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New user feeling worse
RE: New user feeling worse

Got oscar working.... Just took a reboot... Couldnt figure out how to hide date in mac version but hopefully this will be ok
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RE: New user feeling worse
Ok as you said EPR CAN CAUSE centrals. The centrals you have is most likely treatment emergents. Which means they will show up until your body become accustomed to the therapy with EPR.

IF you are feeling better with the setting fine but if you want to lessen the centrals - lower EPR to 2 and see how you feel. We can go down to 1 if need be but when the therapy has gone on for a while you can raise it again. Your body will adjust over a few weeks to the increase of EPR and the centrals will go down.

Most people have a few even after getting use to EPR. Centrals are when you hold your breath and we all do it when we turn over or reach down to pull up covers.

Leaks are much much better!!
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RE: New user feeling worse
A couple of things - It takes more than just a few nights to feel better, remember you have had this for quite a while.
Also you AHI was not a reliable AHI, so we don't really know what it was, you could have had a number of events but would not be recorded because of the leaks were so high it could not determine if there were blockages with the air escaping through the mask and the obstruction could not be determined.
Almost all of you events were central and you have the EPR at 3.  That can cause centrals.  I would move the EPR down to 2 and see if the centrals go down.  You can go down to 1 if it does not reduce the centrals.

One thing I need to mention about centrals is that they are very inconsistent.  This means that one night you may have very few and the next night with the exact same settings you get a much larger number.  So one or ever two nights in a row does not mean much it needs to be over several nights.

This is like a balancing act...  As the EPR goes down the centrals go up  BUT the lower the EPR is the more pressure is given by the cpap causing leaks.  So we need to find where the EPR needs to be lower pressure (notice the highest pressure I saw was around 8) to stop leaks and lower the centrals.  Again, you have treatment emergence centrals that do lessen as you get use to EPR.  And in a few weeks the higher EPR will not bother you nearly as much.

If you have any other questions I will try to answer them...
Apnea (80-100%) 10 seconds, Hypopnea (50-80%) 10 seconds, Flow Limits (0-50%) not timed  Cervical Collar - Dealing w DME - Chart Organizing
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RE: New user feeling worse
Been trying these settings now for almost 2 weeks and while I am not so dizzy in the mornings but I am incredibly tired even when it feels like I slept well. Extremely low energy though less of a foggy feeling and more of an exausted feeling.

All my numbers are looking good, I think, but still not feeling better, in fact I am probably more tired on an average day then before I started on cpap.

I did try lowerimg EPR to 2 and not sure if it was just a bad night or what but felt like I didnt sleep well at all, didnt really see a drastic change in numbers and felt kinda panicky all night. I can try epr 2 or 1 or off for more then one night if we feel this might be the issue but also...

I am wondering if the changes in pressure are causing me to not get into deepest sleep. I am not sure if it is normal for an "under control" individual to have the pressufre changing so much.

I see there are a few things I could change if thats the case:
Change AUTOSET RESPONSE from standard to soft
Change MODE from standard to for her
Possibly change to a static pressure cpap mode as opposed to apap mode.

Want to get some feedback NOT medical advice per say, will be talking to dr on monday but not honestly expecting much as far as advice from him.

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RE: New user feeling worse
@staceyburke you still around. Still trying stuff based on your previous recommendations but as you can see not found the right formulsa yet
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RE: New user feeling worse
Do you know if you were awake around 6ish? I'm not one of the experts but I know with mine I get central clusters like you're showing when I wake up for a bathroom break and right after I lay back down. It looks like you took a break of some kind around 7 and then another cluster. I'm just wondering if you were awake, or kind of awake, and both those clusters are sleep/wake junk. If that's the case then you just have the handful during the night and depending on what those look like zoomed in they might or might not be actual events.
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RE: New user feeling worse
I likely was awake or semi-awake. I am not realky worried about the number ATM, i am worried about why I wake up feeling horribly and feeling extremely tired all day. 

I have got all my numbers to a very managble amount but really still feel bad every morening and am so exausted I am ready for a nap and have trouble staying awake some days by about 2:00pm

I have no idea if the 2-3 CA's I tend to get are an issue or affect my sleep at all. I dont even know if having 2-3 CA is considered ok or an issue that needs to be addressed. My dr is really no help at all he is like your numbers all look good and changing anything like modes oe epr or anything else really wont make a difference. I am just over analyzing and causing myself additional stress. He does not seem to feel there is anyting that needs to be changed on my therapy. I just need either stimulants or depression meds to help with the skeepyness.

I am here because I am not at all sure I agree with him and do feel there might be a setting or tweak that might help my situtation, i just have absolutely no idea what that might entail.
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RE: New user feeling worse
I would try min/max = 8 cm for a few nights and then try min/max = 10 cm for a few nights. Focus mostly on how you feel and if the increased pressure makes any difference.
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