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New to CPAP and having issues
It appears that I cant stop getting a leaking mask and have only managed in two weeks to only use it for 2 days greater than 4 hours. I am using an S9Elite with climateline tubing and a quatrro fx mask. I cant seem to stop waking up to a leaking mask and end up shutting the unit of in 2hours. I dont know what im doing wrong its not the mask not being comfortable and i dont have runny nose. Sometimes i get stuffed up.
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(12-25-2012, 02:41 AM)vista101 Wrote: It appears that I cant stop getting a leaking mask and have only managed in two weeks to only use it for 2 days greater than 4 hours. I am using an S9Elite with climateline tubing and a quatrro fx mask. I cant seem to stop waking up to a leaking mask and end up shutting the unit of in 2hours. I dont know what im doing wrong its not the mask not being comfortable and i dont have runny nose. Sometimes i get stuffed up.

Hi vista101, welcome to the forum!

One possibility is your mask is too loose or the headgear straps are not symetrical in length, creating a big leak when pushed lightly to the side by your pillow or whatever.

The Mask Fit feature should be used to adjust the mask so it is tight enough so there are no leaks at your full normal pressure but not much tighter than that, and should be stable enough to withstand a little pushing from the side, as might happen if your position shifts a little while sleeping.

To turn ON the Mask Fit feature, put the mask on and start the machine as normal. Now push and hold the tall button about 3 seconds until the Mask Fit starts. A face will appear, red if leaks become too big or green if leaks are OK, and the pressure will rise to your maximum.

At high pressure, adjust the straps so the top straps are even in length (same on left and right sides) and tight enough to stop leaks but not much tighter than that. Same for bottom straps. It is important for the headgear straps to be same length on left side as on right side.

When the mask has been adjusted, you can turn off Mask Fit by pressing the tall button with a short push. Or, after 3 minutes I think it will automatically turn itself off and return to normal operation.

Personally, I like the Mirage Quattro full face mask. It gives me a great dial for fine adjustment for how much pressure is on the bridge of my nose. I find I need to adjust for minimal pressure on the bridge of my nose, which would allow bothersome leaks around the eyes if I did not use the Gecko soft gel nose protector.

I highly recommend the ResMed Gecko nasal pad for use with any full face mask. It is a super protector for the bridge of the nose and seals leaks around the eyes and nose, allowing leak-free fit without the mask being adjusted so tight that mask hurts bridge of the nose. Respironics has makes a similar nasal pad, but I haven't tried it yet.

Some insurances cover two new nasal pads monthly, but I can get 6 months use out of one Gecko. It is a soft gel pad which is easy to place in whatever shape I need. Can be washed with mild soap. To keep it clean when not in use, I save the clear plastic container it comes in and put it back in there each morning after washing and rinsing well.

Take care,
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Hi vista101, WELCOME! to the forum.!
I'm sorry you are having such a rough time right now but I just encourage you to stick with it. The mask is the hardest part of CPAP therapy.
There are many different masks to try so if you are just plain unable to work with the mask you have, don't be afraid to ask your DME about trying different masks.
Best of luck and hang in there for more suggestions.
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vista101, this is the most common issue I believe we face- a properly fitting mask. This just might not be the mask for you. One tried and true method of stopping leaks is the old silicone earplug technique. Buy some silicone earplugs. Take about three or four and roll in you hands to soften and roll into a string the diameter of a pencil. Place around the edge of the mask and carefully place the mask where you want it to be on your face.
I can let you know more about it if you choose to try this- it's kind of a stop gap measure, but has worked for me.
Good luck, hang in there. Keep posting.
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Why are you turning off the machine? Reset the mask and go back to sleep. It's just a leak, not a failure. Leave the machine on and fix the leak.
Apnea Board Moderator

Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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Do a google search for: "Taming the Mirage Quattro" and the first hit will be a blog article by a fellow hosehead. He gives excellent advice on how to tame you FFM. His info helped me!
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(12-25-2012, 02:41 AM)vista101 Wrote: Sometimes i get stuffed up.
Un-stuffing Your Stuffy Nose

don,t overtighten the straps ... tighter is not better
as Trish said ask the DME to try other masks, it can take few tries to find the right mask
are you using EPR .. EPR set at 3 would lower pressure at exhale by 3 cmH2O which some find breathing out at lower pressure more comfortable

some good tips for new PAP users

what setting are you using with climate line. everyone is different
some need less humidity but I need more otherwise the cool dry air stuff my nose

the FX unlike other masks, fit slighter lower on the nose ...swing and seal technique as Resmed describe
check the sizing tool for size and video fitting instructions

How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED! by jeffy1958

mask is the hardest part ... got to have some patience and determination to succeed

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Everything said here is good advice.

I would like to add that, if you can, take your machine to your DME (Durable Medical Equipment provider) and do a mask tryout run. Get a professional RT (Respiratory Therapist) to work with you to either fine tune your Mirage or have you try a new mask. When you're trying on the mask, at least move around some, do some jumping jacks, etc. If they have a couch you can lay on, try it.

There are so many masks out there. The same mask will be both sworn by and sworn at by different people.

Also, if your insurance requires a compliance period (generally something like demonstrated >4 hrs usage 75% of nights), contact them now and let them know you're having mask issues which are affecting your compliance, or you could find yourself in a sticky situation where the insurance will literally refuse to pay for the machine. Case by case basis, don't know your insurer or policy level you have, just a comment.

12 cmH2O is a pressure level where you should be able to find a mask that works, is comfortable (okay, not uncomfortable), and that you can wear all night. Be patient, stick with it, and let us know if you have any other questions.
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