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New to CPAP and having humidity and mask fit issues
Hi everyone,

I got my CPAP machine last Thursday, so I've used it exactly one week now. In that time, I have been pleasantly surprised by my ability to get used to it, but I have also had some nagging annoyances with equipment. I thought it would be helpful to get some advice, if anyone has had similar issues.

1. I get condensation buildup in my nasal pillows, and inhale it, which a)burns like crazy and b)wakes me up. I have the humidity set on 2 because 1 seemed a little dry, but the condensation issue comes up less frequently on 2 than it did on the higher settings. My climate control is at 81 F. Any ideas on how to stop the dripping?

2. I am having a lot of trouble with getting a comfortable fit with the nasal pillows. It either seems too tight (irritated skin, marks on my face) or too loose (air leaks that blow in my eye/make noise). I have reviewed the information on how to fit the mask, but can't find a happy middle ground. Any suggestions?

3. My machine didn't come with an SD card, so I have to get one before I can download my detailed data, but I am also mildly concerned that my AHI is still around 10-11 each night. I started out at 17 from sleep study and got down to 4 (I think) in the titration study. I still feel very tired all the time, but know that it may take some time to get into a new routine. I'm hoping the AHI level and sleepiness is just because I'm getting used to the machine, but I will know more as soon as I am able to download the data and review them. In the meantime, any feedback about the AHI would be helpful.

Thanks so much for being here! I was so grateful to find a forum with lots of answers to my questions and new information I hadn't even thought about!
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It sounds like you did not get a heated hose. Be sure to complain to your doctor about the condensation, and request that he add the heated hose to the prescription. Meanwhile, look around the interned for a CPAP hose cover. Most are soft fleece and some have a full-length zipper making them easy to put on. The hose cover acts as an insulator and prevents condensation. I use both a heated hose and a hose cover.

Pillows come in multiple sizes. If your supplier only provided one size, ask to try the next size larger pillow cushion.

Looking at the front of your machine, there is a plastic door on the left top side. That door should be able to be lifted from front, towards the back. There should be a card there. If not, ask your supplier why they took it.

Good to have you on board. Welcome.
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You have an AutoSet and using in constant pressure 15 as indicated in your profile, by utilize the auto titrate mode, the machine adjust the pressure between lower and upper pressure settings in response to events, sleeping position, etc ... The machine only increase pressure in response to obstructive events, snoring, flow limitation and no response to central events
I don't use nasal pillows but using the heated tubing in "Auto" eliminate rainout problem
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Hi shylock31,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I wish you good luck with your CPAP therapy.
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Hi Sleeprider,

Thanks for your suggestions. I wasn't able to respond yesterday, but I did see your post and tried a different size nasal pillow. I suspect I need the size I don't have, and will follow up with my DME. I do have a heated hose, but based on your comments, I turned it up a bit and no rain out last night. My provider showed me where the SD card goes, and specifically told me they do not use them, so none is provided. Since I'm renting the unit (?? my insurance only covers rental), they did not feel obligated to give me an SD card, as they get the data they need via wireless. I am happy to buy one that I can keep, even if the machine ever changes out.

I should be able to get the card this weekend and get some data downloads next week. Then I'll know more about what's going on with my AHI. For what it's worth, last night I recorded 4.7 AHI in just under 8 hours. So at least the numbers looked better!
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Hi Zonk,

Thanks for the information. I'm not sure exactly what you're suggesting as far as the pressure, but right now, I'm just trying to get used to the machine and don't want to make any changes until I have some data to help me know what's going on. As far as the auto setting for the hose, that was actually the worst rain out I experienced, so for whatever reason, it didn't work for me. Glad to hear it works for others, though!
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Hi Trish6hundred!

Thanks for the warm welcome. I am so grateful that this forum is here and there are so many helpful people willing to share their experiences and suggestions. I am looking forward to sleeping well and waking up feeling refreshed for the first time in my life... fingers crossed!
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