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Newbie - Is there a way to determine sleep mode from Sleepy Head Data?
I am curious if there is a way to determine REM sleep time via any of the measured data present in Sleepy Head graphs?
Is there any breathing patterns that are indicative to dream sleep?
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No. In the sleep labs, REM is determined by sensors near the eyes that detect the neuromuscular activity from Rapid eye Movement. A simple EEG (usually one lead) also records brain wave activity to determine the sleep level.

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I far as I know there isn't a definitive way to measure this in SH. I understand in order to see REM sleep you need to be wired like a car, EKG style. I was trying, as you thought, to use the breathing graph to try predict when I might be in REM but it was just a guess. I've now added a Pulse Oximeter to my nightly monitoring, I'm hoping that the pulse and O2 levels might provide a greater insight. Another member reported that they would, upon awakening from a dream, turn off then turn back on their PulseOx monitor so it would show a break in the data. They would then look for the breaks in the data while in SH and look at the other parameters.
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Hi Bubster,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more answers to your question and much success to you with your CPAP therapy.
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yep, sleep mode is guesswork, even with pulse ox. I have made some guesses but they are only guesses.

here is a trace of me waking from dream. the dreaming is either the part between 00:51 and 00:59 (my guess) or perhaps the time immediately prior to that.
I noticed same thing in many of my other dreaming events, the respiration fluctuations at low pulse rate. The pulse rate rises up more significantly when I actually awoke.

what is interesting is that region is not tagged as hypopneas even though you can see the effect on SpO2, and certainly the OA at the end seems improperly tagged.

good luck!
Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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I can tell by the wave form if Im awake or asleep or if my wife is. Totally different pattern.

Now this a wild goose guess but based on time ive been asleep or she has, it seems like if either of us are going to have events we will have them more during REM sleep. If REM sleeping on our back the events will tend to be higher still.

Like I said its a wild flying goose guess based on watching my wife sleep after she does on the machine, her eye movements under her eyelids and her sleep position.

Since I had to set her up and lacking fancy equipment spending nights with a tiny flashlight, watching her pressures go up and down, what she was doing when they did, sleep position, eye movement etc its all I had to work with plus the software.

But she is consistently under 1 AHI every night so all those nights sneaking in watching her sleep on the machine watching software and tweaking things must have worked.

Hillbilly titration LOL
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Thanks everyone, I am learning a lot on this board already.
I thought maybe there might be a respiratory pattern or volume or something that might indicate REM.

I have not had a dream, that I can remember, for years.
They said I was AHI 78 in my sleep study.
In the last week of therapy I have been around 1.4 on Sleepy Head.

I am really trying to make this work because I know I need it. Both my parents were heavy, they were loud snorers and both died in their sleep in their mid 60's. I am convinced that apnea was what got them. Thanks for the support!
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I wish you well - you have the same 78 AHI/hr that I was diagnosed with. FWIW - If you have a smart phone you can look at the itunes app store and download a sleep app that will 'theoretically' be able to categorize your sleep state as awake, light sleep, and deep/rem sleep. Then use the times shown in the graph to match up with sleepyhead. From what I've read, you want about 50% of your total sleep time to be deep/rem and want to wake during light sleep. Another thing I saw were a couple of wearables (you buy them and wear them on your wrist while sleeping) that now include sleep monitoring. My wife and I just purchased a fancy air-type-adjustable-bed which you can set your personal sleep setting, and the software/hardware they wanted to sell us to produce sleep quality reports for $300 extra was really no better than these options. Good luck to you Eric.
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