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New user having a hard time
Hi Whitewabit,
It's great to hear that you are starting to feel a bit better as you continue your therapy. Hope things go well for you after changing your pain patch.
Keep up the good work.
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Good night last night .. AHI down to 1.30 and had one Hypopnea was 46 second before I shut it off to use the bathroom and a apnea during the time it was shut off .. not sure how that showed up so taking those 2 events off it that took it down to 1.06 ..

No big leaks last night .. loosened the lower straps and tighten the top 2 on head .. think it might have been sliding around on my head a bit .. will see how it does tonight . one night is never enough to judge I have found out ..

I felt pretty good when I got up .. not great but probably better then with out using it ..
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Not a good night .. AHI last night 7.58 with 56 events .. This is what happens when my pain level flairs up .. slept good for the first 2 1/2 hours then the hypopnea's started and continued the rest of the night .. the first 2 1/2 hours everything looked to be going great all the graph levels were smooth and had gone sound asleep, and no events .. then 3:18 arrived !

Must have been right about that time my pain level moved up the ladder .. It doesn't need a reason sometimes! Just me laying there I might have moved wrong or turned over but what ever the cause/reason it happened at 3:28 and then I had a Hypopnea or a unclassified apnea every few minutes the rest of the night with 2 periods of about 25 minutes without one ..

I hadn't taken any break out pain relief yesterday, as I was having a pretty good day pain wise !

This has been the first night when I have strung multiple events in a row .. and is the worse night since I started therapy ..

When I woke my pain level was raised and could feel I had had a bad night even before looking at SleepyHead .. Didn't feel like I had slept very long when I got up ..and my pain level was in the 7 to 8 out of 10 range before taking medication this morning..

so much for my week where my AHI had stayed under 2.5 !
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pain level was still up last night .. not as bad as yesterday .. and my AHI was down just a little over yesterday AHI 5.60 today ..

Saw doc and everything is going to be left the same for at least another couple of months .. wants to see more info since I have just been using my machine for less then a month .. My AHI average is around 2.4 and the last 2 nights have raised it slightly ..
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AHI last night was 3.03 back down as pain level was decreased ..

Have noticed and wondering about something that seems to be occurring .. the first 2 to 2.5 hours I don't have any events then after that length of time asleep I start having scattered apnea's and hypopnea's strung out the rest of the night ..

Is this caused by me going into a deeper stage of sleep and then events start to happen ??
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It seems to me that it could well be. Normally the further into your sleep you go the longer time you spend in REM sleep (that is assuming that you get to REM sleep) and apparently that is where a lot of apnea events happen.

Just my take.

Best Regards,

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