

It is really great to hear of someone that had adapted so well. I'd say "Sleep Well," but you already are.
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Hi Sandman, GREAT to hear how well you're doing with CPAP therapy, CONTINUED SUCCESS.!
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Hi Sandman,
Thanks for the post! I will be starting cpap in the next few days and can't wait to feel better. How did you choose your supplier? Are they a national chain or a local business. I'm hoping to also get a S9, but two companies I spoke to so far said they will not supply one for me. I'm still looking. Thanks!
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Hi murf2499, I talked to my insurance provider and they gave me their preferred provider for the equipment. Haven't been all that impressed with them (calls not returned and felt talked down to a little). On the other hand, St Charles Sleep Study people have been amazing. Fast and accurate, felt like they really cared about me and getting the treatment right. I think I lucked out with them and the S9 AutoSet prescribed by my doctor. I don't really know about any of the other machines, I just know this one is working for me so far and I've only heard good things about it. If they try to take it away after my trial period like Zonk mentioned, there going to have to fight me for it! I just started treatment last Thursday and it had an immediate effect on me. I hope it goes as smoothly for you as well. It sounds like a lot of people go through 2 weeks to a month or more of adjustment. If that is the case, it is still well worth the effort. Good luck to you and thanks to all the knowledgeable people on this site.
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Thanks Sandman,
Did some telephone work yesterday and found someone who seem like they are a good supplier. Now just waiting for the script from the doc, hopefully today. I had my titration study last week and really felt good the next morning. That experience showed me just how muck I miss a good nights sleep. Looking forward to starting! Good luck!
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Hello Everyone! I have to ask a question that may be kind of silly. I struggle with insomnia and i have now been with the CPAP for a month now and have slept under 4 hours 3 times in this amount of time and the compliance is that for 2 months i use the machine 70% of the time, and i was told that meant at least 4 hours a night. Oh boy, i guess that means i better make sure i stay in bed hooked up this next month for 4 hours no matter what?
So sorry, i meant to start a new thread.
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"I had my titration study last week and really felt good the next morning. That experience showed me just how much I miss a good nights sleep." I felt the same way. I was really surprised I was able to sleep with all those wires attached to me and people watching me, but it was the best nights sleep I could remember to that point. I tried a nasal mask and a full faced mask during my study and preferred the full face mask at the time. When I picked up my equipment I decided to try the Swift fx nasal pillow. I also picked up a chin strap thinking I would have problems keeping my mouth closed. I haven't had to use the chin strap yet. For me, the nasal pillow system has been way more comfortable than the full face and nasal masks. I have had a couple of times when i have awoke feeling as though I had been leaking air out of my mouth but it seems as though it is getting better each day as I get used to the treatment. Seeing all these people on this site who have had long term success has helped a lot psychologically too.
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Jodiramm, I'm not sure, but I think you are ok if you have 70% of your days "compliant" so if you meet compliance threshold 21 out of 30 days in a month you should be good. If I'm wrong about this, please someone else comment!!!
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