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Newbie from Greece
Costas, I would encourage you to read the article at the top of this forum: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...ew-machine before you make your final choice on a machine.
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Thank you very much for your reply. Of course I have already read the article you mention.

I was wondering if I could upload a .pdf file which is actually the output of my 1st day with Weinmann Prisma 20A, through the Prisma TS software. It looks pretty informative to me, but I don't really know if it contains mandatory information, or not

Maybe some experienced members here could check it and see if this CPAP is a "brick" or not.

It would be very helpfull to me and I would deeply appreciate it.


PS: my file is 941KB and it is impossible for the site to get it uploaded. Perhaps if I could send it directly (via e-mail) to a member that could "judge" the contents of this file would be a "working" idea.
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(04-18-2017, 04:13 PM)Costas P Wrote: Thank you very much for your reply.

I have already downloaded the Sleepyhead s/w but it cannot read the therapy.pdat file. I alsol tried to rename the file to therapyp.dat, but still it was impossible for Sleephead s/w to read it again.

I know that the appropriate s/w for Weinmann Prisma 20A is the Prisma TS s/w which is supposed to be given only to therapists and to Weinmann resellers. I'll do my best and try to locate it. If I have any news on this, I'll be back.

By the way: have you got any relationship with Greece? I saw the: Μολών Λαβέ in your "Other comments" so I thought I might ask you.


Costas, welcome to the forum, greetings from Spain, next November 1 arrived in MSC cruise to Piraeus, we will be in Athens 8 hours, I have the possibility to take you a Dreamstation or another that I can get in the USA at a strict cost price, without the Any profit.

Here in Spain the National Health system provides free CPAP, but they are all bricks, so I use Dreamstation bought in USA at very very cheap prices compared to Europe.

If you want to contact me by private message.

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I took a look at Costas' file and made a couple of recommendations to him. Namely to bump up his minimum pressure from 7 to 8 as he was experiencing a fair amount of obstructive apneas (6) and his AHI score was at an 8. Hopefully some more of the other experienced folks here can also take him up on his offer to look at the PDF report from his machine. It has a fair bit of information in there but it isn't as good as Sleepyhead, that's for sure.
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The Eson 2 I got came with only one nose cup. The Durable Medical Device suppliers in the US have a tendency to empy the packages of any "extra" parts for their own stockpiles. But my insurance pays for one each month.
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(04-18-2017, 05:50 PM)TASmart Wrote: The Eson 2 I got came with only one nose cup. The Durable Medical Device suppliers in the US have a tendency to empy the packages of any "extra" parts for their own stockpiles. But my insurance pays for one each month.

I have two Eson 2, the two gave me with only one cup.

Can be different company policies in different countries
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Actually I think it's F&P policy since Eson 2 I found here in Greece had 1 cup only. Eson is equipped with 2 cups. 

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A PDF file can be converted to an image file (jpg or png) and hosted on a site like Imjur. There are free PDF to JPG converters on the internet, and the second link in my signature describes how to upload an image to Imjur and post it here as an image. Using the native forum attachment service is too limiting in size. You would end up deleting older images to post new ones, so I suggest you use the hosting method from the start.

Good story, thanks for sharing.
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Hi again!...

Please find following my first 8 days of therapy using the Weinmann Prisma 20A Auto CPAP.
Settings are described in the following pages.
Mask used: Resmed Mirage FX (standard) - too small for my face.

[Image: C9vciif.jpg]
[Image: NyuyY3V.jpg]
[Image: WUoERil.jpg]

[Image: xE8ELke.jpg]

[Image: b4Vxu34.jpg]
[Image: TbMZK32.jpg]
[Image: k3bzl6f.jpg]
[Image: gMTGII8.jpg]
This is the full analysis - as an output of the Prisma TS software, which I'm currently looking for...

You're welcome to judge the results of my apneas etc. and of course comment on how "brick" this CPAP might be.

As I read through the CPAP manual I found out that this machine can be combined with an Oxymeter, wireless module and of course heated humidifier (note that the power output for the heated tubing is standard built-in the main CPAP, along with environment temp control). SD card is obviously standard equipment.

Please comment on all the above, since I must make a decision and buy a CPAP in the next few days. I'll have to return this CPAP (I've had it only for a few days) and I don't wanna be left without my treatment, not even for a single day, if possible.

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That is some pretty complete data there, and obviously not a 'brick'. Is it possible to zoom in on events as well?

Your pressures are 7-14 and you are averaging AHI of 7, with 5-OAI and 2 HAI. The graphic results show that the machine is responding to obstructive events, but you probably need a higher minimum pressure. As pressures drop back to the minimum you frequently experience additional events, and events continue to occur until machine pressure reaches 10 cm, which is coincidentally your median pressure. I would give serious consideration to using a minimum pressure of 9.0 to reduce these events.

Your therapy time is also somewhat fragmented with several breaks during the night. What is causing these disruptions?
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