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Newbie question on exhale
When trying to get to sleep using my full face mask I sometimes get a "jolt" of air at the end of an exhale. It is very annoying and keeps me from getting to sleep. Is it me or a defective machine that causes this? I do not have this problem when using my nasal mask but can't use the nasal mask when I have nasal congestion.

This is my first week using a Cpap machine.

Any help/insight is appreciated.
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Are you using the EPR option? The F&P has a flapper valve on the hose connection that can create an oscillation after exhaling from a deep breath. It closed during the exhale cycle to prevent CO2 from entering the hose. As you near the end of an exhale your pressure is starting to balance with the supply pressure, then drops. There can be a latency from when the exhale pressure drops and the machine/flapper valve "wakes up".
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My EPR was set at 1 and I turned it off. That didn't seem to make any difference. The momentary "jolt" I feel would be something like you described - the flapper waking up - could a tiny bit of moisture make the flapper stick once in a while? Maybe I have a mask problem....
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I think it's inherit to the design. I had the same problem and it kept waking me up. I finally went to another mask and the problem was solved.
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Hi WantToSleep,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You might try a different mask to see if that gets rid of your problem.
Hang in there for more suggestions.
Much success as you continue your CPAP therapy.
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Sgearhart - what full face mask did you go to?
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I'm a side sleeper so I ultimately went with the P10 nasal pillows and a chinstrap. Now I can sound like Darth Vader and look like Hannibal Lector!
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Oh, I wish I could do that but sometimes I can't breathe through the nose. I will just have to try another ffm and hope I pick the right one.....
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(11-23-2014, 04:55 PM)WantToSleep Wrote: Oh, I wish I could do that but sometimes I can't breathe through the nose. I will just have to try another ffm and hope I pick the right one.....

All ffm s have an anti-asphyxia valve. The ones that i have seen are flapper valves. With my Mirage Quattro, when the pressure is very low, the flapper valve can open and close as I am breathing. I get that if I have turned my machine off, done something and returned, then put my mask on. For the time that I have the mask on before I get the machine turned on the valve will open and close and I can feel it in the airstream as a little"jolt". Other mask types (other than ffm) do not have the anti-asphyxia valve.

The answer could be to increase your ramp start pressure a little if you are using ramp. If no ramp, increase your minimum pressure. If none of these is doable try breathing a little easier while waiting for sleep.

Best Regards,


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PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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(11-23-2014, 04:55 PM)WantToSleep Wrote: Oh, I wish I could do that but sometimes I can't breathe through the nose. I will just have to try another ffm and hope I pick the right one.....

You might surprise yourself with a pillows mask.

I am the poster child for "can't breath through my nose.." I never in recent memory could breath through my nose and get enough air to keep going. Maybe it's the emphysema, or maybe it's my always stuffy nose, I don't know I just know that starting in this process I, as so many others, was absolutely sure I couldn't use a pillows mask.

Until I did.

Not only could I breath through my nose at night, but in time I have developed the ability/habit of breathing through my nose most of the time. That's been a good thing, actually.

But I always kept a full face around for when I had a bad cold, because as we all know there is no way you could possibly breath through your nose if you have a bad cold. That's what I believed. Until this week.

Not only can I breath with the pillows mask, it actually helps keep my sinuses open and drained. I'm on "day 3" of my really bad cold and I have very little symptoms even during the day.

So yes, you're right, just as I was right, and I suspect so many others........... "There's just no way with my stuffy nose I could use a pillows mask." At least, not until we do.
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