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Newbie and struggling
I've been using the CPAP for 5 days now and I'm really struggling. I keep waking up when I stop breathing because it pulses every time I nod off and stop breathing and I have a strong startle reflex and that happens a lot. I panic and my body fills with adrenaline and that keeps happening every time I nod off again. 

I have had my first 2 panic attacks this week for the first time since I was 15 and I'm generally just panicky/anxious in the day now.

I have lots of periodic breathing and lots of other apneas too, and I'm so exhausted from not being able to sleep, have lots of gas and bloating and I feel like I've been hit round the head with a baseball bat. Could it be my pressure is set too low? It's currently at 9.7. I've tried not using the ramp and I have exactly the same problem.  Dont-know

I tried to post my SleepyHead results for the past few days but it says I need four posts so I guess I'll wait until then to post them unless people can find a way around that?
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Welcome to the Apnea Board.. 

There are others who will have better insight regarding the panic issues..

But five days is really early in the CPAP journey, it can take quite some time to get used to it and everything "fine tuned" to your specific needs. 

Hang in there though, you will get things worked out and begin to benefit from the treatment.
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Thank you, I really appreciate it  Smile
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(04-02-2017, 04:15 AM)wolfwynd Wrote: Thank you, I really appreciate it  Smile

You should be able to send us a screenshot of your data anytime. Use the tutorials in my signature line.
This will show you how to take a screenshot, organize your graphs and post here.
Apnea Board Moderator

Organize your SleepyHead Charts
Using Attachments to Post ScreenShots and Images.

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[Image: rIhLwgo.jpg]
[Image: xNJetWz.jpg]
[Image: 964DHNv.jpg]
[Image: DnLiQkK.jpg]
[Image: OS0k188.jpg]

(04-02-2017, 08:44 AM)OpalRose Wrote:
(04-02-2017, 04:15 AM)wolfwynd Wrote: Thank you, I really appreciate it  Smile

You should be able to send us a screenshot of your data anytime.  Use the tutorials in my signature line.
This will show you how to take a screenshot, organize your graphs and post here.
It wasn't letting me do it before because I didn't have 4 posts. It seems to be letting me now Smile
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You made it to 4 posts - yay!

I believe what you're experiencing is not abnormal. But I also believe the fine people on this board will be able to help you tweak things to make it better. They'll be along shortly.
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Wolfwynd, you are properly using the CPAP but are experiencing the symptoms of complex apnea. I am going to guess you may not have had a CPAP titration study, or if you did, that you had some central events. Anyway, you are clearly having them now and will need to tell your doctor that you are having a very high rate of mixed central and obstructive apnea. It may help to actually lower the CPAP pressure to 8.0 and see if that improves results, but your AHI is pretty high, and I think you may need to be evaluated for Bilevel positive pressure ASV (adaptive servo ventilation). In addition to a lower CPAP pressure, you should increase Ramp minimum pressure to 6.0 and consider reducing the time at ramp to zero to 10 minutes. The low pressure and pressure changes can be part of the problem in sleep transition.

You can do a search for complex apnea. About 15% of individuals with obstructive apnea, will develop complex apnea when subjected to CPAP pressure. In come cases these individuals can be treated with lower CPAP pressure, and the rate of central or mixed apnea frequently diminishes after several weeks on CPAP. If not, the likely solution will be ASV. You can trial the lower CPAP pressure to see if it helps, but you should be prepared to discuss this with your doctor and begin the process of evaluating ASV. If you have poor insurance coverage, the studies and equipment can be very expensive, so let us know as well as your doctor, so we can advise you on any alternatives.

Keep using the CPAP, try a lower pressure (8.0), change the minimum Ramp pressure to 6.0, and advise your physician you are having complex apnea complications.
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Hi Wolfwynd, I am very new to this as well. I think your major issue now is to get acclimated to using the machine. Your mind is not used to having the extra pressure, as well as something attached to your face. Generally, do you feel better now when using the machine, or before you got the machine?
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I felt so much better before. Now I just feel like a zombie all the time. I can't concentrate on anything, my panic is through the roof and I have had really bad digestive problems since I started in that won't go away no matter what I do.
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Wolfwynd please read my post #7 and respond to the study questions. Anxiety can be a mess all by itself. Let's solve the problem.
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