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New to APNEA and few questions
RE: New to APNEA and few questions
Reading data on any of the programs is non-destructive to the data. Sleepyhead automatically creates backups on the computer hard disk. It does not write files to the SD card. Prior to inserting a SD card into a computer, it is recommended that you lock the card (makes it read-only) by moving the small lock lever on the side of the card down to the lock position. This prevents any files from being written or over written. Just be sure to unlock the card before inserting it back into the CPAP.
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RE: New to APNEA and few questions
(02-17-2015, 03:13 AM)TheManseHen Wrote:
(02-16-2015, 06:34 PM)PaytonA Wrote: centex99,
I have a beard and mustache. I have tried a number of masks and now use a full face mask. I will tell you that I have never had any leakage where the mask seal and the hair on my face intersect. I do not see the beard as a problem. I have had plenty of leakage problems but never due to the beard. My main problem was mouth leakage which the FFM solved for me.

Don't let the P10 preachers bother you. The P10 is a good mask. It is just not the only mask in the world.

Best Regards,


I am not a P10 Preacher and YOU admit you have tried many other masks BEFORE setting on a FF...all I'm wanting this young wippersnapper c-pap wise to know, is that the literature supports a higher rate of adapting and compliance not starting with a FF and folk don't stay with c-pap if they can't get comfortable. Whatever it takes!

We all agree we want folk to be successfully treated whatever that takes.

The Manse HEN.

Sorry HEN. That was meant to be tongue in cheek.

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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RE: New to APNEA and few questions
Um Paytona, I'm pretty sure putting your tongue in your cheek is a bad idea, have you spoken to the Doc about this?

I'm not offended, I figured as much, but didn't want our Newbie (she says 52 days into therapy) to think he was getting the riot act cause you said so. And FWIW, I think there are p10 preachers. What I have become though, fearfully, is a bit of an "apnea" preacher...cause I feel it is SO under diagnosed and suffers from PR problems. Even with all my imperfect therapy woes, I'm a million times better with the hose than without!

The Hen
Back in her cage!
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RE: New to APNEA and few questions
(02-16-2015, 04:09 PM)centex99 Wrote: Anyone else have any opinions of the 60 series vs the airsense 10?
Also, I'm not entirely sure how often I sleep with mouth open or not. Also I normally don't stay super clean shaven and let my beard/face grow for a few weeks then shave... Any particular full face masks this work ok with or will I have issues with all of them?

Hi centex99,
I use a PR 60 Series Auto CPAP and love the machine. I have never used the AirSence 10, but it seems to be popular. Whatever you get, just be sure you are getting a new machine, and you may need a heated hose.
As far as mask goes, it will be trial and error. I have always had nasal congestion and didn't think I could use the nasal pillow mask, but just the opposite! It will clear out congestion in no time. I also worried about mouth breathing, but there is a trick to that...if you place your tongue on roof of mouth behind front teeth, you block any air getting into throat. I have gotten to the point where now if I open my mouth, that I cannot feel air escaping. Still can't talk well with that mask on though...
Ha,ha. Husband likes that...I think he purposely asks me questions when he knows I can't answer! Good luck to you! Hope you've found a home here!
Apnea Board Moderator

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RE: New to APNEA and few questions
Thanks for all the advice/responses... My apointment is in an hour to get setup with equipment. I'm likely going to end up with airsense 10 + nasal pillow mask. I'm not sure yet on the "for her" version... it makes sense, but seems less manly lol.
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RE: New to APNEA and few questions
I am new also to this and I have the airsense 10 for her (not because of the girly look to it) because of the features it has. So far so good I have had 8 hours each night on the machine. I chose a full face mask because of my allergies, sinus structure and mouth breathing. I would try a nasal pillow if I thought I had any chance with it when I am sick with cold or allergies.
Drawbacks of full face mask there is more contact with your face which can cause more leakage and if you have skin irritation more surface to get irritated. I have to remove mask to take a drink of water and for some reason the side of my nose always itches when I put the mask on. I can't imagine what it will be like when I get sick and asthma flare with the full mask, coughing and sneezing ewwwww.

Benefit of full mask, I can breathe through my nose or my mouth or both during the night. I don't have to wear a chinstrap to keep my mouth closed which freaks me out as a mouth breather.

My AHI's are down below 5 and I think I am sleeping better but I am having these dead tired moments in the afternoon which looking on here looks fairly common, I hope that goes away fairly soon.

This is a great place to get support and get your questions answered.

My husband uses a nasal mask and has a machine that is over 10 years old, his skin gets irritated by the masks. He has a beard but it doesn't stop them from sealing.

Cindy lots-o-coffee
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RE: New to APNEA and few questions
You do need to see if the Resmed P10 will work for you. If it does, its the most unobtrusive mask out there. I initially started with a FFM (Resmed F10) and used it for 100+ days and had AHI and leaks under control. For me, the P10 worked perfectly from day 1. Since the contact area of nasal pillow mask is the least out of all options (nasal pillow < nasal mask < Full face Mask < Total Face Mask), its easiest to control leaks.

As someone starting out, you have 2 broad options:
1) Go FFM route, work every night to control leaks till you get comfortable. Then the cushion starts wearing off and leaks start creeping back in. And the leak control efforts restart.
2) Go Nasal Pillows. Learn to keep your mouth shut (by using a chinstrap OR learning to close the airway with your tongue).

So give P10 (or any other nasal pillow mask) a chance.

As Retired_Guy said in one of the threads - Resistance is Futile Smile

PRS1 Auto & Dreamstation Auto w/ P10 and straight pressure of 7cm. 
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RE: New to APNEA and few questions
so... I decided while there to get the 4her model... That means however, I now have to wait until next Thursday to start therapy since they had to order the unit vs in stock (normal airsense 10 autoset).
She says my insurance covers supplies at their recommended interval (6mo for headgear/mask combo, 1/2 cushions for full/nasal or pillows per month, 2 filters a month, 1 tube every 3, water chamber every 6 and chinstrap every 6.) She also mentioned they'd allow for 3mo at once. I may however call my insurance company to confirm/check if different/better.

However, getting the actual results from the DME today, it appears I have a overall AHI of 6 and a RDI fof 16. my % time of < 90% Sp02 was 0.2%, mean Sp02 was 94.8% and % time snoring > 30 dB was 42.3%
This was over two nights, though I don't know any more details. Note, the second night I had started to develop a cold and was sick for 3-4 days after.
Based upon this, should I cancel the order or do I really need to move forward with treatment with such a low reading?
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RE: New to APNEA and few questions
(02-18-2015, 10:07 AM)centex99 Wrote: Thanks for all the advice/responses... My apointment is in an hour to get setup with equipment. I'm likely going to end up with airsense 10 + nasal pillow mask. I'm not sure yet on the "for her" version... it makes sense, but seems less manly lol.

Just make sure you get a data capable machine. Since you probably have already gone to your appointment, if you got a brick, take it back before it is too late to do so. Ask to have a copy of your script if they give you any trouble. AND, I hope that you are not using apria or lincare.
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RE: New to APNEA and few questions
Its a local DME (Rem Sleep/hrsleep/total respiratory). Per my previous post, they ordered the for her version for me since my #s are so low I figured the extra RERA measurement would be beneficial, plus it does everything the airsense 10 does plus more, so seems stupid to not have the best since I pay the same.

Now, my only question is... do I truly need it. I have exceptional insurance, which covers 100% after my $250 deductible, but that means I'll be out the $250. I can afford that, but is it going to be beneficial or more trouble than its worth to use this machine with my fairly low #s.
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