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Newbie, need help with FitLife Total Face
Hi All - thanks for the excellent forum. There's hope.

I just started a week ago, after an at-home sleep study (50+ AHI), then a study with titration at a sleep facility. Used a nasal pillow, the tech came up with 10 cm h2o.

First fun complication, I had a dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) a few years back, which cuts a direct port from my tear ducts to my nasal cavity. Helped my tears drain, but now any pressure in my nasal cavity produces airflow into my eyes. Using a nasal pillow causes air regurgitation into my eyes, which will end badly - causes dry eye, eye infections, and a really strange flapping sensation that makes it tough to sleep.

So now I have a FitLife Total Face mask. I struggled through the first several nights, and my results (in terms of events) were pretty discouraging. Average 34 AHI, worst night was 49. I called the doc twice this past week, only got the med tech who said that I should persevere until my next appt on 2/1. Patience is a virtue, but waiting for two weeks with severe apnea while struggling seems heroically patient, and I'm not that.

With the help of this board, I figured out how to change my machine to Auto, set with a min of 8 and max of 12 (baby steps). Last night my score was 28, 15 obstructive and 13 central. SleepyHead is also great - the med tech told me that 35 isn't that bad, because the "events" number is made up of lots of confusing things that I couldn't possibly understand. Grrr.

My trouble is with the FitLife mask. It's well made, seems to be a good fit for my face, but leaks like crazy once the pressure jumps to 12. 10 was borderline, but 12 is tough. I have ratcheted down the straps, but that's getting so tight that it's painful. Anybody have experience with cleaning, glue, gaskets, staples, nail guns? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Ahhhj my first mask. Have two now.
A Fitlife is good for hi pressures.
Cinching it down really tight only makes it leak worse.

It sounds as if they gave you a size to large for you.
But here are a trick or two.
If one is gonna leak its usually at the forehead between the eyes.
U can either get a elastic sweat band and wear it so it goes around your head and over the top part of the face plate to snug it up a bit.
Or. You can get some of the foam ear plugs folks squish and put in their ears.
Leaky trouble spots, just put a few inside the gasket. Can use a touch of silicone to hold em in place.

But if you are leaking at 12 your fitlife is to big.
As to AHI. If you were titrated at 10 in nasal youll likely need 13 14 with the fitlife.
The fitlife will handle high pressures fitted and adjusted right.
Strap tension needs to be even though .
Tighten one strap to much and itll lever tge opposite side loose

Also the seal and your face need to be squeaky clean.
I used one for six months with a full beard and leaking wasnt a problem.
But i still think yours is too big for you to leak at 12
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Hi DaveD,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck with finding a mask that will work for you.
Much success to you with your CPAP therapy and hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Its been a while so I just went in and took a nap with a Fitlife. I normally use an Eson now.
I set my machine for a min press of 15 max 18.
As I rembered no leaks even with a full beard.
The Fitlife isnt a "float on your face " mask but it doesnt need to be cinched as you say you need too even at much higher pressures.
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Ghost - thanks for the responses. I will try the headband tonight and see how it goes, and speak with my provider and see if a large might be available to try. I did get to 2.66 OA during the hour or two before it started leaking like crazy, so that's good!
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I agree....sounds too big. I ended up getting a couple and have had the absolute best AHI numbers on mine. Main issue for me is it's harder to side sleep with the FitLife. Definitely talk to the shop about the smaller size.
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Thanks guys, I will work on getting a size large and report.
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Got my large mask today, and it does hold pressure much better. I'm going to try to run 12 tonight....
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