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Newbi With res scan
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Machine: Res-med s9
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Newbi With res scan
HI I am Walter I have been on Cpap for 2 years With no Dr just did home study and purchased machine......It has deffinatlly Saved my life I was going to the Emergency room once a week Thinking i was having a heart attack.......I was always just turned away with no diagnosis.....Always feeling of not getting a good nights sleep.My job is 24-7 so i have no regular sleep pattern,I had gained alot of weight and thought for sure i was dying but just keep on working and dealing with the night sweats weight gain Heart racing and 2 hour naps here and there.......I kept self medicating trying to sleep better,Finally i had my Gallbladder rupture in 2011 was rushed in for surgery,My wife and i were expecting a baby at the same time and as luck would have it she went in to labor while i was in surgery,Her DR was a hundred miles from The hospital were i was.So i went in to surgery everything went good as i was in recovery i wake up to 5 nurses and DR around me asking if i was ok,I said yes im fine whats the problem,Well at that point they put me on oxygen telling me that my Oxygen level had fallen way to low.4 Hrs after my surgery i gathered up my clothes and signed a release to leave the Hospital........I couldnt miss my Daughters birth,Well from that point on i knew i had a sleeping problem because i had felt better after surgry than i had in years.I put 2 and 2 together and figured out i had sleep apnea........So i ordered the home sleep test and here are the results can anyone tellme about this

Patient: IDS Report #:
Apnealink+ Mfg by Resmed Germany; Records Airflow, Respiratory Effort, Pulse Rate, O2 Saturation: Serial #

Analysis: Analyzed Automatically (Total Eval Times* - Air-Flow Spo2* )
Indices/AveragesNormal Range Totals:
AHI* (Apnea Hypopnea Index)< 5/hrSnoring Events
All Apneas Index< 5/hrTotal Apneas
- Obstructive Apnea Index- Obstructive Apneas
- Central Apnea Index- Central Apneas
- Mixed Apnea Index- Mixed Apneas
- Unclassified Apnea Index- Unclassified Apneas
Hypopnea Index< 5/hrTotal Hypopneas
Avg Breath per min.-Breaths
% Flow Ltd Br. w/o Snore< Approx 60Total Flow Ltd. Br w/o Snoring
% Flow Ltd. Br. w. Snore< Approx 40Total Flow Ltd Br w/ Snoring
Pulse Oximetry
O2 Desat Index (ODI) < 5/hr Total Desaturations
Avg. Saturation 94% - 98% Spo2 <= 90% Lowest Desat Event - Spo2 <= 89% Lowest Saturation 90% - 96% Spo2 <= 88%
Baseline Spo2 - Spo2 <= 85%
Avg Pulse Rate (bpm) - Spo2 <= 80%
Max Pulse Rate (bpm) 60 - 90
Min Pulse Rate (bpm) 50 - 70 Invalid Spo2 During Airflow Evaluation:
* Total Airflow Eval Time is the denominator used in calculation of AHI/breathing event indices, while Spo2 time is used only for O2 Desaturation Index. Because sleep time is not measured, Medicare actually defines AHI as RDI in coverage policies, see pg4.A for details.
Auto Analysis Default Parameters:
03-22-2014 09:42 AM
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RE: Newbi With res scan
Hi Waltdidi,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Sounds like you've been through a lot, I'm glad you were able to get treatment for your apnea.
Which Resmed machine do you have? The name of it is by the power button.
Hang in there for help in understanding your report and best of luck to you.

03-22-2014 10:39 AM
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RE: Newbi With res scan
Walt I'm sure not a pro, but I'm not seeing apnea in those statistics. If I'm reading them right your o2 sats are fine, your ahi is fine, and so forth. But clearly something is going on or you would not be experiencing such good results from your therapy. I think you need to have some quality conversations with your medical staff.
03-22-2014 11:40 AM
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RE: Newbi With res scan
Waltdidi -- that report is difficult to understand.
Do please seek medical advice from a physician.

During your operation, it's the duty of the anesthesiologist to keep your blood oxygen up. Even if he has to pull some teeth to intubate you.
As a rule, general anesthetics lower heart rate and respiratory drive. That extends into the post-op phase.

I'm guessing that you're younger than some of us on the forum. You say you are overweight. It gets harder to lose as you get older.
After seeking medical advice, I would guess you will be told to lose weight. (Yes, I know that's difficult.)

Take care of yourself, you have a little girl who needs you.

03-22-2014 11:59 AM
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