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New to forum, not to apnea, but still need help with some basics, is there a primer?
[attachment=257]I would also be interested in a primer I have been on my machine for over 1 year . What I am trying to get figured out is why it is not working for me. I have included 2 screen shots because I have 2 resmed auto-set S9 machines usually I am at the lake on weekends and got tired of packing up machine so I bought a extra machine. When I say not working I mean I think I wake up now more tired then before I started using machine. As you can see from screen shots I have tried different pressure settings to no avail I have also tried 6 different masks also no help. I am trying to figure what settings I could change to help me out. I know how to change each of them just do not know which ones may help me or not to change. As you can see from screen shots the only real difference on settings is EPR is on the used machine I bought and not the one I spend usually 5 nights a week on that was set up by doctor. Most of the numbers look to me that they fall into the good side of what I read so I am looking at something else I can do to make this work for me.
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The screen shots is too small for me to see and also could you post some ResScan graph charts (pressure, leak, AHI, etc..)
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[attachment=260][attachment=259]I made them smaller to fit attachment size I redid these as soon as I can (in next hr or 2) I will get rescan posted. Thanks for looking at them. Not sure I can fit them in under 200 KB limit.
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We don,t how good or bad was the leak during the night. The 95P leak doesn't tell us much just what was been AT and BELOW 95% of the time. ResMed define bad leak anything above 24 L/min. Frequents awaking to adjust the mask or other reason would make it that much difficult to get back into deep sleep which is important for restful sleep. A chinstrap might help if you find yourself breathing or air escaping through the mouth. EPR is one those comfort features, some swear by it and some hate it but I've found it doesn't suit my breathing patterns
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    Is this the printout you wanted? I have tried a chin strap I have also tried full face masks. In fact the last week of August I used my resmed full face mask because my dog ate my nasal mask so I took it out for the week. Let me add this the biggest gripe I have since I have started using a mask I have always with or without a mask had dry lips during the night since I have started using a mask I now get dry mouth during the night. I used to wake up 1-2 times a night and put lip stuff on now I wake up 1-3 times with dry mouth and either take a drink of water or lick inside of mouth good. But since this started I have found that the dry mouth is with or without humidififer on I also get it if I slept without mask on so I cannot blame it completely mask. My normal night time is 1-2 times up to use bathroom then back to sleep pretty quick.
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You need to look at the detailed data, it would gives us better idea whats going on but definitely you have a leak problem. You,re not using the machine every night and some nights not meting the compliance threshold. Usually dry mouth indicate mouth breathing or and not enough moisture...Turn up humidity a notch or two and see if its any better. I've not had any luck with full face masks could not make work and stop it from leaking. Nasal mask such as Activa LT and chinstrap works better for me but everyone is diffrent. The right type and size mask is the key to a successful therapy. Maybe get a new mask or replace cushion and does help to wash it every morning.
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The reason my chart does not show every night is I have 2 machines. I try to start out each night unless I am away from my homes then I do not use it because I do not pack it anymore I did that 1st few months to make sure I was getting full benefit from it when I realized that It was not really helping me I stopped packing it on trips. I do like the machines because I feel like I sleep better with it, just do not wake up rested like everyone tells me I should. I also think the leaks are not right but when I look at the charts for the masks I use they say normal leak for them from openings is 24-26 L/min at my 95% pressure so are they really that bad off. I have always sleep on my sides and turned several times during the night. I try to check masks each night using mask-fit on machine and move them by hand to see if I have any leaks and adjust by that. I have also tried several different masks. I wonder if some of my high leaks come from using auto start on my machines because some times when I get up during the night my mask runs for what seems like a minute before machine stops. But back to original question are there any of the settings that I could change and see if that makes any difference.
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When was the last time you had a sleep test and/or saw your sleep doctor?
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(09-08-2012, 08:48 PM)jimco1 Wrote: I also think the leaks are not right but when I look at the charts for the masks I use they say normal leak for them from openings is 24-26 L/min at my 95% pressure so are they really that bad off.
The S9 subtract intentional leak (vents leaks) from total leak and report unintentional leak (mask leak and mouth leak). So the leak rate is the unintentional leak. ResMed define large leak above 24 L/min and assume the machine cannot provide adequate treatment and guarantee accuracy of the data above that rate.

The 6th night (probably was on fixed pressure) 95P and max leak kept below the red line.

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(09-08-2012, 09:00 PM)PaulaO2 Wrote: When was the last time you had a sleep test and/or saw your sleep doctor?
Little over 1 year ago for sleep Doctor around here sleep apnea is the biggest thing going now and they stay booked up 4-5 months ahead. My sons friend is 1 of the guys who gives the studies at local hospital and he said they are booked up into next year already last month. Had compliance report sent to them with complaint that I did not feel any benefits they upped my pressure and noted nothing else that was 7-8 months ago.
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