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New to the Forum - Looking for Recomendations
Greetings All!

My name is Jennifer, I am a Sleep Consultant and sell and set up CPAP devices.   I live in Ontario Canada, mother of 2, and my partner suffers from Severe Apnea - He's been on CPAP for over 2 years now.  Using Resmed Airsense 10  Elite.    (and constantly changing masks, as he is my gunnea pig, and I get him to try a lot  lol)

I'm on here to get more information and a different prospective!   I've been with my current company for over a year.  I get many reps from the industry educating me on new masks, machines ect...  but I'd really like to hear from the end users!

Just wondering what types of masks you use, and why you love them?  or hate them?

What are some issues you had or are having trying to adjust to CPAP Therapy, and how you are overcoming it?

I'm here as well to offer support from an insiders point of view.   

Any info or opinions are welcomed!   

Thanks and Nice to Meet you all!    I-love-CPAP
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I've found that free masks are my favorites.
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You elected a good CPAP for your Partner, the ResMed Elite CPAP which has full detailed data.  Detailed efficacy data is absolutely critical in our opinion.  It allows us to spot and address issues such as mouth breathing.  We look at much more than compliance data.

1. Download SleepyHead and become familiar with it.  It lets us see events and what is happening around them, down to individual breath patterns if needed.  It allows us to suggest directed questions to the pros.
2. we, in general prefer Auto CPAP machines because they are more flexible.  This is a machine that will stay with a patient for typically around 5 years.  Will the recommended treatment remain the same if you are monitoring it for 5 years?  What about if you shift from side to back sleeping.  We do recommend fixed pressure at times, depending on results and reactions to therapy.
3. Masks, we recommend multiple masks be tried, typically from least intrusive (pillows) to most intrusive (Full Face Mask).  Frequently even a mouth breather will find that under CPAP pressure they breath thru their nose.
4. A very effective help for mouth breathers is a loose fitting cervical collar.  It seems to be much more effective than the traditional chin strap.

P10 is a common mask for starters, frequently we see a smaller pillow is provided than ultimately works.  I'd suggest the fit kit vs one size to be initially given to a new patient.

For general info on masks we direct individuals to the Mask Primer.

Is this what you are looking for?

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Hi SleepApneaConsultant,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
The mask is the hardest part of this therapy, so it’s good your partner has a great way to try many masks, and I hope he finds one that works well for him.
Hang in there for more answers to your questions and good luck to you, and your partner on his CPAP journey.
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Hi SleepApneaConsultant, Welcome to Apnea Board.

On masks: I have an Amara View in medium and the one I absolutely like a lot is the ResMed AirFit F20 in small. I was also given 2 AirTouch small cushions to swap in as well. I like the AirTouch for its lightness, but the AirFit seals better for me.

I have to agree with bonjour on SleepyHead usage to monitor one's own results. It gives immediate feedback on if the user/patient is making progress or not. There are more graphical options and it is more accurate than info from the CPAP machine.

As for issues: I have had to adjust to making a good habit of reminding myself to put the mask on and turn the ASV on before I lay down and get comfortable in the bed. AND if there is an early morning wake-up that I have to stop the machine for, make certain I turn it back on before falling asleep again. I owe it to me to be proactive on faithful machine use.

I know I am not the only one that has encountered the newbie acquaintance curve when first starting on xPAP therapy. Things like wearing the mask, adding the small amount of cleaning duties, etc. can take time to make it a habit. I have found that doing it today makes tomorrow easier, then the next tomorrow builds off the last.

Finally, not boasting improperly, but having a forum like A. B. with others that have been there and done that really helps. And to be honest, sometimes it takes that one little thing to offer that push, getting you over the top of the hill to reach the success we're all striving for.

Best to y'all,
Dave B.
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Hi Jennifer,  I am in Toronto and am a relatively new pap'r.  Cool  I  am still using trial/rental equipment and waiting for my final Rx.  I was given the resmed n20 and it has been fine until the last couple of weeks.   Now it is leaking a lot  3+ months.  Last night I used a homemade liner and that seemed to help.

At first I was overwhelmed by the cleaning and organizing.  Thankfully, it quickly became routine.  I have been monitoring my progress through SleepyHead.  It has improved considerably since the first few weeks.

Weirdest thing happened in the beginning.  Itchy nose under the mask.  Was every night for a while.
How to Organize Sleepyhead and Post ScreenShots
  • http://sleep.tnet.com/resources/sleepyhead/shorganize
  • https://sleep.tnet.com/reference/tips/imgur
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