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Hello, I started my therapy 3 weeks ago with Dreamstation CPAP Pro with humidifier and heated hose. I was diagnosed using a nasal mask and started my therapy with this, but was having a hard time getting to sleep initially and getting back to sleep when waking during the night. I decided to switch to P10 nasal pillows. and after getting over a little irritation of the nostrils it seemed like things were looking up. I never slept through the entire night, but I was going 3 to 4 hours and having no trouble getting back to sleep. Then I started waking up a few times in the night with air leaking out of my mouth and a really dry mouth. On my prescription it says that there were some mouth leaks that I self corrected and that it was unlikely to be an issue. I purchased a chin strap to help keep my mouth shut and have used it for 2 nights and have not slept well. The chin strap was pretty comfortable and stayed in position so I don't know why I am struggling to sleep.I am reluctant to go to a full face mask as I am concerned that I won't sleep for the same reason the nasal mask was giving me trouble.

I think I am going to call the doctor and ask if it would be okay for me to lower my pressure a bit and try that. It almost feels like some air is going to my stomach, and last night I took of the chinstrap for a bit and twice my cheeks kind of ballooned.

If I lowered my pressure and was getting sleep, would it not show up on AHI levels if the pressure was too low? They have been good lately because I am not sleeping much.
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CPAP therapy needs to be comfortable enough to use, and to get quality sleep in order to be effective at all. Many people benefit from easing into therapy, and frankly, this is the problem with a fixed pressure CPAP. An auto machine can deliver lower pressure most of the time, and increase pressure when you need it. A fixed CPAP is typically set at yoru 90% pressure requirement, or the pressure that is equaled or exceeded only 10% of the time. So it is high, and you will still benefit from lower pressure. You may try to advocate for an auto CPAP, but getting approval for that in Ontario is pretty remote.

BTW, your machine has an Auto Trial mode that can deliver variable pressure and check your titration pressure. That setting is available in the clinical settings. You can get the clinical manual by following the link at the top of the page for CPAP Setup Manuals. Your doctor may be willing to activate that feature for you, or you can do it on your own.

I recommend you download and use the free SleepyHead software. This will show you the effectiveness of your treatment and provide information about leaks. It will also show you what happens when you lower pressure. It's an important part of therapy to eventually take control of it. If you drop your CPAP pressure to 8-9 cm, I'm sure you will be more comfortable, but you may allow some additional events. Your results will be much better than if you were untreated, so it can be a fair trade-off. Using Sleepyhead will better let you monitor that.
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Laying Awake,

My experience here in Ontario went like this.  I did the sleep test at a local hospital (Ottawa) a year and a half ago and in the morning, I was kicked out with a prescription written by the sleep tech.  It was for a brick CPAP set to a pressure of 10.  I was completely ignorant about CPAC at the time.  A week later (and struggling with therapy) my CPAP provider called to say that the sleep doctor had reviewed my sleep study and decided I needed an auto machine.  So I got lucky and more so when I discovered this forum. 

I'm assuming you went the same route I did and if that's the case, I urge you to discuss your issues with your sleep doctor.  Here in Ontario, it's really no skin off their nose if they prescribe you an auto as opposed to a straight CPAP.  They don't get kickbacks (well maybe some do) but I had complete latitude of where to get my machine.  I was given a list of several suppliers and I chose the one closest to my home.  Presenting yourself as an educated patient may help your argument.   Good luck.
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Thanks Fedman, I wish I had joined this forum a week ago. Due to my living arrangements I ordered a second Dreamstation last week. The government and my plan at work covered the first one, out of pocket for the second one. Me getting better sleep is worth more, so I will talk to my doctor and maybe we can work something out with the machine I purchased. I have not received it yet. You are correct that the technician determined my needs. The first time I went and spent the night at the clinic, they didn't hook me up to a machine. Everyone else I talked to got their machine between the first and second visits , so in my case there was no way to back up their diagnosis. Most people that I know that are using non-auto machines have noticed positive results. Everyone is different I guess.
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Is it possible that the chinstrap is helping to open airway? Could this result in a lower pressure being required?
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I would need help with getting sleepyhead software. I am very computer illiterate. I clicked on the link and 3 options come up and I have no idea where to go from there or even which option to pick.
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LA, do you have a computer? Laptop or desk? Mac or Windows?

With regard to pressure, give yourself a break and lower your pressure tonight. You will feel considerable relief at 9 cm, and will still probably get good treatment. Here are the instructions to access settings http://www.apneaboard.com/dreamstation-c...structions Give it a try, and let us know how you're feeling in the morning.
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I have a desktop, windows 10
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Hi Laying awake,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good lutk to you with your CPAP therapy, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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So I just adjust the cmH2O?
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