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Newbie - Stuffy nose turning me into mouth breather
RE: Newbie - Stuffy nose turning me into mouth breather
SUCCESS!! 1st night without congested nose.... It was the humidity. Humidity at 5 and tube temp at 86 (highest) = no more stuffy nose.

I am now cautiously optimistic that I may be able to use pillow mask, since i am usually not a mouth breather.

The way I found this out is by reading the following thread by Geer1 who explains the situation extremely well, esp. #16 and 17:

Since I don't have any allergies or other nasal issues, I now know that the stuffiness comes from the swollen turbinates due to insufficient humidity - Geer1 explains in his post. So higher, not lower humidity, is the answer for me.

Also, I did not know how closely related the humidity setting and the tube temp are - Geer1 attached the Resmed "How to adjust HumidAir™ humidification settings" instructions (https://document.resmed.com/documents/pr...sa_eng.pdf) - which shows that tube temp is not for comfort but essential to get higher humidity.

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RE: Newbie - Stuffy nose turning me into mouth breather
That's great that you found out it was the humidity. I had similar issue when I relocated to a dry climate (20-30% humidity), and I started having greater issues with sleep.

Now I know why some people have a humidifier near them. I like that the CPAP machine has a built in humidifier. Mine is set to auto.

I was recommended Flonase as well, but I prefer to deal with a humidifier (I try to avoid solutions involving medicine as much as possible). On rare occasions, I have nights I get stuffy nose despite me being hooked up to my CPAP with humidifier, and I realized it won't go away when I'm laying down, I have to be in upright position for awhile until it clears up (while using the humidifier). I will try to go to sleep after it clears up. I don't want to go to sleep with stuffy nose to find out that I can't breath trying to sleep! Especially considering that I use a nasal mask.

I'm considering getting an room humidifier to turn on right 30min to 1hr before sleeping to avoid nasal congestion. Turn if off when I'm hooked up to CPAP. Or perhaps put on the mask (with humidifier on) upright for a short period before laying down to avoid congestion.
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RE: Newbie - Stuffy nose turning me into mouth breather
Hi Newbie,

I am not a medical person or making any recommendation but sharing my experience. I saw an ENT about two years ago for stuffy nose issue and CPAP. She recommended using Flonase each day. I have not had any problems since so that worked for me. 

Kind Regards
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RE: Newbie - Stuffy nose turning me into mouth breather
My sleep doc also recommended Flonase.
But if things continue like last night there is no need.
I am impatient, so have to remember that this is a process and the body has to get used to the new way of sleeping.
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RE: Newbie - Stuffy nose turning me into mouth breather
OK. Now that I solved the stuffy nose problem, I am trying to get the pressures right. I have been making the "What not to do": mistake of adjusting pressures, changing masks almost on a daily basis and it is just a mess. I have good days (usually at lower pressures) and bad days when I try higher constant pressures.

I promised myself to be more disciplined and start with lower pressure, no ramp, no EPR and go from there as it seems I have lower AHI at lower pressures.  

Can someone please comment on the attached Oscar chart esp. the time period 2 - 330 am.

Seems to me I was coasting along great at pressure of 5.4 and then machine ramped up to 7 which is the upper limit I chose to pick that night - resulting tons of CAs.

Does this mean lower pressure better for me??


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RE: Newbie - Stuffy nose turning me into mouth breather
Based on no flow limitations and low pressure, I'm guessing that you were awake during 2 - 330am.
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RE: Newbie - Stuffy nose turning me into mouth breather
Interesting explanation, but I was not awake, at least I don't remember. Maybe that in itself is an issue  Smile

Anyway, I think I have to go back the drawing board and start over since I have been "dial winging" almost very day over the last couple months.

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