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New: .spoR manipulation tool
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New: .spoR manipulation tool
Hi all,

I've just finished hacking together a .spoR manipulation tool. It is written in Python, is currently command-line only and doesn't support .SpO2 files — but that'd be easy to add if there was interest in it.

The tool features:
  • Ability to override the date/time stored within the recording, in case you forgot to (or can't) set the date/time in your oximeter. I've also discovered that the CMS SpO2 Review tool (v1.5) writes the wrong date in the file itself if you've left the tool open overnight, even though the filename gets the correct date.
  • The ability to trim null samples from the start and end of the recording (eg, you started recording before you put it on, or took it off before you stopped recording)
  • The ability to crop the recording: exclude data before X and after Y. This is particularly useful if your recording includes data from waking hours, when you only want sleeping hours data imported into SleepyHead.

Where samples are deleted, the tool is smart enough to update the stored start of recording timestamp so's to preserve synchronisation when the .spoR file is imported.

Even though it's a CLI tool, it shouldn't be all that difficult for non-techies to use with some step-by-step instructions. But if there's demand for it, we could think about adding a GUI. However, that raises issues for platform independence: currently, the tool requires nothing more than the standard Python distribution, which can be downloaded and installed freely and easily.

If there's any interest in it, I can make it available. I won't attach it here (yet), because I don't know what the rules are about distributing code or pasting links to such things.

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12-24-2015 02:32 PM
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RE: New: .spoR manipulation tool
Hi David,

I'm interested in what you've done. Can you tell me more?

03-28-2016 10:49 AM
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