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New to the board and using a cpap need suggestions
Hi bigpapa7272,

WELCOME! to the forum.!
I wish you good luck as you start your CPAP journey and also with your machine decision.
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(02-12-2017, 04:31 PM)justMongo Wrote: The prescription should be good anywhere.
Both the Dreamstation and the Airsense 10 Autoset are good machines.  Some feel the Resmed AIrsense is better as it raises pressure more aggressively to head off events.

Go to Amazon and use their search on "Respironics dx500t11".  They have it for $375; and it's a steal at that price.
If you want the resMed Airsense 10 Autoset, look at Supplier #2 for open box specials.  They have it for $749 or $785 with the climateline hose.  You'll likely want a climateline hose in Maryland.

Thank you for the heads up on the pricing.  I ended up going to Amazon and getting the dream station auto,. I got it for 400 with free Prime same day shipping to the Amazon Locker near my house. Which is great because I don't want an expensive piece of equipment sitting out outside on my porch all day. Also I was able to get the Amara view full face mask for $7 $76 with free shipping all in all I think I did pretty good still need to order some backup supplies like a tubing extra filters excetera
But for a start I don't think I did bad
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The CPAP machine you choose is purely a matter of personal choice.  My only experience with a Phillips machine was during a sleep test where the machine used was a Phillips bilevel.  Since I had been on  a ResMed Aircurve before the test, I was used to that machine.  I noticed a slight pause on the inhale using the Phillips that I had not noticed  on the ResMed. It's a small thing, but somewhat annoying.   

As to a mask, be sure and get a return policy. Every mask is different in it's effects on a particular user.  I recently ordered a ResMed F20 mask from The CPAP Shop and they offer a 30 day return policy at no cost.  I found them friendly, reliable and willing to honor the policy.
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Even in the range if $868, a machine is a decent deal. Keep in mind, most Amazon sellers will not provide warranty or other support, and you have no assurance that if the machine broke down in the warranty period you could get service at all. If you can afford to use an authorized reseller like on our Supplier list, you should do it for that service and warranty. There is a reason Amazon is not on the supplier list. On the other hand, the prices there are an important alternative for those that can't afford an authorized DME reseller.

As far as which machine, I have a strong preference for the response and exhale relief approach on the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset. The Philips machine is a good device, but requires a higher minimum pressure to be able to prevent and respond to obstructive events in auto mode than the Autoset. In Philips favor, the machine runs on 12-volt power and is much less expensive and easier to run on battery power. The Resmed units use 24 volt power and require proprietary power connectors and voltage converters to run on a battery.
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So an extra 468 is worth the warranty support?

Do cpaps have a lot of issue relating to needing warranty repair or replacement within their first 2 years? If I'm gonna spend 868 because of the warranty support I might as well buy the reamed for the additional 60 bucks.

The dreamstation is being delivered to the locker today if I don't pick it up within 3 days they will return back and issue me a credit
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For a Dreamstation, it's tough to justify twice the price..for the Resmed, those discounts are not available. Usually CPAP have a very long mean time between failure (MTBF), and a warranty is not ever needed. In the first month, some units, especially Resmed, have shipped with excessive fan noise. These are a warranty item, usually in the first 30 days. A DME will back up the machine for 2-years, and provide other support.

Your prescription is also good for all the supplies you will need, but as you are finding, it is often less expensive to buy online, than to use insurance.
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Thanks sleep rider,. I agree with what you said, it's much cheaper online,. I think I am going to keep what is being delivered today,. Give it a go,. As I mentioned before there's no sense in spending more money for the same unit, and since going through insurance isn't worth it,. I might as well help my wallet a little as I still have other items to purchase
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Hey Bigpapa, I think you will be happy with your choice of machine and mask. Be warned that your nostrils will feel a bit sore some time, while adapting to the nasal pillow, but it'll go away. Also, you could consider a liner for the mask, like the ones Supplier #31 sells, to get used to it more easily.
You DID get a great deal on your machine! I paid almost twice as much...
Since you've decided on a machine, you can now also request the setup manual. See the link at the top of this page.
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Thanks I just picked up my package from the Locker.  A few initial thoughts

At first I was a little leery I would get the wrong item but I checked the package when I got it and I opened it up and it was the correct item. The dreamstation Auto with humidifier and it came with the heated tube all manuals everything. So it was as described. Another good thing I contacted the seller and they are a authorized Philips respironics distributor.The travel case that came with it seems a little on the small side, doesn't feel like it has a whole lot of room to store extra supplies.im the person who would travel with a back of everything filter, mask tubing and humififer water chamber. 

Anuone have any thoughts on where I could score a bigger case or does anyone have any packing tips?

Anxious to get this thing home get it set up I'd be on my way to a good night's rest in the future I know there's going to be a learning curve along the way but feel confident that this board will be a help along the way.

Also I'm going out of town SAT and sun wondering if I should start tonight and take the machine with me or wait til I get back Sunday to get started
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Without including a link, which supplier did you get it from? Sounds like you did great The Resmed case is a bit nicer, but I'm sure you can find something that will travel well for this machine. I have packed CPAP supplies and a machine into motorcycle bags, so I'm not unfamiliar with the problem.
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