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Newbie - Help with OSCAR and advice regarding treatment (OSA and possible RERAs?)
Newbie - Help with OSCAR and advice regarding treatment (OSA and possible RERAs?)
Hello everyone,

I hope y'all are doing fine. I'm a new forum member and need some help and possible advice by you guys. Some short back story leading to my diagnosis:

I am now in my early 30s and have had bad sleep and a feeling of brain fog/exhaustion for a long time. 2-3 years ago mood issues and anxiety joined the party additional to some moderate insomnia. ENT found deviated septum and enlarged turbinates and ordered a WatchPAT study. Results: AHI 3.7 (REM AHI: 9.1, NREM AHI: 3.0); RDI: 13,3 (REM RDI: 28.7, NREM RDI: 11.3). The ENT basically told me that I don't have any signs of Sleep Apnea and that no treatment is necessary...

After struggling for another year, I went to a private sleep clinic and got a proper sleep study with EEG and everything. Results: Moderate Sleep Apnea with an AHI of 15.2. Since I read about UARS and my WatchPAT results seeming suspicious, I specifically asked the sleep clinic if they're scoring RERAs and RDI. Despite them not appearing in my results I was assured that they scored them but just subsumed them under AHI (perhaps for dealing better with the insurance regarding payment?).

After my diagnosis I was given a CPAP machine (ResMed Airsense 10 Elite) with nasal pillows. The settings ordered by the doc are a pressure of 8, EPR off, ramp off. He also prescribed 7.5 mg of Zopiclone for my insomnia being exacerbated by the discomfort of the new situation (CPAP and mask). 

Now I am here one and a half week later wondering if I'm doing good. The first two nights were kind of ok, despite only being able to sleep with Zopiclone (don't really like that stuff because of possible dependency etc.) but after that I am not seeing that big of an improvement. I feel like it's getting worse tbh (especially bad fragmented sleep, low mood and a feeling of being on edge). Or am I being not patient enough and should wait for the situation to settle?

I started importing my data into OSCAR and it's showing me a low AHI (no RDI or RERAs because of the basic CPAP machine obviously) with some centrals which might be normal starting CPAP?

Anyway, I still notice a lot of fragmented sleep and frequent awakenings. Especially in the second part of the night I have very weird and vivid dreams which I instantly remember, because I wake up so often between them. The next day I still feel crappy.

Perhaps you guys can give me some insight regarding my OSCAR data. I'll attach two pics to this post. The first one being the overview and the second one being some kind of strange things I notice in my flow rate over all the nights (possible RERAs?).

I would be especially interested in
  • if you think my treatment looks good so far
  • why the central apneas are showing up
  • the flow limitations and if they look ok
  • what you think about possible RERAs and UARS and if it can be treated with CPAP in my case (I also attached a picture of some strange events in my flow rate which are not flagged but repeat several times over the night)
Sorry for the long first post and thank you so much for reading and possibly giving advice! Have a nice day and stay healthy and safe!

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